Bad Boy Abused

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Yes I did know.

Intense heat pulled me out of my dream as the duvet hugged tightly around my body making me feel imprisoned in stickiness and sweat. Kicking the duvet off and lugging my body towards the window for some fresher air I pulled the curtain back and light filled the room, it was blinding and I could feel the heat hit me through the glass. Today was going to be a really hot day.

Exhaling my stale air I breathed back in the natural scents of freshly cut grass and warm spring breezes. Today was Friday. Mom and dad would be home today for three weeks and I couldn’t wait to not feel so alone between these big, empty walls. I smiled to myself at the thought, instantly uplifting my flushed mood.

Through my peripheral vision I saw some movement it looked like a figure exiting my garden, it was as quick as a flash and by the time I turned my full attention to it, it was gone. I wasn’t sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me because I had been paranoid about the small things I noticed in the back yard recently. Memories of the flashing lights, the mess left up in the tree house and now a figure fell into place like a jigsaw puzzle. I needed to remember to mention this to my parents tonight just to be safe.

My alarm rudely interrupted my thoughts piercing through the walls with the most annoying high pitched ring. It was officially time to start my day.


Tia had me meet her at Principal Jenkins office so we could hand out the supplies again. My cheeks pinked as I remembered the last time I was in here. My fingers traced the edge of the mahogany desk where Liam once stood during what should of been an intimate encounter but instead was cold and reserved.

That’s when I saw it.

Placed on Principal Jenkins desk was a thick white folder with ‘Liam Maines’ written across the front. It was Liams file. Usually all of the students files were locked away in the filing cabinets that enclosed the room. But Liams sat proudly on the desk, waiting to be read like fate was calling out to me.

I bit my bottom lip and observed this folder like I was willing it to open and spill out all of liams secrets by itself. What could I learn from Liams file? His G.P.A, his past deliquesces, details about his parents or home life, anything that could give me an insight into why Liam is the whirlwind that he is.

I edged closer to the file considering if it was worth invading his privacy just to subdue my thirst for knowledge. I reached out and picked it up. It was heavy, thicker than the average students. My fingers outlined his black name and with a sigh I put the file back down onto the desk. Sure I could say with confidence that I wanted to know more about Liam, but I also wanted him to be the one that told me.


I managed to spend the rest of the day unscathed, I don’t know if I had managed to avoid everyone or if they were the ones that had avoided me either way I couldn’t of been happier with the simpler, quiet life. The bell rung for social studies and I felt excitement bubbling in my chest at the chance to spend the next ninety minutes with Liam.

Although the room was full of people I spotted him instantly, he sat comfortably in his own world scribbling something on a piece of paper in front of him. Chestnut strands loosely fell over his eyes, his pink tongue making a slight appearance in the corner of his mouth and furrowed brows pointed downwards showing a stance that was deep in thought.

I headed to the table and dropped my bag to the floor, making it known I was there. He looked up at me and then used his elbows to move the paper across the table out of my line of view. I knew Liam was feeling playful today because he had an amused look written across his face as he tried his hardest to keep the scribbles a secret.

“What you got there?” I asked suspiciously, trying to eye up whatever he was hiding.

“You can’t see it.” His face lit up with a heart warming boyish grin.

I sat down in my seat and leaned over the table trying to grab the paper he was being ever so discreet about. “Lemme see!”

“Nope.” He popped the ‘p’ to properly emphasis the word.

Liam leaned backwards away from me and unprepared for his swift movement I fell forward, using my hands to steady myself against his rock hard chest. The smell of Liam filled up my insides and I threatened to combust just from the closeness between him & I. A giggle left Liams lips and vibrated through his chest against my palms. Steadying myself and pushing backwards I felt clarity come back as I put distance between us.

I couldn’t bring myself to look at him for a while after that.

I could feel the heat of my cheeks and I felt like everyone was watching me even though my mind knew they wasn’t. Liam leaned down and grabbed something from his bag. The Russel of a packet forced my eyes in his direction.

He was eating a bar of some kind and after taking the biggest bite off the top he turned to me and smiled wide showing flakes of chocolate intentionally covering his front teeth. The heat simmered down inside me and I found myself mirroring his smile.

“you’re such a pig!” I exclaimed.

Liam then pulled the wrapper down and took another big bite. My eyes zoned in on the wrapper, it wasn’t like a normal chocolate bar but it did look familiar somehow. Without thinking I grabbed the bar from Liams hand just as he was about to take another bite leaving his arm hovering mid air above an open mouth.

“Hey!” He looked at me with a bewildered expression as he watched me examine the funny Japanese writing across the wrapper.

“These... what are these?” I asked with a voice thick with confusion.

“They’re sports bars.” Liam replied matter of factually. He could see from my clouded expression that he hadn’t cleared anything up so he continued. “Coach makes us eat them, especially on game day. They are packed with protein and energy... harmless but they are closest thing to steroids.”

The bars were yellow and blue with foreign script all over them, they were average size for a chocolate bar but chunky. I wracked my brain trying to think why they looked so familiar to me but I drew a blank so I handed the bar back to Liam and he continued eating not quite understanding my reaction. I’m not sure I fully understood it either.

The last bell rung out and Liam folded up his top secret paper and placed it safely inside the pocket of his leather jacket raising his eyebrow in my direction and tapping his pocket with four slender fingers, the motion telling me that he had won a victory by not letting me see his paper. Being the good sport I am I played along, huffing in defeat.

“You coming to the game tonight?” he asked, eyes burning with something more than curiosity.

“uh.. I’m not sure. My parents work away a lot and today they’re home so I might spend time with them.

“Oh.” His shoulders sagged at my answer and for a moment there I thought I could see an ounce of disappointment run across his face of course it didn’t linger long. His eyes glazed over and his shield stood tall.

“No motorbike today?” I pointed my chin across the parking lot to the vacant space that would usually be dedicated to his motorbike.

“Nah. I don’t bring my bike on game days. I only bring it when I do hours in the arcade so I can travel to and from without missing practice.” he answered, as an after thought he followed it up with “I live close by you, you know?”

Yes I did know.

“Oh, really?” I tried to sound intrigued but my heart thundered inside my chest loud enough for him to hear.

“There’s probably about fifteen houses between yours and mine.”

That’s specific, has he counted them?

The suns heat still blazed down in full glory during our walk home, it made the air dry and sticky. I looked at Liam, dark jeans, white t.shirt and the signature leather jacket which he should be melting inside. But in contrast to me he didn’t look sweaty or red faced, he looked perfectly normal. Like the ice inside him kept him cool enough on the outside as well. We took the same scenic route that I take most days, passing by the open fields and lake. It’s probably not the fastest way home but it’s the most the enjoyable and by far the quietest.

“Are your folks going to the game?” I ask out of interest but Liam visibly tenses and I cower, instantly knowing I’ve struck a nerve.

“They... They don’t go to my games.” Spoken with a voice that drops lower in pitch with every syllable. He refuses to look in my direction and holds his shoulders extremely tense.

“Why?” It’s a simple word, three letters. But it had the potential to release the wild animal from his caged up emotions and completely destroy me. Yet I couldn’t stop myself from asking it.

“That’s none of your fucking business, is it?” Okay he was mad. Real mad. His voice was laced thick with annoyance and two blue orbs burnt into my sole with a dangerous glare. He was trying to intimidate me into changing the subject and it was working.

“I’m sorry Liam, it was just a question. I was in Principal Jenkins office this morning doing jobs for him with Tia and your file was on his desk so I picked it up to re-”

“You read my file?” His whole manner changed in an instant, the anger that was clouding his emotions moments ago had been pushed aside to let in a more heartbreaking reaction. Betrayal. In those few fleeting moments he searched deep into my mind looking for answers. This is one of his many faces I couldn’t bare to be on the receiving end of. My eyes focused on this pale faced boy in front of me, deciphering his emotions as they came in waves. Betrayal. Hurt. Sadness. And a hint of fear. I needed to halt the ocean.

“No... I didn’t. I won’t deny that I was going to, I really wanted to but I didn’t even open the book because I didn’t want to betray your privacy. I figured if you wanted me to know those things then you would just tell me yourself.”

Coldness took over Liams face, void of all emotions and back to the usual emptiness locking away all of the relief I knew he was feeling. He said nothing but dug around in his pocket for a while fishing out the folded paper from earlier.

“Here.” he handed me the paper and I gingerly started unfolding each layer.

“See you around.”

Scribbled in black Biro was a scarily accurate drawing of Mr Hibbert, he was wearing nothing but a leather thong holding up a pair of handcuffs. Liam was surprisingly good at art since the small chubby man looking up at me struck a really strong resemblance. Glancing up and seeing Liam get smaller and smaller as he took himself further into the distance I let a small smile escape to my lips. After such an intense conversation something about the picture made me feel like Liam & I would be okay.

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