Bad Boy Abused

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Maybe he did remember me

My thumb circled the indent left on my wrist that once bound Liam & I together whilst my brain tried to piece the last forty eight hours. Sitting on the players bench I study Liams carefree nature as he loses himself to the soccer game. Sweaty players sat either side of me, waiting to be swapped in whenever someone got sent off. Chestington High is winning, Liam scoring three out of the four goals we’ve scored.

I can’t tear my eyes away from him, noticing how he plays with such ease, seemingly knowing all of the other teams tactics before they even do them. I’m still wearing his inside out t.shirt, it’s black and fluffy on this side and I can’t help but find myself gingerly stroking the soft cotton where his chest had filled not so long ago. Inhaling the intoxicating scent that covered every inch of it. A smile curled the corners of my mouth as I think about all the girls who would kill to be wearing Liams t.shirt right now.

I let my mind fleet back to the bruise. I guess it could have been soccer ball size but it must have hit him real hard to have that sort of impact. I shouldn’t doubt his reasons because why would he lie? He’s always getting into fights like it’s no big deal so I’m pretty sure he would of just admitted that.

The crowd goes wild as Liam scores another goal, pulling me out of my thoughts. The opposing team are down by 3 points and the whole of our team are jumping on Liams back with epic excitement as the game comes to an end crowning Chestington High as the winning team. It’s hard not to get sucked into the atmosphere of these games, I don’t attend many but I can see the appeal.

I ran up the bleachers to talk to Tia, I haven’t seen her all day since I’ve been mimicking Liam so I listen as she runs through all of the gossip I’ve missed out on which apparently is nothing all that interesting. I tell her about my day, cutting school, eating with the jocks and getting humiliated in Math class. We stay talking until most of the bleachers have cleared out, then we head off in our separate ways.

As I exit the school I spot Liam in the car park getting onto his motor bike, his chestnut hair slightly damp from the after-game shower or with sweat, I don’t know which. He’s still dressed in his red soccer uniform so I’m guessing the latter. His leather jacket hiding the lucky number ‘10’ written on his back. Inhaling deeply in an attempt to suck all of the confidence out of the air and into my body I approach him, taking off his t.shirt and handing it back.

“You played amazing out there today.”

My compliment paid off because I was rewarded with a big grin that showcased all of his beautifully straight, pearly whites. He looked so boyish and attractive.

“Thanks, did you see Westward trying to score that last goal but I intercepted and claimed it as our own?”

I loved how he was really excited and passionate about his sport. I don’t know how he got so good but he was hands down the best player on our schools team and it’s very rare we don’t win games against other schools thanks to him. When he talked about or played soccer it was easy, his face wasn’t raw with some deep, dark, hidden emotion it was young and carefree, like it should be.

I nodded and mirrored his smile but something panged at my emotions bringing my high down ever so slightly, I wasn’t quite sure what but my fingers rubbed the empty space on my wrist.

“No more handcuffs, thank god.” Liam must have noticed my actions.

“Yeah.” I smiled insincerely.

“You need a ride?”

Liam gestured towards his bike and my eyes shot up to the sky which caused him to let out a deep, sexy giggle. I wasn’t sure. I had never ridden a motorbike before and did I really trust Liam driving me around on a vehicle? My head said no but my heart had already said yes and I found myself climbing on. Liam handed me a spare helmet and clasped it shut under my chin. He then climbed on the bike himself.

My heart thundered beneath my skin as my arms reached forward around Liams muscular abdominal. The close proximity between us made me feel safe as my chest pressed up against his ribbed back and I felt the soothing motion of his gentle inhale and exhale. We pulled up outside my house after a short journey, I expressed my gratitude and watched as Liam zoomed away down the street.

Silence filled the walls of my empty house, it was deafening. My parents wouldn’t be back until next week but they did video call every night and they send me weekly money to do a grocery shop so they wasn’t all bad. To drown out the silence I decided to log onto social media.

Tia pops up on messenger chat with me and I’m all too happy to pass some time away talking to her, to break through the silence of the big house that surrounds me.

Tia: You know half the school is going to a party tomorrow night. We should go.

Olivia: I don’t think anybody would want me there.

Tia: Who cares? There’s gonna be that many people nobody would notice if we slipped in. Besides aren’t you in with the jocks now that they shared their lunch with you?

I told her about my days events after the game, but I left out the part about Liams bruise because it just didn’t feel right telling her. I don’t for one second think that I’m ‘in’ with the jocks. I know all too well that they’ll be back treating me like ‘Olive’ tomorrow.

Olivia: I think we both know that’s not the case. I’ll think about the party.

Tia: Great! I’ll be round at 6 tomorrow to help you get ready! You can give Liam his shirt back as well.

Olivia: I said I would think about it. I already gave him his shirt back after the game, then he gave me a ride home on his motorbike.

There was a long pause between her reply, I kept seeing ‘Tia is typing a message’ but nothing got sent indicating that she kept deleting everything she wrote. I went to get myself a soda, came back, still nothing. Finally she replied.

Tia: Olivia...

Tia: Liam NEVER lets anyone ride his motorbike.

What does that even mean? Sure he does, I was living proof of that.

Something distracted me from my computer screen, a noise outside. I pulled back my curtain to inspect but it was too dark to see anything. Chewing the inside of my bottom lip I started to get slightly nervous as dark thoughts intruded my subconscious. I pushed them to the back my mind and forced myself to believe it was probably just a cat or something.

Saying my goodbyes to Tia I logged off and hopped into bed, attempting to switch my brain off from overthinking about a party that I didn’t even want to go to. Something Tia said made a puzzling thought come back to the surface, I realize I didn’t tell Liam where I lived. He just knew. Or maybe he did remember me after all.

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