Bad Boy Abused

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You gonna give me a show, or what?

“He’s taking me to Alessandros for dinner on Saturday, it’s the new Italian restaurant in town. I don’t know what to get because pizza is too informal and spaghetti bolonagse is too messy, so I really need to think about.” Tia gushed as we lined up at the salad bar.

I zoned out on what she was saying as I eyed up the buffet style salad on offer today. Great, they’ve put out olives. Whenever they do this people tend to fill up a plastic container and launch them at me from different angles of the cafeteria.

“I’m going to wear my black dress, the one with the spaghetti straps. Do you think that’s okay for a first date?” Tia continued, not noticing the unfortunate menu option.

We took our seats and like clockwork it started raining olives.

“What the fu-”

Tia screamed before she realized what was going on and shot me a sympathetic glance. We learnt pretty early on that if we ignored the bouncing olives they died down after the first big wave. I surveyed the room to see who was participating, the cheerleaders were making generous efforts but throwing wasn’t their sport so most of their olives didn’t come close to hitting the target. The jocks sat in the corner on the back row, the furthest table away from mine. I remember Liam telling me they usually eat on the bleachers so I was slightly puzzled as to why they decided to eat in the cafeteria today of all days. They threw olives, or at least I spotted Jordan and Ben throw one. Although they were the furthest away from me they had impeccable aim. There was a few other singular tables dotted around that participated in the olive Olympics but these were just the wannabe popular kids.

“Should I go fancy and wear heels, casual and wear converse or somewhere in the middle with wedges?” Tia shut out the flying olives and continued her conversation like the queen she is.

Although I tried hard to concentrate on Tia I couldn’t help but peep my eyes at the jocks table. I needed to know if Liam was involved in the throwing. I studied him talking with his friends, he used hand gestures to emphasis his points and whatever he was saying caught his interest intensely. I watched as girls approached his table, his face would change to a cockier more arrogant stance but even from across the room I could tell he was slightly annoyed by the pestering.

Then as if he could feel someone watching him he looked up and caught my gaze. We locked eyes from across the room for a nano second before Jordan reached up his hand ready to throw another one my way. Breaking contact with Liam I looked down, ready to take cover but nothing came. When I looked up Liam was standing over his table gathering up the little perspex boxes of olives whilst his team mates gaped at him with questioning eyes. With two hands full of olives Liam walked across the cafeteria and dropped them all in the bin before exiting.

“I’ll wear the red cardigan and take the black handbag with the red rose on to add pops of colour. Or do you think a full red bag?”

Tia rambled on, completely oblivious to what had just happened or the fact that there was a table of confused jocks looking directly at me.


The bell rang ages ago, I was flustered because I was running late to my next class. I stopped by my locker to pick up my gym clothes before I headed into the girls locker room. Setting my Adidas gym bag down on the bench ready to change I was distracted by a series of giggles coming from inside the shower cubicle. I thought I was here alone.

Suddenly the door flings open and Louise comes stumbling out fixing her cheer skirt so that it sits straight, she spots me instantly and raises her eyebrows with a smug look plastered on her face. Liam followed her out of the shower cubicle, he glanced down at his crotch like he’s checking his fly is done up and when he looks up his eyes shoot in my direction. A sly smirk stretches across his face.

“I’ll see you around.”

He says to Louise and points to the door with his chin, gesturing for her to leave. Louise looks at me with a huff and storms out of the door, her satisfied mood ruined. My eyes follow Liam as he moves towards me and takes a seat on the opposite bench. He swiftly crosses his legs, bends his elbow on his knee and places his hand under his chin. Although his eyes are absent he looks cocky and he’s waiting for something.

“Uh... thanks.” I mutter, embarrassed to alone with a boy in the girls locker room.

Liam darts upright, slightly taken aback I think.

“For what?” confusion taking center stage on his face.

My fingers trail the thick, black strap of my bag and my eyes fail to look at him.

“You know... for taking away everyone’s olives.”

My voice didn’t emit confidence either.

“Oh.” Liams pink lips form a ‘o’ shape and realization sets in. “Well come on then...” He stands up and edges closer to me and my body reacts to the close proximity between us. “You gonna give me a show or what?”

His eyes make no secret as they dart slowly up and down my body, taking in every curve and bend I have on offer. His index finger mimics his eyes and he wears a suggestive smile on his lips. I instantly feel naked even though I’m fully clothed. My cheeks wear a special bright pink tinge and I squirm under his flirtatious glare.

In that moment I don’t know what to do but I knew for certain I wasn’t about to undress in front of Liam Maines, especially after he had just had the displeasure of seeing Louise’s perfect body. I grabbed hold of something from the bench, it was a ball of socks. I’m not sure whose socks they were but they didn’t look the cleanest. I pelted them square in Liams face.

“Eww, Liv! They smell like cheese. It burns! It burns!”

He screeched in a high pitched voice just like a girl and my laughter filled the room, he picked the sock up and aimed for my face but I had already started running, hiding behind the bench pillars. His footsteps quick on my trail holding the sock out ready to take his aim. He missed again because I ducked and he lost his weapon when I picked it up. He took cover in the shower cubicle and locked himself in.

“You can’t hide from me you little perv” I shouted though genuine giggles.

“Yeah well, I’m gonna try.” He shouted back with an amused voice.

I reached up over the top of the cubicle and pulled his shower lever down. Water flooded out the nozzle and made patter sounds which I could only assume was the impact of splashes against leather. Liam let out a loud shriek that was almost horse-like.

“Fuck... that’s cold!”

He sheepishly came out of the shower cubical absolutely drenched and I stood proudly in front of him showcasing his very own trademark cocky smile across my mouth.

“Truce.” He held his hands up in the air to indicate to me that he was unarmed and his face seemed to say ‘well played’. “I better go sort myself out.” he said before he left the girls locker room, leaving me alone to finally change.

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