Bad Boy Abused

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"Jesus Liv! Don't touch me!"

As I tried to process the tiny snip bit of information Liam had gave me I noticed that he had been spending the rest of the night avoiding me. The last I had seen of him he had his tongue down the throat of some blonde bimbo I didn’t recognize.

I sat on a porch swing in the back yard with Tia, avoiding the rowdy teenagers inside the party zone. She gushed about her date with John Paul earlier this evening and I couldn’t help but beam with happiness for my best friend. Knowing that her love life was going great and that she had another date set up with him in the week really warmed my heart but it also made me feel slightly jealous at how easy it was for her and how uncomplicated John Paul was.

I excused myself and went in search of the bathroom hoping for a better experience than the last time I was at one of these parties when I got intercepted by Ruby king for girl talk. I finally found one leading off the corridor that connected the party room to the games room. There was no line which I was thankful for so I just opened up the door wide.

To my absolute horror I caught Liam inside with the same girl he was making out with earlier, leaning up against the sink counter top in an undignified embrace.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry” I screamed as I quickly closed the door, utterly embarrassed.

Using my palm I hit my head three times with frustration. What is it with me and catching Liam in compromising positions? Practically straight away the bathroom door opened and Miss Bimbo walked out looking at me like I was the dirt on the bottom of her shoe. It made me cower down lower to hide my beetroot face.

Liam walked out next, he raised his eye brows at me with a cocky grin across his face and shot me a wink. I died. Scampering into the bathroom as swiftly as I could to get away from the humiliating encounter.

As I went to shut the door behind me something stopped it and pushed it open, Liam forced his way inside and closed the door so we were alone together in the small bathroom. Still reeling from the shock of catching him in the act I didn’t know where to put my face.

“Liam? ... what are you doing?”

Absentmindedly I played with the lace sleeve of my dress as Liam walked into the bathroom and stood close to me. Among his delicious smell there was a trace of alcohol and nerves started bubbling up inside, not fully knowing what Liam is capable of when he’s drunk. I took a step back to put some distance between him & I. But Liam stepped forward to close the gap again. Instinctively I step backwards, bumping my back into the straight, wooden door. Again Liam stepped forward, chest to chest, face to face and I’m cornered in his proximity with nowhere to escape.

“Look at you, you’re so innocent. You look at me through those jade green eyes that are buried behind emerald flecks and flutter those long eyelashes at me, you have no idea.”

His pupils were dilated and the whites of his eyes were bloodshot, hinting to me that he had taken something a little stronger than just beer, though his words clearly echoed a drunken slur. He sloppily reached up and twirled a strand of my hair around his finger tips.

“So soft.” He muttered under his breath, I’m not sure I was meant to hear it.

Finding my voice I straightened my shoulders and tried to look confident and in control of the situation. “I have no idea about what?” There was a long pause as we searched each others eyes.

“How unnerving it is.” He looked serious, drunken serious but still sincere with his words. “With one look its like you’re reading my mind. I can’t have that. So close your eyes.” He continued to twirl my hair in his hands, relishing the touch.

I didn’t know what to reply but then I didn’t need to. He pushed his body into mine, the heavy weight of his chest gently pushing me harder into the door. Leaning his forehead against my own he looked deep into my eyes. My chest rapidly rose and fell to match my breathing and butterflies flipped around deep in my stomach.

“You can’t tell anyone about the tree house Liv.” He whispered, really quietly blowing a minty fragrance my way that also contained hints of something stronger.

I felt the blood rush between my ears, causing a small buzzing sound inside my head.

“Why do you always have sex with your clothes on Liam? ...Is it because of your bruises?”

I don’t know where I gained my confidence from but I couldn’t stop my fingers reaching out and gripping the bottom of his purple polo t.shirt, I inched it up ever so slightly exposing a sexy ‘V’ and a toned stomach up to his belly button. I aimed to bring the t.shirt higher but Liam flinched and backed away sprightly.

“Jesus Liv! Don’t touch me!”

Alarm was written across is face and he held his heart as if he was willing it to stop beating so fast while his chest moved up and down against his accelerated breathing. After a few moments he recovered himself and edged forward again, this time not getting into my arms reach.

“Always looking for answers you don’t want to find.”

He replied, like he was some sort of Yoda and these were his words of wisdom. Then he turned on his heel and left.

“You ok?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

I returned back to Tia, probably looking a little more flustered than I should have been, I nodded and kept the encounter with Liam to myself. It’s not that I didn’t trust Tia but I learnt early on that she can’t hold in a secret and I didn’t want her reading too much into these feelings I was trying to avoid. I didn’t see Liam again for the rest of the night and to be honest I couldn’t have been more thankful for that.

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