Bad Boy Abused

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You got really lucky there.

A warm hand found its way on my shoulder, sending shivers down my spine and I smiled to myself knowing exactly who Jordan had chosen because there’s only one certain bad boy capable of making my body react in such delicious ways.


As my nerves spiraled out of control I didn’t turn around to face him, I couldn’t. I had practiced what I was going to say to him several times in my head but now that he was next to me, touching me my tongue felt heavy and my brain fell blank, betrayed by my own body. Silence stretched across the room, only disturbed by shallow breaths that left our lungs and mingled as one, together in the air. I remained facing away from him, staring towards the black screen.

“Here’s the deal, Jordan has cameras everywhere but they don’t pick up that far corner. So if we’re going to do something then it will have to be over there because I’m not into making him a personalized porno.”

My head whipped around to face him so fast I gave myself whiplash. “We’re not doing anything Liam.” I screeched in a high pitch tone, completely horrified at what he was insinuating. But then I noticed the cocky grin taking place across his lips and I knew he was just toying with me. His face was lit up with humor and guarded eyes sparkled in the darkness.

Sighing with relief, I realized I wasn’t just relieved because I knew Liam wasn’t expecting anything from me but also because I was grateful at how easily he breaks the ice and eases the awkward, tense atmosphere between us. Deep down I knew that he was trying to avoid the subject, was he really trying to get away with acting completely normal and not mentioning the tree house at all?

I took a deep breath, determine to release some of the heaviness of my tongue.

“Liam we need to talk about last night.”

There. I said it.

His whole manner changed, the smile instantaneously fell from his face. Sapphire rings pulled the ocean blue into darkness, swallowed whole by two black pupils that shot an unspoken warning my way.

“Liv.. don’t.”

His voice low, deep and intimidating. But as unnerving as he was I refused to give up.

“Liam you were in my tree house with a sleeping bag. Was you sleeping up there? Do you sleep up there? I know this wasn’t the first time I’ve found wrappers to those sports bars you e-”

“Liv. Stop. I can’t.” His daunting stare threatened to shut me down but I kept going.

“Liam... I seen you, you can’t avoid this.”

“Someone will hear you”

Panic vibrated through Liams body, as he looked around paranoid, checking to see if we were really alone. Anger rising in the tone of his voice.

But we were alone.

Inside a darkened cinema room that was fully sound proofed. Nobody could hear us he was just avoiding the question, again.

“Liam...” I edged forward to close the gap, concerned eyes meeting frightened ones. “Please tell me what’s going on... you can trust me.”

Liam closed his eyes as the vulnerability washed over him, clear to see. It was heartbreaking and in that moment an overbearing urge came over me to grab him into a hugging embrace. So I did. Reaching out I gripped the edge of his leather jacket and pulled him closer to me, closing up the few inches of air that separated us.

The sweet scent of fresh vanilla mixing with a slightly spicy aroma of oud wood tickled my senses as Liam melted into my body, depending on me to hold him up. His arms found their way around my waist with a tight grip like he never intended to let go. I delicately ran my fingers through his chestnut strands, something I’ve urged to do for a long time only not how I imagined, instead it was slow, gentle and comforting. My heart boomed hard against his chest but I didn’t even care if he felt it, the only thing I cared about was taking away his evident pain. Liam snuffled his head into the crook of my neck, I could feel his heavy breathing tickle my skin making every hair stand on end. My body reacted to him every time he was close but I pushed past the fact my insides were coming alive and focused on giving Liam what he needed in that moment. Closeness.

Minutes past by, we stood in silence just holding onto each other and although it was the simplest of gestures it occurred to me that Liam might not have ever had this form of comfort or intimacy. I knew any minute Jordan would be unlocking the door and my seven minutes in heaven would come to an abrupt end. I needed to get some answers from Liam while his guard was still down. So I dangerously pushed further.

“Liam, tell me why.” I whispered close into his ear.

Silence followed.

With my arms still wrapped around his neck I pulled back slightly to look into his watery eyes that shined through the darkness.

“Tell me why.” I whispered again, pleading with him to let me in.

He closed his eyes, preparing for the hardest task he’s ever had to do.

When he opened them again they were deep and raw with heavy emotion.

“Remember in that first social studies lesson you asked those dumb questions that I refused to answer?” He started through a stammered voice, pausing to build up more confidence. “well one of those questions was where is your safe place?”

His voice was thick with hurt, his words came out broken. I couldn’t speak a reply because I knew if I did then I would cry but I had to stay strong for Liam so I nodded wondering where he was going with this.

“Well safe place your tree house.”

Before my brain could fully process what he had just said the key rattled in the lock and light invaded the space. The doorway was crowded with jocks ‘wooing’ and whistling towards us like the morons they are. After a beat I pulled back from Liams embrace, coldness hitting my body like it just had a taste of something it didn’t even know it needed. I exited the room pushing past Jordan and the jocks, Liam following closely behind me. His walls standing high as emotionless black eyes took over like he had just left all of his feelings in the cinema room. It was like looking at a completely different person and I couldn’t believe the intimate contact we had just experienced moments ago really happened because he was now radiating a powerful coldness.

“Did you fuck her?” Zak asks Liam.

“Virgin Mary get her cherry popped?” Jordan joins in.

“What did you guys do in there?” Tia shoots me a quiet question.

“Nothing... We just hugged.” I announced to the room glancing at Liam who looks at me with wide eyes, shocked I just said that.

Complete silence filled the room as everyone stared at us as they processed the information I had just shared with them. Several pairs of colorful orbs blinked blankly in our direction. After a couple of seconds of hesitation every single one of them burst into a roaring, unstoppable laughter, even Tia couldn’t hide her exposed smile.

Jordan slapped Liams back “Oh God you really got lucky there” he muttered between loud chuckling.

“Fuck you” Liam said now joining in the amusement, picking up a ping pong ball and launching it at him in a playful manner.

I knew everyone thought a hug was the most prudish action we could have performed during a game of seven minutes in heaven and I basically single handedly proved Jordans point right but I knew there was something much deeper to it than that. I connected with Liam in a way I couldn’t of had we done anything else in that room. He needed it more than clothed, impersonal sex standing against a wall and for that, I don’t regret anything.

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