How to Love

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album one, track three -- drugs and candy

October 5th, 1977


12:34 pm

"I wonder where Corrina is?" Claire thought aloud, setting her half eaten tuna sub back onto the decrepit lunch tray. Julian shrugged his shoulders towards her, diving back into his peanut butter sandwich, courtesy of his little brother who oh so desperately wanted Julian's leftover fried chicken that he stole Julian's lunch. Leaving him with a third graders mini meal.

Claire reached out and slapped her friend in the shoulder with a teasing smile dancing over her nude lips. Makeup wasn't exactly her best friend. More like her mortal enemy. The Coke to her Pepsi. The Darth Vader to her Luke Skywalker. "Dude, I'm trying to talk here. Do you really think C skipped her first day back?"

Julian sealed his lips, except for a loud chomp on a single potato chip. His face screamed 'kill me' as he chowed down on it. Claire couldn't help but giggle at him. Julian's little brother James always knew how to press his buttons, but also was the master thief in their house. Each Ray sibling had their own mastery. James was the master thief. The eldest, Jackie, was the master escapist. Leaving Julian, the master Star Wars enthusiast. Moments like this seemed to take place more frequently the older James got. To the point his parents begun to worry whether James would turn tricks in other ways.

Needless to say, the Rays were on the police roll in the town.

Matthew slammed his lunch tray down besides Serena, who appeared to stare off into oblivion. Eyes wide, she remained silent. The football player gave her a quick once over, even waving his hand back and forth in front of her face. Still nothing. He sat down next to her, leaning over the table to catch a glimpse of the 'quarelling lovebirds' as Scott dubbed them. Not that Matthew could conjure up such a word, it fell well beyond his vocabulary comprehension. "What's with the arguing? Find out Julian went out with Karen Sardeski the day before the concert?"

Claire's face fell. The whites of her eyes held red spiderwebs as tears welled up to the surface. They glassed over, her hazel irises darker than the night. Gulping, she took the backs of her sweater sleeves and wiped them away before anyone noticed. A choked out goodbye flew out amongst the loud, prevalent lunchroom chatter. And Claire was gone.

Julian reached over across the table and slapped Matthew's arm. Hard. "What the fuck man? Why did you tell Claire that I went out with Kinky Karen?"

Matthew appeared to feign shock, but knowing him, it was legitimate. His eyes scoured from Julian to his right towards Serena. Nothing. Julian saw red, planning Matthew's murder as they sat. Serena shook off her oblivion stare, popping a small object into her mouth, then following up with a long sip of her water.

With a sigh, Matthew Burroughs ran a hand through his wild, shaggy dirty blonde hair. "I'm sorry, Ray. Gosh, I was just asking a question."

"One that sent Claire packing before I had my chance," Julian retorted, the vein in his neck protruding. Any second and it will start throbbing. Much like his father, Viper, Julian shared not only their boyish looks, but a similar vein in their neck. One habitually showing off their stressed out or pissed off moods. But with Viper Ray, his proved to be much more frightening than his son's. Considering Viper's war scars littering not only his face but his arms and legs, plus his typical hotheaded deamnor.

"Before you. . ." Matthew's tone fell off while his eyes widened. Mouth dropped, he began flailing his arms at his sides, landing a blow into Serena's side by accident. "Oh. Oh."

"Shhh!" Julian shout-whispered, motioning for Matthew to lower his voice by lowering his hand towards the grimy table. "Not so loud."

Serena raised a naturally perfect eyebrow towards her friend, a teasing grin dancing over her lips. "You really didn't know, Matty?" Her thick Italian accent shown through, dancing through the air in such an elegant fashion. It broke through the everpresent chatter effortlessly, a song one can not escape from. Since her family immigrated to the United States months before she was born, Serena found herself fluent in both languages, but held on to a thick accent from her native tongue due to her mother's family and the omnipresent language in her life.

Matthew's lips curled up in a small smile towards her, but didn't say anything. Instead, he stuffed a huge handful of fries into his mouth without breaking eye contact.

Laughter filled the air around their table. Serena's dark eyes twinkled in delight, illuminating through her thick, dark lashes. Voice light and airy as she laughed, her smile grew, the ends of her eyes crinkling as her left, side dimple proved more prominent than ever.

Matthew tugged at the collar of his plain white t-shirt, stumbling over the words as he grew the courage to speak. "How did you know Ray over here has a crush on Claire? I mean besides the fact she's got terrific-" Julian reached over the plastic table top to smack Matthew Burroughs in the bicep once again, a scowl etched over his thin lips. "Ow! Ray, what the fuck?"

Julian crossed his arms over his chest once again, face tinted a deep crimson color. He resumed eating his lunch once again. This time starting on the peewee sized bag of chips.

Between Serena's laughing and Matthew's pleading he didn't do anythint wrong, no one noticed Heather Swanson sashay up towards their table. Or her slip something into Matthew's back pocket in his book bag. Deep down.


October 5th, 1977

Scott Thomas's Loft

12:45 pm

"I can't believe you got ice cream all over my clothes," Corrina half-laughed as she reappeared from Scott's room, this time only wearing an old Led Zeppelin shirt she dug out of a pile he ushered her towards. She ditched her socks and boots back in his room, still reeling from the effects of walking all around Timber in high platforms. Despite her affinity towards them, her feet always feel the after effects of wearing them for a considerable length of time. Today was no different.

The scent of weed filled the stuffy air in the house, most likely a permanent fixture from the amount Scott boasted he smoked on a daily basis. Furniture remained scant, most of the carpet floor stained and barren. Corrina tiptoed around the suspicious marks in the carpet, worried about what they were. And she had no desire to find out. The last time she tried inspecting a suspicious stain didn't end very well, and she had no desire to repeat such a thing.

"You're the one who tried to steal the bowl from me while we were eating," he fired back, not looking up from the blunt he was oh so carefully stuffing over on the ratted couch. In the trash can at his feet held the tobacco he scooped out. The trash from the cigar blanced itself atop the arm of the couch while Scott meticulously stuffed and packed grinded pieces of weed into his cigar paper.

Corrina entered the living room despite her hesitations. It proved better than risking stepping foot into the kitchen. Neither cleaned up the mess they made while fixing up one of Corrina's famous concoctions for a snack. Bits of icing and brown sugar stood out amongst the rest on the linoleum floor. Tiptoeing around a large brown stain, she plopped down on the other end of the couch, much to Scott's dismay. Bits of bud flew up from the cigar paper, some remaining while others littered his lap and the surrounding cushion. Corrina noticed some in his eyebrows and one dangling from a loose curl. A curl hanging down in the middle of his forehead much like Elvis and James Dean before him.

She held her hand to stifle the giggles bubbling up in the base of her throat. Her eyes refused to leave him. Scott stiffened, his taunting grin still omnipresent, like it had been the entire time they've been at his run down loft. Lips curled, and for a second she swore she saw something flicker in his eyes.

What is was, she doesn't know.

"Please don't tell me there's bud in my hair," Scott muttered, still staring down at the dismantled blunt sitting in his lap.

"I won't." Corrina fiddled with the ends of her hair, her front teeth biting down on her bottoms lip. "Like I won't tell you there's some in your eyebrows."

"What?" Scott jolted up, eyes wide. The blunt flew onto the ground face first, bits of weed buring itself in the carpet below. Arms flailing about to his side, his fingers flew into his air, digging about for the intruder. But everytime he got close to it, the sneaky bastard flew out of reach.

The whole scene sent Corrina into a fit of giggles. Same giggles she's been biting back on since she retreated to his room after the rager food fight in the now trashed kitchen.

"First brown sugar in my hair, now bud. If you wanted to get things tangled in my hair, CoCo, all you had to do was ask." Corrina could hear the cheeky grin engulfing Scott's lips and cheeks through his teasing tone. Heat rose to her cheeks at an unpresedented rate. She raised a tentative hand to her cheeks, pressing a few fingers to the blood red skin. Embarrassment soared through her, the last thing she wanted was to give him the satisfaction of making her blush. Even though part of her enjoyed it.

Only part.

So, to cover up her evergrowing embarassment, Corrina picked up the nearest object, a cigarette burn ridden throw pillow, and chucked it towards her old friend. Smacking him dead center on his butt. Yelps filled the smokey air, all his doing, along with insatiable giggles, all her doing.

Scott bent back, curls either standing straight up or falling down his back. Cheeks dusted with a light pink, Corrina knew it was her doing. One of the reasons she clutched her stomach, doubled over with laughter on the couch. Her hair spread out behind her and in front of her on the couch. By her eyes lied a suspicious white stain. Deep down lied a sneaking suspicion of what it was. The question was, did it come from something of Scott's doing or his mother. Back when Corrina lived in Timber the first time, wild rumors flooded the town of Penelope Thomas's wild and scandolous activities. Even supposedly having an affair with the mayor of the town. However, while none were ever proved to be false, they weren't confirmed either.

In this town, it's guilty until proven innocent, and sometimes even that doesn't clear your name.

Then, everything seemed to flip on its head. Scott abandoned the blunt fixings laying on the floor. Corrina's breath hitched in her throat, her jade green eyes locked on to his crystal blue ones. Her stomach flip flopped, doing somersaults like a wild flying gymnast, one she used to be. Anticipation of what was to come settled in, mind painting a clear picture of what Scott planned in that devious mind of his.

Eyes slanted, Scott's lips curled into a devious grin. So teasing, dirty things must be dancing up there. Dirty dancing, at that. To 'Let Me Put My Love in You' by AC/DC. Corrina had a sneaking suspicion she knew how his mind worked, especially after last night. Ten years was a long time, but from what she gathered, he wasn't all that different. Just smarter, older, and hornier.

And there he was. Bent down on his knees in front of her. She jumped back in her seat, heart pounding rapidly in her chest. Louder than a drum solo in some of her favorite songs, Corrina swore she could hear it over the roaring A/C unit. Buzzing and buzzing. Over and over.

Kinda a mood killer.

Scott's tongue flew over his bottom lip. Over his naturally pink, kissable lips. Corrina squirted where she laid on her side. Dirty thoughts pranced around rent free in her mind, bubbling up to the surface. Despite the cold air, she swore the temperatures in the living room reached sweltering heights.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" Scott asked in a tantalizingly sensual tone, sending shock waves through every inch of Corrina's body. Any longer, and she swore her ability to contain herself would be thrown out the window, buried six feet under.

There was something about Scott. Something drew her towards him. Like a magnetic pull neither were strong enough to ignore. And then, sometimes it seemed like the both of them ignored it. Then, moments like this bubbled to the surface, and they found themselves into situations like this.

"You wanna finish what we started last night?"

Scott took ahold of her right hand, intertwining their fingers together. Staring at her in such a way that it sent goosebumps crawling over her skin, Corrina gulped, patiently waiting to see what his next move was. Instead, he winked at her. "You know, I was thinking how about we clean the kitchen, but I like your idea better."

Corrina bit down on her bottom lip, swallowing a laugh. She pulled him atop her, finally giving in after spending so long holding back.

And damn did it feel good.

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