Bad Boy Abused

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I don't double dip.

Early morning rays cascaded across my bedroom floor marking it’s territory with vertical lines made up of light and shadows. Sitting up my mind instantly floated back to Liam, was I dreaming of him last night? A smile grew on my lips uncontrollably as I absent mindlessly allowed my thumb to circle over my wrist.

After showering I slipped on denim shorts with a simple tank top, grabbed a pop tart and made my way out the door earlier than usual, a little too eager to get to school. Since I had a few minutes spare I thought I would check something out that was eating away at the back of my mind.

The treehouse.

Yesterday when I came home from school I had completely forgotten about the mysterious light I had seen the night before, my mind was too pre occupied with irrational thoughts about Liam. I can’t remember the last time I went inside the tree house. When I was a child I practically lived up there but as I got older I stopped climbing those steps and forgot it even existed.

To anyone else it’s not that special but my late Grampa made it for me when I was around five years old so it holds such a dear place in my heart attached with copious memories. Some even with Liam. Just four brown walls that made up a fairly large square with two slanted pieces of wood that made a pointed green roof, there was a rectangle door cut out and a small window to the left of the door. It was located at the bottom of my long garden, high up in a tree.

Craning my neck right back I looked up at the beauty before I started my climb. Carefully gripping the wooden planks in case some of them had come lose over time I slowly start climbing higher and higher until I reach the top.

The essence of ceder wood creeps into my senses and floods back memories of little, sad sapphire rings and numerous childhood games. My heart hitched for a moment, nervous in case an intruder had done some damage to this sentimental heap of wood. Cautiously I peeked my head inside and gave everywhere the once over.

Everything looked normal from what I remember but whew! I sure did leave this place a dump. Empty food packages littered the floor, chips, soda cans, odd little bars I even hadn’t seen before. I gathered everything up in my arms in one swoop and descended back down.

Dumping everything in the bin and heading to Liam... I mean... school.


I practically ran to social studies. Liam was already there, Jeeze, for a ‘bad boy’ he’s always on time. He was leaning against the desk typing away on his phone, he had a smirk plastered across his face as he concentrated hard on whoever he was typing to. He looked in my direction and nodded his head.

Liam greeted me with a nod.

Oh God, what should I do? Should I smile back? Smile and wave back? Go over there and say hello? As I mentally argued with myself I realized I had waited too long to do anything so I just ignored him. Ugh, I hate me.

Mr Herbitt walked in and we all lined up to get our restraints put on.

Oud wood and fresh vanilla filled my senses and I closed my eyes drinking it all in.

Click. Click. Click. I was bound under Liams captivity.

“You ready for this?” Expectant green eyes that simmered with lust looked up at him waiting for him to lead the way.

“Yeah, it won’t be as bad as yesterday. Besides I’m getting used to these constrains.”

His face was emotionless with his barriers built high but he ended the sentence with a wink and that sent a message to the unexplored place between my thighs.

“Ok so here’s the deal, I have a geography pop quiz that I have to do well on or coach will have my balls. That’s the first lesson. After that I’m pretty much free to ditch until math which I can’t miss because I’m failing. You good with that?”

I envied how much he spoke with ease. He talked about skipping school like it was nothing and I didn’t know if I could do that. I didn’t know if I was brave enough to do that. I contemplated my options for a while but then found myself nodding my head involuntarily with agreement. Which made Liams face beam with amusement. Who was I kidding? I could definitely skip.

Geography was uneventful but I enjoyed watching Liam concentrate during his studies. My attention was immersed in watching his lips, he would tap his pen against them and every now and again a pink tongue would pop out. Deep wrinkle lines spread across his forehead caused by the frown of his brows. His perfect button nose was delicately laced with small freckles, a feature I hadn’t noticed until being this close to him.

He was completely engrossed in the worlds rivers and mountains that he flinched, startled by the bell ringing. For a fleeting moment darkness washed over his face like a tidal wave and I pulled back alarmed.

“Shit! Ow! Olivia!”

My sudden movement pulled him out of his darkness, forgetting we were attached I had yanked his wrist along with mine. Fearfulness turned to agitation and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes, growing more and more accustomed to his mood swings.

“I have Zaks car keys but I don’t think I should attempt to drive given our current situation. I know a diner close by, we could walk there?”

Liam appeared hopeful as he waited for my answer so I shot him a quick nod before the honor roll student inside of me could talk her way out of it.

Liam was right, the retro diner was just a few streets away from Chestington High, it was a typical american diner with big red booths and metal tables. Old school music played and the atmosphere made me feel like I was in the movie Grease.

We approached the counter where a grey haired lady gave away her biggest smile to Liam.

“Here’s our star player! she whistled through crooked teeth “what can I get you and your young lady?” Her attention was drawn to the hand cuffs and confusion fleeted across her face, she rubbed her temple and shook her head. “What are you young ones like nowadays?” There was slight disappointment to her tone but I found her approach warm and comforting.

“Hey Mrs K. I’ll have a double cheese burger topped with bacon, onion rings, tomatoes and lettuce. Fries on the side and a chocolate milkshake.”

I raised my eyebrows in his direction but he shrugged me off

“Gotta keep up my appetite for the big game tonight.”

“For you miss?” The grey haired lady gave me an encouraging smile.

“Could I please get a plain hamburger, hold the salad, fries and a vanilla milkshake. Thank you”

“Sure thing, I’ll get Cindy to bring them over.”

Liam paid the balance and pulled us to a window booth. He sat opposite me with our arms outstretched across the table. I wasn’t sure if the position was uncomfortable or the situation but nerves fluttered around in my stomach threatening to take over. I felt Liams eyes observing me like I was an exhibit at a zoo.

“You don’t talk much do you?” he rubbed his index finger across his lips in a seductive manner.

I bit down on my bottom lip and held his gaze, trying to think of something cool to reply.

“Silent but deadly.” Oh God. Did I just describe myself as a fart? I feel my cheeks pink.

Liam sits completely mute and nonreactive, suddenly he bursts into a boyish giggle. Most. sexy. sound. ever.

“You blush a lot too. Do I make you nervous?”


“N.. No. I just have very r...reactive”

What? I mentally facepalm myself.

“I’ll keep that in mind.” Liam winked and I felt it tighten every muscle.

Our conversation was interrupted by Cindy, the blonde haired bimbo bringing over our burgers. She was beautiful in an obvious kind of way, which I hated. Fresh out of high school with boobs big enough to poke your eyeballs out. Cindy wouldn’t tear her perving little eyes away from Liam, she battered her eyelids and lingered at our table too long.

“Call me if you need anything else, hot stuff.” Her mouth said behind her breasts.

I rolled my eyes a little too violently and Liam let loose a cocky smirk.

“So...” I pushed out “You nervous about tonight?”

Liam froze mid bite and his face paled. Uneasiness oozed out of him and he had a slight look of confusion and apprehensiveness written across his face. I mirrored his exact expression wondering what I had said wrong. Then his face relaxed and he continued chewing.

“Ohhhh... you mean the match? Nah. I never get nervous anymore. The opposite actually, its a great escape from whatever is on my mind.”

I nodded, still radiating anxiety from the few tense moments we had just shared.

“How do you know this place?”

I gestured around the diner, pushing my anxiety back down, determined to keep the conversation going. Liam took another huge mouthful, I’m sure he just prefers showing me his mutilated food as he talked.

“The team come here after every winning game, its our tradition. Have done for years.”

Phew! That was an easy one. Liams phone beeped, I watch as his eye flutter backwards and forwards in a reading motion. His lips curl upwards and his eyes shine out mischief. I sag knowing just by his reaction that he’s texting a girl.

“Ruby?” The word was out before I could stop it. Why did I just ask that?

“What?” He slowly lifted his eyes away from his phone and looked up to meet mine.

“Was that a text from Ruby?”

He pauses for a moment, guard still down, eyes still alight with cheeky devilishness and his famous cocky smirk that churned my insides.

“How you know about Ru- doesn’t matter. It wasn’t her. Been there done that, I don’t double dip.”

“That’s disgusting!” I promptly try and remove my hand away from his only to be dragged back to where it was thanks to this inhumane chain. Liam laughs, carefree and boyish. He looks like a typical teenager and my repulsed insides simmer down.

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