My First Try At My Memories

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The story is about a boy who loses his memories due to some consequences and his journey about how he gets them back.

Drama / Romance
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Chapter 1

Story 1.

The first thing I remember was waking up in a hospital.I was told that I had got into a accident,which had led to me losing my memories.I was retold about my basic relations like my family and my relatives and so on.I continuosly felt that I kept missing on something important something or someone close to me.That feeling has not let go me untill now.

One day in that room which had become my second home,my father introduced me to chess. He told me it was a hobby of my former self. Hence,I started playing Chess as a way of keeping up on my loneliness in that hospital room. I found playing it fun,immersive and also as the only thing I could do.I wasn’t told anything about how I came into this condition of Amnesia.At that time I was 13,the time when the accident occured.

I left my second home after a whole one year.I was happy to see the house where once my former self lived.I was happy to live with my family after a whole of one year.Of course they were always by side at the hospital especially my little sister Sakshi ,she was very caring towards me.I soon got enrolled into a highschool but not the one which I was in earlier,the doctors thought it would be safe for me to go to a different highschool rather than the same one I went earlier.I was already one year behind as for my age, but school was fun.I was able to communicate with others and my social fears had subsided.I joined chess classes I started competing at chess tournaments as a member of my school team.

I started winning competitions and after discussing with my tutor I decided to take up the challenge for Rating,which decides the rank of the player in the world.That’s when my world decide to change itself.

Story 2.

I was somewhat nervous as compaired to my other tournaments,it was either because of the hard trial I was going to go through or my subconscious had got the feeling that something was going to happen.The nervousness disappeared when I started playing matches,I won 4 matches straight, so it was obvious that I would recieve a rating,I went for my 5th match knowing that I must win to get a higher rating,I checked the arrangements for the match,I was up against a highly acknowledged rookie player named ‘Rina Raut’. The name instantly rang a bell in my mind telling me that I had known this name,this girl was someone I knew.I again started getting the feeling that I was forgetting someone,someone important.I went to the table feeling uneasy about what kind of person the girl would be.I was into a train of thoughts and I didn’t realise it myself untill I reached the table.The girl had already noticed me, when I came to my consciousness I saw that the girl was about my age and I also realised that she was happy after seeing my face as if I was someone important to her,the feeling of forgetting something important started to get stronger.

The match started normally following one of the basic openings.I hadn’t let go of any pieces untill the midgame,the game became interesting after it I was able to recognise the playing style of that girl.I knew I had seen it somewhere but I wasn’t able to remember where.The match went on for long and ended up in a draw.I thought for a performance against acknowledged rookie this was good.After the match I was waiting for someone from my family as they had a habit of coming to the tournaments to cheer me up or to give me some snacks.But,this time only Sakshi managed to come,this was actually weird for her to come to meet me during her school time,but another weird thing was that my sister and my opponent recognised each other.

I was thrown off guard by these events.Not only I thought the name was familiar but Sakshi and my opponent ‘Rina’ know each other.She told me that she was a senior friend from school, but this still wasn’t enough to give me the reason for that happy face and that similar playing style.I introduced myself as

Sakshi’s elder brother,but I was getting the feeling that this person knew me.Rina also introduced herself and after sometime I left with Sakshi to buy something to eat.I tried to ask her that had I met Rina before,but she just put me of track by asking why I was so much interested in her.I successfully recieved a rating of 1900 which was good for an average player but it was not as high as Rina,she had a Rating of about 2000.My family went crazy at this even though it wasn’t a high rating they were just happy about me being attached to something as I had lost total attachments due to amnesia.

Story 3.

I knew my parents were overjoyed but I didn’t think that they would go as far as to plan a surprise party.I came home just as my chess class finished and as I entered the dark house poppers were fired on me,frightened by the shock I lost my balance,seeing me fall one person grabbed my hand,not recognising the touch in the dark I quickly recognised that it was someone not from my family.The thought that I might even have entered another house crossed my mind and it wouldn’t have been weird if it had happened as we used to live in a row bungalow.The lights went on and here I was astonished to see Rina hold my hand, this made me nervous as I had never talked to a girl properly let alone hold hands,she also sensed the nervousness and withdrew her hand.

I was able to recognise the situation completely after gaining my balance.It was a party for my accomplishment in the recent competition,but still I couldn’t find the reason for Rina to be in my house.Things went off smoothly after that I seized a chance to ask Sakshi what was Rina doing here.She gave me the most unbeliveable answer she had invited Rina just because she thought I was interested in her,but that wasn’t the actual reason I felt like she was hiding something.I felt obligated to apologise to Rina as we chess players had to give most of our time to chess to keep up with the competition.I apologised quickly but she didn’t mind it at all,she looked instead somewhat happy,but she asked me to play a match with her as a repayment for her time and I couldn’t find a better thing to do.So,I quickly went and brought my chess board and pieces from my room and we started playing in the living room even though it was just the five of us including Rina,it was quite noisy,still we kept playing without even recognising that the whole evening had spent by.

When we gained the hold of time it was actually 8 o’clock.My parents insisted her to join the dinner but she declined,the I was told to drop her as it was late for a girl to go alone and for my surprise she lived just 3 houses beside us.It took us just 3 minutes to reach her house by walking.I didn’t know what happened to me for that brief moment of time but I suddenly asked her to come play chess with me once more and again the happy face was there,she just said “Yes” in a soft voice and entered the house.

I kept thinking about the things that had began to happen recently and also that day’s party.I kept wondering what was Rina’s relation with my family and how close she was to Sakshi to get invited to the party as the only non-family member and also how close she lived.While I was engrossed in these thoughts the night went by.

Story 4.

After the party the days went by quite restless.I was caught up in the school burden that I had missed due to the tournaments.And as I had decided to become a pro player,I had to practice quite for a long time after I received my Rating.I was constantly under the burden of preserving it and also making it grow.But during all of this time I had been searching for a way to contact her.I guess it was partially due to the questions I had in my mind and partially due to the feeling I was getting at that time.But that time came fast,a competition was going to be held by the chess class I went to and my tutor asked me to invite players that I knew.I got the perfect opportunity to talk to her.

After the classes finished at 6pm I went to Rina’s house first to invite her to the competition,then again I was caught in a loop of thoughts as how to ring the doorbell,yes at that time I was caught in that thought as it was my first time to girls house.As I stood outside the house looking at the doorbell a young man approached me I was startled by looking at that man’s well-built body,he was atleast 3 or 4 years older than me I even thought that I was done for I would end up in hospital rather than in my own house.But he was astonished to see my face I didn’t know what to do.The young man came close to me and took me into his arms he started crying all of a sudden.

I was now nervous and stratled beyond infinity.But that man’s body was warm it was like a person who could be called my elder brother.After managing to calm himself the man started talking to me with a happy face,he said “Do you remember me?We used to play together all the time.You,me and Rina,oh I am sorry you must not remember us”.I replied “Yes,I lost my memories in an accident”.But again that man started crying and said that it was his fault that I lost my memories,that he was not able to protect me.I was not able to understand why this man was blaming himself but I had recognised that he must be a friend of mine before I lost my memories.I consoled him and said that it does not matter now I don’t even remember anything.

And to see what ruckus was going out on the road,Rina came outside she was surprised to see that young man and me talking to each other.She invited both of us into the house and I also got to know that the young man was Rina’s elder brother his name was ‘Jay’.Rina called her brother aside for a moment and started whispering something to him I was not able to hear anything of it but that was the least of my concerns I was nervous beyond infinity,it was my first time into a girl’s house but that house felt somewhat familiar.I sat there on the sofa looking here and there.After their chat had ended I told Rina that the chess class which I went to had organized a tournament for rookie players and she had been invited for competing.Her mood changed quickly, she asked me whether I was participating in.I just nodded my head.She accepted the invitation.

Then I stood up began to walk towards the door to leave the house as my nervousness was beyond my control and I wouldn’t be able to control my tongue from blurting something out.But I had forgot my smartphone on the sofa and I also hadn’t told her the details about the tournament either but I didn’t remember any of it,I just started walking on the road as a robot would.Then I heard someone calling my name but I was too spaced out then suddenly someone caught my shoulder it was Rina she returned my smartphone and asked me about the details then I came back to my consciousness,it was not something new for me to be spaced out as due to my habit of extreme concentration I would be spaced out for a while after it.

She asked for my smartphone I had always kept it locked as it had some pf my strategies I was working on and I wouldn’t hand it over to anyone else my family but at that time I just simply handed it over she took it filled her contact details in it and asked me to text them.I had gotten her mobile number without anything to do.Then I said thanks and then again started to walk towards towards my house in a merry mood.After I reached the house it was 7.30pm and it was odd for me to go somewhere else after the classes so my parents were somewhat worried.I told them that I had gone to Rina’s house to tell he about the tournament.But Sakshi was curious as hell,she started questioning about what I did there.As I told her many times that I just informed her about the tournament and returned but she wouldn’t believe it in between this I remembered that I had to text her the details.So I went in my room laid on my bed and started composing the messages:

‘HI,Rohit here’.

‘Hello,Rina here’.

‘The competition is at Pawn Chess Classes on September 11th at 10 am’.

‘Thanks,I don’t know the route so shall we go together?’.

‘Ok,wait outside your house at 9.30am.’

‘Thanks,gn sd tc’.


After this I just layed down on the bed thinking who were Rina and Jay to me.I couldn’t help but wonder why Jay was going about that it was his fault that he couldn’t save me.I didn’t know anything more about the cause of my condition only I knew that it was an accident,but no more details were given to me.My family always just ignored that question whenever I asked about it. I also didn’t mind it much but now it was something that I wanted to know about I was curious as hell.And while engrossed in these thoughts I went to sleep.

Story 5.

The day of the competition arrived quickly.I didn’t contact Rina after that night.I had decided to ask Rina if she knew before the accident happened.But,the tournnament came first in priorities.I woke up unusually late on that day,then I understood I would be doomed if I get any time late outside her house.As I had some chivalry in myself,to make a lady wait for me was like an insult for myself.I ate my breakfast,put on the clothes I would normally wear to a tournament but last night I was thinking to wear some proper clothes as I was a rated player but I didn’t have time for that now.

The clothes I wore to any tournament wear quit simple a sleeveless shirt,a jacket over it & half pants that’s it.This was my appearance even at the Rating tournament.I ran as fast as I could and I still found Rina waiting outside her house.I usually went on my bicycle to the tournaments but this time I had to accompany someone with me so I decided to walk uptill the class as it was in th locality.I checked the time it was correctly 9.30am that means I wasn’t late,after I had gained back some of my stamina we started walking she was walking beside me and I was nervous too much nervous then I started thinking about how to ask her about myself.Asking directly would be rude so I devised a plan I challednged her:

‘Hey Rina’.


‘I challenge you’.

‘To what’.

‘I challenge you to win this tournament’.

‘To win this tournament,are you sure? You know I am an acknowledged rookie player, okay I accept it but what will be the wager ?’

‘If I win I’ll ask you something and you must answer it and if you win I’ll do anything you ask me to’.

‘Are you sure’.


‘Then you better be ready’.

‘I always am’.

We reached the class shortly after it was an open tournament,but I had to win at all costs.But,as soon as we entered the class I was spotted by a friend and I knew that I was going to be showered by questions by all the other boys and girls.Yep walking a beautiful girl to the class would be considered something like novelty and yes Rina was a beautiful girl.The questions began as follows:

“Who is she?’’

“Is she your girlfriend?’’

“What is your relation with her?”

And these questions were asked by boys and girls both.And to worsen the condition while all the others were looking towards her Rina looked towards me and laughed.I thought that I might die by the increased questions,but I was saved by tutor.Our tutor was a young man and a chess he was young he recognised what the others were going about and called me to help him with some tasks.I was saved.

The tournament began shortly after.There were many rookies and some pro players too.It was indeed a tough competition but I had to win it at all costs

to know who I was I had to do it.Rina was in another block than me.I was able to concentrate more than ususally.I went upto the semifinals easily but my opponent in the semifinals was one of the most troublesome player,the veteran named Harsh,he was a player who gave even the grandmasters a hard time it was because of his berserk attacks.And I was an strategic player adjusting the conditions and then defending or attacking.I only had to do one thing to make him lose that was to not give him time to make any attacks.I decided to go on the attacking side from the first.

The match began.I already knew that Rina had qualified to the semifinals which meant she might make it to the finals.Even after going on the attack it was difficult to handle him one move and I would have lost the whole game I decide to put up a trap I had learned from an old game.

I was betting everything on the trap,there was also chances of him knowing it,the stakes were high but I just needed him to take sacrifice,just taking the sacrifice would have been enough for him to lose,and even if he just decided to take another route to change the position I would have been able to cope up with him.The berserker was already annoyed that he wasn’t able to attack & when I gave him the chance to attack and that to take my queen,he was overjoyed.He didn’t put any thought into the possibility that it was a trap.I guess I was able to make him fall for the trap because it was a far fetched one.

I won the match even though he halfway realised it was a trap.The trap I used was the one that was invented in 1936.It was one of the most beautiful traps which had bben derived from a official match.I didn’t see her around so I figured that her match must be going on.I quickly went to the table on which her match was going on and there she was in a hard situation,The opponent was a player who was infamous for his misbehavior towards his opponents he was once a student of the classes too,but he was dissmissed due to his misbehavior towards a fellow classmate the match was going on painfully on Rina,he knew that he would be able to checkmate easily but he was just making the match long for his own enjoyment.And after 65 moves the match ended in Rina’s loss.I was obviously angry over that guy as he was disrespecting the spirit of chess and also a fellow player.

Rina went off from the table once after the match was over I found her crying on the terrace of the class wher I usually came during the class to get rid of disturbances in my mind.But this time I didn’t know what to do I just stood there and as I stood there watching I became more and more angry on that player,I unknowingly went forward and gave her my handkerchief a very manly thing for me to do and I just said that I’ll defeat him.She stopped crying after some time and said thank you she also reminded me that my match would be standing soon she said she would that she would be waiting for my questions.

Story 6.

I went to the table in a fury.I decided I will make him lose just like he made Rina,I wasn’t able to stand a girl crying and it was on my chivalry this time and at sometimes when I am angry I lose focus or I gain too much of it enabling me to think of moves I am usually not able to.The match started normally with usual openings,the real game began during the middle game he started to show his true colors trying to get all of my pieces was his only motive he wanted to make me lose just like her but I took advantage of his motive to use it on himself I played a sacrifice but a more quick one to give a good position and a piece up and as expected he took it.

After he took the bait it was easy I made him look like a toddler playing before a GM(grandmaster).Even my tutor was astonished to see me this much angry and actually this match went easy compaired to the semifinals.It was I guess because due to the concentration boost I got before the match which was actually an angry boost & because of this even my tutor got interested in me & Rina,now I facing questions from my tutor too.He had recognised that I got angry due to the misbehaviour towards Rina.He told me to come for advice anytime,I knew that he was engaged to a fellow chess player recently but we students hadn’t met her yet.

The prize distribution took place at 6pm as the all the matches ended at 5pm.And the students had work to do even after the competition.I won the 1st place,my opponent won the 2nd place & Rina won the 3rd place.After the competiton got over I told my tutor that I was leaving,usually I stayed after the tournaments to study them with tutor but that day was an exception.

I was hungry after using my brain too much during the competition & I could have become spaced out anytime soon.But I couldn’t bring myself to ask her to eat something on the way,instead she asked it herself and I becam etoo much happy.I ran to a nearby cafe and secured a seat for both of us.I had forgotten that I was with a girl there.I pulled out the seats for both of us and I didn’t even know that because of my actions the surrounding heads had turned on us.We both ordered our picks and then she asked me about the question.I quickly asked:

“Did you know me from before the accident?”

“Yes,but why do you ask about it now?”

“Because there was something familiar about you and your brother and I also wanted to know about myself.”

“You shouldn’t think about that anymore”.

“But why?What’s wrong with me wanting to know more about myself,nobody tells me about my former past”.

“NO,I can’t tell you anymore”.

“But why?”.

“Because I don’t want to lose you once more”.

By the end of the conversation she had started crying and the feeling of forgetting something important was stronger than ever before.But I had to console her.

“It’s fine you don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to I won’t ask about it again”.

“Then promise me you talk about your past anymore”.

“I promise,so stop crying now please or I won’t be able to stop myself from crying”.

Seeing that I was about to start crying she pulled herself together and instead she was consoling me now.We silently ate our dishes,I settled the bill without her knowing and left for ou houses.We kept walking quietly and the silence broke when we had to turn away I simply said that it doesn’t matter that you were important to me or not you are important to me know and that only matters.She was happy after what had happened and she replied ‘yes’ and we bade ourselves goodbye.

Story 7.

After I came home I realised that nobody from my family had even came to the prize distributions.My thoughts began to roll quickly this must be done by Sakshi I thought,but I was too tired to even think about it I just went too sleep as the next day was Sunday which meant I had nothing to do in particular.My parents were kinda worried as I directly went to bed.My sunday usually went in practicing chess,completing schoolwork,and playing with my little sister.

I woke up late as always compaired to other days as today was sunday.The time was actually 11am,I slept for 15 hours,last day’s matches must have taken toll on my body.I came I the living room to see no one but just a note

“We have left for your grandmother’s place,you were too tired from yesterday hence I didn’t try to wake you up.Sakshi is also with us.We will return by tomorrow morning & you can decide whether to go to school tomorrow.The breakfast is in the dining table,& we have called someone to cook the lunch and dinner.

I started eating the breakfast while wondering who will cook my lunch & dinner.I was in my pajamas and the breakfast was cold,which means they left early morning.I laid down on the sofa and turned on the T.V. and started watching cartoons it was also on my sunday schedule.The time passed by quickly I didn’t realise that 2 hours had passed and it was 1pm now when the bell rang.I was still in my pajamas and I still hadn’t taken a bath yet but inn an absentminded state I opened the door saying ‘Who’s there’ and it was Rina.

I instantly regretted opening the door without checking through the peephole but now I coudn’t do anything I invited he inside and she was the someone who was going to bring my lunch and dinner.I quickly went to take a bath.I knew that this was Sakshi’s doing,she must have written that someone knowing that it was Rina.After tyding up myself and wearing proper clothes I went in the kitchen she had kept the lunch in fridge as soon as she saw me she started giving me instructions about the dinner.How to heat it,on how much temperature should I heat it and so on.

I just stood there,but I realised that it was already lunch time.I didn’t need to pay any any attention to it.She left after instructing me I said thank you.I again turned towards the T.V. and started watching cartoons and eating the lunch it was delicious,I will tell her about it next time I said to myself.After eating my lunch I started cleaning up my room,it was a massive task to do as I never cleaned my room on week days.That took 4 hours now it was evening.I made coffee and went in my balcony to sip it watching the sunset.It was 6pm now I knew that nobody was going to even come here untill tomorrow morning.

I didn’t know that I had bolted the door after Rina had left or not so I went downstairs and I suddenly heard someone talking “You have forgotten about someone important haven’t you,ypu have forgotten the people who were important haven’t you?’’And as I heard these words I became more and more frightened and I began to lose control of my body.The voice was still there “How could you forget the promise you had given?How will you make up for it?And as I was hearing the voice the feeling of forgetting something important had got hold of my heart untill it’s core I wasn’t able to even fell my body.I was in a world created by my mind and the person in front of me was myself. “I’ll be coming back to make you remember the promises he said.

Then I passed out.

Story 8.

I woke up in a hospital room,with my family & Rina staring as if was I was going to die.I sat upright but I wasn’t able to control my body much.I asked what had happened and what time was it as I remembered I passed out while coming downstairs around 6pm.Sakshi told me that I was found passed out by Rina when she came to give the dinner around 8pm,which means I was just lying on the floor like a dead body for 2 hours,and the day was monday as I could see it was evening.I asked the cause of me passing out,and the doctors had informed that I was regaining my memories.

This made complete sense to me as I had seen my former self in that dream so I call it.I also agreed that I will be gaining my memories back,but ther was one more thing my parents said.They told me that I will lose the memories I had made in the past 2 years.Yes it was true my body had two ste of memories and personalities one that it lost after the accident and one that I made after the accident.But still I wasn’t able to handle myself I didn’t want to go through that phase again where I wasn’t able to recognize anything around me and anyone

But I couldn’t show these feelings to anyone as it would make them worry more about me.I decided to write the memories I had made with everyone uptill now.I hadn’t anything to do as it was dangerou for me to go anywhere outside as if I lost my memories in an unfamiliar place it would be dangerous.I passed the days by writing my diary for my future self.sakshi would come by in the evening after her school was over mummy was always there with me in that room,but she used to leave when Sakshi came to meet me in the evening.Rina also came by during the evening after Sakshi,I knew that used to come together but Rina waited outside the room as I had noticed it many times.

Sakshi used to leave the room after 1 to 2 hours and Rina used to come into the room before Sakshi leaves the room and we used to be alone for sometime.We spent the time talking about chess tournaments,problems as it was the thing which was common in us.I was only able to tell her how I felt during that time my all fears and worries.

I had completed writing the past events and I had started writing about my daily incidents and somehow I had beagan to feel uneasy.1 month had passed after I collapsed in thee living room.I knew that I may lose my memories soon and I told Rina about it,she requested me to give my diary to her.I handed it over and she told me that she had written something in it and I would not see what she had written.We also clicked a photo together as a memory..

“I am able to remember yesterday what had happened”I said to myself after I woke up.I wanted to go to the toilet so I started walking towards it and I saw my former self. Again I was in that mind space I now lnew that I was going to lose my memories. “Goodbye” I said as I the world around me vanished.

Story 9.

I woke up in a hospital room.The last thing I remember was getting hit by a car.I was in a deep slumber or coma I thought.I had my family staring at me as if I had died.The first thing they asked was did I remember them,I thought what an unusual question this was and I started laughing,but they were serious about it.”Yes” I replied.I was actually able to remember them.

Their faces were now looking relaxed.I asked what day was it.It was September 25th 2022.At first I was unable to believe that 1 whole year had passed after that accident had happened.I was quite puzzled by this time gap in my memories.I started my questions.I was answered all of them.I wasn’t in coma for the last year but I had lost my memory,and I was a different person for that time.I was also told that my former self had left his diary behind.I was forgetting something I felt.

I didn’t ask for the diary as I wasn’t yet able to handle everything now.My memories were still hazy.I was free from hospital within 2 days.I had started going to a different school and I had different friends than my original ones,I played along as to get myself nearer to my past memories.But one thing was still similar I used to play chess,and my brain had some new techniques within it and I hadn’t forgotten them.

My relationships had changed somewhat with the others I decided to meetup with my old friends as I had forgotten about them for a whole year,but I still had met Rina and Jay during the last year.I wanted to look at the diaary as soon as possible but I didn’t wanted to lose my current memories.I had also won some awards in the past year and also I had a rating the chess class I went to also had been changed.

This was all taking a toll on me as I had lost a whole years worth of memories.Rina also seemed to worry about me I was forgetting somthing important again,this was the feeling that was in my heart the most.I used the same smartphone as before.I decided to take up a look in my own gallery and chats but the password was still the same ‘Rina’ it wasn’t changed at all.

I started thinking about all of it ,how does Rina had the diary of my former self and how the password had not been changed.This led to me thinking that my past self must had left a message for me somewhere.

Story 10.

I had decided to ask for the diary to Rina.But she declined to give it to me.She said that my former self knew that you would hurry to read it so he left behind a date somewhere in your room.This left me restless I asked why does it even matter,but Rina started crying and said that it was more important than anything for her and me in this world.

I decided to look for the date in my room.I wasn’t able to find it anywhere I didn’t even know where I could be able to find it.Days went by and I still wasn’t able to figure it out,I started to work things out a little bit,chess was the only thing that tied my former self and my current self.I decided to practice chess for some time.I had’t touched the chess board since I got to know about the diary.

I took out my practice book and started solving the problems and it seemed that I had solved them somewhere.I kept solvong them on and on,I was solving them ease.At the last page there was a piece of paper sticked on the note section and it was a problem.It stated that read the hidden text after you solve the problem.I thought nothing of it and started to solve the problem,it took me 5 hours to get through the problem.

But still I wasn’t able to know why the problem was marked,then slowly it began coming to me I now recognised that chess was the thing that brought the three of us together Rina,my former self and my current self were brought together by chess it was the only thing that kept us together.Mustering all my courage I read the hidden text which wasn’t hidden at all.It read ‘Now go and read the diary I left for you’,I thought how clever of my former self.

I went to Rina’s house and said I solved th problem and I also read the text noew please give me the diary.She happily handed it over as if she knew that I would be coming to get it anytime now.I started reading the diary on the door of Rina’s house and it read as…………“How are you doing?This is me and you pretty much know who I am.I have written all of my memories in it but the main thing is that Rina has left a message for you and even I don’t know it what it is and also I have one more thing after her message.Check it out after you read Rina’s message.

I started reading his memories,I knew that this was something I used to feel this all the time.I started crying half way through it on the road itself.And finally I came to Rina’s message it said ‘I will always love you no matter who you are or who you become’.I knew this all along,I was crying even loudly now then on the next page it was my former self’s message.After I read it ,I started felling dizzy and I collapsed on the road.This had become a kind of habit of mine.

Story 11.

I again woke up in that hospital room,it had become kind of second home for me know.I was now able to remember all of my memories which included both the old former self ones and the new former self ones.This was only because the message left by my new former self.I happily declared that I was able to remember everything.My family couldn’t believe what I was saying,but later on they understood that I was telling the truth.There was nothing wrong with me.But I was told that I had to stay in the hospital for some more days as some tests had to be done.

I called Rina when I was alone in the room and told her to come and meet me as I was moved to a ward room and I had something to say to her.She came exactly as I had informed her.She lightly knocked on the door I told her to come in.I said I have to say something to her,but she knew it and I guess she also knew what I was going to say.I mustered all of thhe courage in my body and whispered “I love you”.Yes even though I mustered all of the courage in my body I was just able to whisper.But the main thing came after this what was going to be her reply?

I was nervous as hell.But I knew her reply but still I couldn’t stop feeling nervous.She softly replied “Yes I love you too”I wasn’t able to believe her for a moment.And this is how my memory loss story came to an happy end and it was only possible due to the message my new former self had left.He just wrote ‘I feel no need to tell you about your feelings towards chess and Rina so make sure you correctly spell them out.And this had saved all three of us from eternal sorrow.

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