Bad Boy Abused

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Isn't that Liam over there?

“Could you hand me the garlic bread bowl please Olivia?”

“Sure dad.”

I smiled to myself as I looked around the dining room table at my parents, mom had made my favorite - spaghetti bolognese with a mountain of cheese on top. It was lovely to have a homemade meal, sat at the table like a normal family. Mom dressed in sweatpants paired with a tank top and messy bun instead of her usual business attire. Her face was makeup free but she was still naturally stunning. Dad wearing pajamas and slippers while he stuffed his face with moms delicious cooking. This is what it feels like to be completely content.

“So Olivia, how is school?”

Mom asked me casually, I noted that dad perked his ears up at the mention of school. In that moment my mind skimmed over everything that happened in school yesterday with Liam. Today I didn’t see him, he skipped. I ran into the jocks who didn’t say anything to me, I don’t just mean about Liam, I mean anything. They didn’t tease me, they didn’t call me names, they completely ignored me. It’s a first and a welcome change but I’m not allowing myself to get used to it.

I decided to steer clear of any ‘boy talk.’

“It’s good, I’m maintaining all my grades. I struggle a little with math but I’ve been studying real hard and I think I’m going to ace the pop quiz on Friday.”

“As long as you try your best pumpkin.” My dad chirped up satisfied with my answer.

“yeah.” I replied.

Mom shot me a small smile “hows Tia?”

“She’s good, keeps telling me how good your blueberry pancakes are. She’s actually going across state with the schools soccer team and cheerleaders. They have a tournament against different schools and because she’s head of school council shes going with them to help with team management things and the equipment.”

I piled a forkful of spaghetti into my mouth.

“Oh that sounds wonderful, I’m assuming she’ll get extra credit and it will look worthy on her college applications. You should look into getting involved with something like that Olivia.”


“It’s not my thing dad but she did invite me along. Principal Jenkins said she can rope another student in to help, she asked me but I said no. She’ll be gone all next week, well Monday to Friday. I’ve just got you guys home after almost a month, you’re only here for three weeks and I don’t want to waste that time at some dumb sports week long event.”

The temperature of the room dropped by a few degrees as mom and dad secretly shot each other knowing glances, guilt filling up in their faces. My heart sagged slightly because I’ve become accustomed to that look and knew exactly what it meant.

“Olivia, hunny we got a phone call today from our boss. Something came up in a case we’re working on and it’s time sensitive. They would like us back in work on Monday instead, it’s a big breakthrough and we couldn’t pass up this opportunity so we said yes.”

My dad was the one to break the news to me and my heart sank faster than the Titanic.

“You should really think about going away with Tia next week so you’re not alone. It could be so fun being away with your best friend and we can go shopping on the weekend to buy you lots of outfits. Tia can come too, we’ll make it a girls day.”

I know she was trying to soften the blow, bribe away my feelings with a girls day when I couldn’t really care less about shopping and clothes. But being the good daughter I am I nodded my head, telling them I understood and asked to be excused.

Five weeks alone, four if I accept Tias trip.

Hey, fancy coming shopping this weekend. Moms treat! X

Of course, I’m always up for a girls day! What’s the occasion? xXx

It’s a guilt-buy. They just told me they gotta return to work early. X

That sucks! I know you hate it when they’re not home. xXx

Whats new? Besides, at least I’ll have plenty of new outfits for our week away! X


I roll my eyes because the excited capitals are out, I’m already regretting agreeing to this week away. I could feel the target itching my back already and just hoped everyone left me alone.


Mom and Tia were in full swing at the mall, they’ve had me try on so many different outfits and both of them are carrying several shopping bags. So far I’ve accumulated nightwear from Victoria Secret mom bought me one midnight blue nightdress that gathered above my knees and a hunter green short and cami set both items were made from satin with lace trimmings. My tastes are very singular.

My feet ached and I was fed up of shopping but the pair of them dragged me into store after store. Right now we were in Calvin Klein because my mum insists I need a sports bra to fit in with the sports theme. Logic. At this point I nodded at anything they picked up just to get us out of the shop faster. I was their doll and they dressed me.

The bags mounted up, I now have a new pair of distressed jeans, a new hoody, a skimpy red dress (that I didn’t chose) and several t.shirts. Tia also bought lots of face masks and pampering things to do in the room of an evening. I just concentrated on buying the snacks.

“I think we’re done here, can we go eat now?” I complained.

We decided to eat in the open food court because of the many choices.

“You girls sit here with the bags and I’ll go get our food from the Subway over there.”

“Thank god, I’m starving I could eat a-”

“Hey, isn’t that Liam over there?”

Tia pointed across the food court to Liam who lent against the Burberry shop with one leg bent backwards at the knee leaning his foot on the window behind him. One hand by his side and the other tucked inside the pocket of his navy jeans. He looked ridiculously hot, I think more so because he wasn’t trying to be.

I couldn’t drag my eyes away from him, mesmerized by how handsome he naturally was with nobody around to impress or be cocky toward. This was the first time I had seen Liam since he freaked out in the boys bathroom. He looked to be in a better place but then he never showed what he was truly feeling inside. Two blue eyes looked up and glanced in my direction, an involuntary gasp left my mouth causing Tia to turn her attention towards me.

Just as Liam & I had locked eyes on one another Jordan came out of the store setting alarms off from his presence, he had a huge grin plastered on his face as he placed a navy cap on Liams head and the pair of them ran through the mall in the opposite direction. A large security guard followed them out of the store, Liam & Jordan laughed and shouted rude things regarding the guards weight as they continued running. I think the security guard deemed it a lost cause and gave up, returning to the store.

“why do they need to shoplift? They’re hella rich?” Tia said, looking confused.

“No idea, they’re dumb.”

Mom returned to our table with the subways in her hand, my mouth watered just from the smell and I tucked in satisfying the screaming growl coming from my stomach.

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