Bad Boy Abused

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He was scary, real scary.

The alarm went off bright and early Monday morning and I buried my head under the duvet willing the day away. The whirlwind of the last few days got burnt away by the protruding sunbeams of a new day. The handcuffs, the party, moonlit apologies and the heart wrenching excuse Liam came up with for remembering where I lived

“You listed your address on the social studies register during the first class.”

He looked at me with a blank expression, burning into my eyes as if asking why else he would know my address. It was heart wrenching because I wanted him to remember. I spent the Sunday home alone watching re-runs of the Gilmore Girls, wallowing into a bucket of vanilla ice cream. Now I’m here, urging my limp body to get out of bed and start the school day.

Cool water bounces off my skin, waking me up and making me feel more alive. I pull some denim shorts, a hoody and black converses onto my freshly showered body, refusing to make a big effort today, throwing my damp hair up in a messy bun. I nod to myself in the mirror before grabbing a bowl of Lucky Charms on the way out, this will do.

I met Tia in the hallway, our lockers are right next to each other so this is kind of like our meeting place. She gushes about John Paul telling all the details from their midnight swim to their midnight kiss. She radiated joy and I was genuinely happy for my best friend.

“We exchanged numbers and he’s taking me out this Saturday, like on a date!” I could visibly see and hear that she was excited. “So... How did it go with Liam?”

Dark brown eyes hidden behind fluttery, long eyelashes burned into me with curiosity. It was her turn to scrutinize me for answers. Her face was lit up like she knew something that I didn’t and I had an overwhelming urge to feed her curiosity. This is why Tia was the gossip queen, she had a natural ability to make people want to tell her things, but then I didn’t have anything to report, did I?

“He made a pass at me when he was drunk. I said some really mean things to him and he walked off to go play tonsil hockey with another girl so I guess he wasn’t too affected by my words. Then he found me at the end of the night, I apologized, he kinda, sorta did as well... I think. But that was it.”

Her expression changed from curious to something different, something weird. It was like she viewed me with caution, trying to get to grips with the information I had just told her.

“He apologized to you?”

She spat the sentence out very slowly, like it was completely alien on her tongue. What is the deal?

“I’m not sure. Not exactly... No. I don’t know.” I answered honestly.

Suddenly we were distracted by a commotion down the hall. Shouting and gasps spread through the crowds and we ran over to see what was going on.

Liam was sat straddled on a boy named Alex, throwing him hard blows to the face. Alex’s nose and mouth cascaded with blood but Liam kept taking more strikes against him. Alex flung his arms around in unsuccessful attempts to fight back. It was like a wild animal had just caught it’s prey, ripping it apart and completely mutilating it. Jordan and Zak linked each of Liams arms trying to thrust him away and break up the fight. They managed to slow down the attack although they didn’t quite stop it completely because Liam was strong enough to shove them off. I noted Ben screaming Liams name from the sidelines - figures he wouldn’t actually get in there to help.

As teenagers formed a circle around the incident Alexs face became more and more pummeled with each hit. Liam was furious, out of control, unstoppable. Alex was a douchebag who liked to show off in front of his peers, everybody knew that but I’m sure he didn’t deserve this. I turned around to see the principal heading this way and looked back at Liam. He was going to kill Alex if the jocks didn’t pull him away right now. The principal was getting nearer.

I needed to do something.

I dropped my bag on the floor and walked towards Liam with my game face on. I meant business. Crouching down bringing myself closer to both of their faces, I allowed myself a good look at the horrific scene playing out in front of me. Liam was unrecognizable, his beautiful blue eyes had disappeared fully into the darkness, overtaken by two black holes that sucked them into nothingness. Soulless emotion echoed off his face through a murderous glare. The soft skin around his eye showcased a slight purple tinge that indicated a bruise was forming on the surface. Across pursed lips lay the tiniest blood red graze, dominant against paled skin. He looked scary, real scary.

I turned my glance towards Alex who was also unrecognizable but for a different reason. His face had been beaten to a bloody pulp and it was now alive with vibrant colours of mostly red along with shades of blue and purple. He was swollen with disproportionate features. I’m sure Liam had broken something, his jaw? his nose? maybe even both. He coiled over in pain but thankfully he was still conscious, right now anyway.

Jordan who tugged on Liams left arm gave me a worrying stare. For once in my life Jordan didn’t look at me like I was his target, he looked at me with a warning flashing through his eyes. Warning me to get away. My heart pounded, which is it’s usual reaction around Liam but this time it was different. It wasn’t because Liam was close to me it was because I was terrified of being close to Liam. I held Jordans stare, matching him with my own. Secretly communicating with him that I was worried too.

I could hear Principal Jenkins shouting in the background to ‘break it up’ and I knew my time was running out. Taking a deep breath I edged a shaky hand towards Liam and placed it down on his shoulder. I mentally prepared myself to get punched as well but I was determined to keep my hand in contact with Liams shoulder.

Immediately he froze, his arm hovering in the mid air, fists still clenched tightly turning his knuckles white. He turned his attention to me, both of us ignoring Alex’s groans of pain and it’s like the world stopped for a few seconds with only us on it. With a face free from colour and any emotion he held eye contact with mine, blinking blankly as if trying to comprehend what he’s seeing.

“Principal Jenkins is coming, you need to stop.”

Although the volume failed me I spoke with confidence, keeping my green eyes focused on his, I didn’t stutter once. Sapphire rings pulled away all of the darkness returning blended light blue shades to his irises that just poured out an astronomical amount of hurt. I softened my stance, no longer afraid of the intense anger Liam displayed. Liam got up shaking off Zak and Jordan who were still clinging onto each arm observing the encounter between Liam & I. He headed straight for the doors and left the building.

Alex moaned in pain on the floor and muttered something inaudible but the focus wasn’t on him, it was on me. Everyone, including myself stood in awe. All eyes pointing in my direction, all mouths forming a ‘o’ shape, a silence loud enough to burst ear drums and a chill filling the corridor from the wind Liam let in from the impact of his exit.

What just happened?

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