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October 15, 1977
Corrina's house
10:34 pm

Night fell upon Timber rather quickly. Thanks to a raging thunderstorm, of course. Sky darkened at an unprecedented rate, pitch black before six in the evening. Rain pitter-pattered against the roof, then transitioning into a full blown staccato of war cries come nine, long after Corrina hung up with Scott.

Surprising none, they chatted animatedly over the phone about anything and everything. Except for the Claire Anthony situation.

The subject most revered and intriguing to the young teen.

It tore at her brain. Ached her mind. Plagued her with horrid daydreams. It sickened her to the core. Yet, she refused to mention it. Like it never happened.

Because? Well, the answer slipped Corrina's mind. She really couldn't conceive a plausible reason for why not to. The usually confident girl left in a pile of mush all over her best friend.

It sickened her. Drove her mad.

No man is going to bring me down, Corrina reminded herself, cuddled up in her cavern of blankets against her mountain of pillows. Her bedroom coated in a thick coat of darkness. Nothing visible. No television ringing out, illuminating the night. No pale moonlight casting down its warmth upon her. No stars to count as she fell asleep.

Just Corrina, wide awake, and two sleeping dogs snoring away.

She sighed into her pillow, muffling her cries as she groaned. Flipping onto her back, she stared up at the ceiling to the monstrous cries of the sky. It striked the earth once again with its bright fury. The booming thunder rattled the room.

Honey and Zepplein snored away.

"Mister Sandman, what did I ever do to you?" Corrina mumbled to herself, throwing her body back into the right side of Pillow Mountain.

A tapping sound errupted from window, sending shock waves through the young teen. She jumped in her bed. Both hands gripped the thin sheet adequately covering the bed, eyes darting around for some explanation. Some reason why it happened. Her lips mouthed 'what the fuck' while she rolled to her left, feet hitting the carpet with a minimal creek.

Honey and Zepplein snored on.

Lightning struck once again. This time, illuminating the once hidden face of her late night visitor. Sunglasses adorned his face despite the hour. Curly hair matted down to his forehead, drenched in earth's tears. Everpresent smirk danced over his nude lips, eyes sparkling in delight. Two diamonds plucked down from the sky, able to make even the strongest women quiver where they stood.

"Scott, do you know what time it is?" Corrina whispered as she opened the window, careful not to smack him in the face.

Scott nodded, smirking in delight as he slipped through the parted window, dripping from head to toe. "Yeah, it's after ten."

The young teen groaned, throwing herself back onto her bed. "Gosh, I'm one of those old folk who go to bed early. Fuck me!"

Shuffling on in, he plopped down on the bed to the younger teen's right, face full of mischief. "All you had to do was ask."

Before anyone could say anything further, Corrina shot up, cheeks flushed a deep tomato red as she struggled to hold back a nervous laugh. Her lips parted to speak, but a laugh flew out instead of words. Crimson flushed her cheeks as she dutifully observed Scott's features light up in delight. A smile stretched a mile long, showing off his well taken care of teeth. Not a stain in sight. Though many declared his attitude a stain upon his rather sexy and irresistible to many features.

Reaching out, Scott tucked a loose strand of hair back behind Corrina's ear, revealing an assortment of ear piercings. His teeth grazed over his pink tinted bottom lip, eyes flickering back towards her hazy, tired ones. "Damn, even tired looks good on you."

Corrina couldn't ignore the butterflies whipping up a storm inside her gut. Words escaping her, she stumbled to find a witty retort. Instead, her left hand reached out to grab ahold of Scott's own. "Turn the lights on and I doubt you'd be saying that."

The teen boy shook his head. "Now you're talking crazy. You really must be sleep deprived."

The violet haired girl wore a look of sarcastic defeat. She swung her legs up towards her body, beginning to scoot back into a sleeping postion. "Guess I'm going to sleep then. G'night, Scott." Corrina, knees tucked under her chin, tugged at the vast array of blankets up from under her best friend, only to be halted under his weight and strength. "Don't let the window hit your perky ass on the way out."

A pout twinged at the ends of his teasing smile, a huff escaping his lips. His fingers curled around the edge of her tassled fleece blanket, careful not to disturb the two dogs. Zepplein was not his biggest fan the last time he disturbed her sleep, an experience he refused to repeat. "Aw, c'mon, Cor. You know the only thing slapping my ass is you."

Once those words flew out of his mouth, they were slaughtered on the battlefield. Corrina raised an eyebrow towards her late night visitor. Halted with both hands stretched behind her, propping the upper half of her body up, she rolled her eyes as he remained silent, shifting into some sort of comfortable sleeping postion.

"Look, okay. That sounded better in my head. My bad."


He sighed, placing both hands on her elevated left side, shaking her soft enough so she wouldn't throw him out but not so gentle that she could sleep through it.

And Corrina shifted, laying flat on her back with her hands clasped over her bare stomach. Tube top sliding down to reveal enough of herself that it held the potential of driving anyone mad, but not enough to where Corrina cared to pull it up. Blanket laying across her waist, inching dangerously close to the waist band of her underwear. Strands of deep violet hair cascading about. A sea pooling behind her with some waves dancing down her chest. Though leaving room for her cleavage to poke through.

Her eyes trained on his deep jade eyes. Scanning and scanning proved fruitless. She couldn't find anything except for the way his eyes bounced around her aimlessly, unable to concentrate for any length of time.

Gulping, Scott managed to lock eyes with her, rearranging so he laid on his right side to the left of where the young teen resided. His attention perched itself for a second to the two dogs sleeping at the foot of the bed. Both snoring. One like a man and the other like a little baby.

The bed creeked out from under his weight as he shifted about, finding the sweet spot in the too stiff mattress. He cursed about under his breath, for once wishing he was in his own uncomfortable bed. This one took the cake as the worst place he ever slept. A title he never expected possibly to take.

Yet, Corrina giggled at him, now laying on her left side, eyes watching his every move. Her lips curled in a soft smile, eyes twinkling about. Her hair dwindled down until it scrapped the edges of the thin blue sheet, covering the object of his affection. Taking away the possible thing to drive him crazy.

"What's so funny?" Scott asked, propping his head up with the palm of his right hand, the other sitting on his leg.

Corrina shook her head, unable to keep the giggling at bay. "Oh nothing."

The dirty blond raised a bushy eyebrow at her, a sly smirk gracing over his lips. "Oh really?" He reached out and started tickling her, much to her surprise and partial dismay. "Then I'll give you something to giggle about."

Her eyes widened as she thrashed about. The wall proved too close to save her from the onslaught of tickles. Further down the bed laid her two dogs, which also lessened the likelihood of her escaping. Awakening either of them would be disastrous. And would lead to the rest of the household waking up.

That would be lethal.

Corrina gulped, which soon morphed into another giggling. She rolled onto her side, shielding her tomato cheeks from her friend. If he saw those, he'd never let her live it down.

Scott stood up on his knees over her, one on each side of her curled up body. His grin proved too great to hide. His heart racing as his pulse followed. Their eyes locked. Chests rising and falling at the same rate. Corrina now had rolled back onto her back, staring up at him with those azure eyes of hers. It melted something in him, the heat blazing like a midsummer day.

Then, a dog barked.

Followed by another.

"Oh shit," both teens groaned in unison.

And then the lights flickered on. Illuminating the once starry room.

"What the fuck are you doing to my sister, boy?" A devilish voice boomed from the doorway. A voice Scott hadn't heard in a very long time.

Before he could even bid goodbye to the violet teen, he bolted for the still open window faster than a speedy bullet.

"Don't you dare run, boy!" The same voice shouted, only louder and more pissed off.

Footsteps bellowed behind him, shaking the ground he stood on. Until he wasn't standing. Holding his up by his beltloop was a deeply tanned Hispanic man wearing only a pair of flannel pajama pants, left hand clutching a wooden baseball bat.

His accuser soon came into view, with a frightened Corrina standing next to her, shuffling her feet as both dogs barked at him from the foot of her bed.

Disheveled blonde hair and all, the older woman stalked towards Scott, her face redder than hellfire. Eyes darker than the night sky. She reached out and slapped the boy as Corrina screamed. Ignoring the girl, she jammed a finger into Scott's thin chest, his eyes joltinf around to avoid locking with hers. "Don't you ever sneak into my house again to violate my sister. Do you understand me?"

Scott shook his head.

The woman's elevated her knee, bracing herself against the aged desk situated behind him.

"Don't!" Corrina shouted, running over towards the trio only to get picked up by an African American man.

"Shut up, Corrina," she retored. "I'm going to teach this boy that he doesn't violate teen girls."

"That's Scott, Chicago."

Chicago's eyes widened, shuffling between Scott and her sister. Her features softened a little, but not by much. Not enough where Scott would trust her not trying to inflict bodily harm again. She reached out and smoothed any wrinkles adorning his Pink Floyd shirt. "I didn't realize that," her tone raised a few octaves. "But that doesn't excuse your behavior. I don't want to see you back here past ten ever again without my knowledge and okay."

Corrina groaned.

She raised a hand, cutting the teen's frustration before it could continue. "I don't want to hear another word out of your mouth, missy. We're going to have a talk after I call Scott's mother."

"That's the thing, Chi," Corrina shouted, shaking off the young man's grip around her shoulders. "His mom isn't around. Mrs. Thomas took off a week ago. Scott lives on his own."

-end of part one-
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