Bad Boy Abused

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Doesn't anyone knock around here?

We pulled up outside a large hotel, it didn’t look dingy but then didn’t look luxurious either. The doors to the bus opened and coach climbed on board, greeted with claps and cheers. Obviously the team and squad have a lot of respect for their coach. He picked up the megaphone for hopefully the last time during this trip.

“Settle down everyone, settle down.” he started and silence filled the bus “I have the room keys here. There are two beds to a room so pair up, must be same sex pairs, there will be no going off site, no alcohol, no drug misuse and no late night parties. Lights out by 10pm each night. Anyone caught breaking the rules will have their parents called to pick them up immediately. I will be waiting outside for you to come get your keys off me.”

Coach left the bus and students followed. Tia and I grabbed our key to room number 201 and headed for the elevator with our luggage. In the back of my mind I was thinking about what Ruby had said about the rooms although I knew Liam wasn’t into Ruby I also knew he was unlikely to turn down the offer of sex.

Our room was pretty basic, blue carpet that looked old but maintained, outdated yellow wallpaper covered the walls, two double beds dressed white linen, a wooden desk, mini fridge and a TV. It wasn’t fancy but it was clean and comfortable. Tia picked the bed closest to the door which meant I was left the bed closest to the next room, silently I prayed it wasn’t Ruby and Liams room.

Tia & I loaded up the mini fridge with soda cans from the vending machine and made efforts to unpack our clothes into the big, brown wooden dresser. Mine occupied one drawer and hers took up three. We could already hear sounds of our over excited neighboring teenagers through the paper thin walls as if they were in the room with us.

“I don’t think we’re going to get much sleep tonight.”

I pointed out to Tia, rolling my eyes and she shot me a sheepish glance.

“Did I tell you how amazing you are and how much I love you for coming on this trip with me?”


“I love you and you’re amazing.” She fluttered her eyelashes to win me over and it worked.

Our door flung open without a knock, Jordan and Liam stood in the doorway peering into our room.

“Oh it’s you two.” Jordan said in disgust.

“No, it’s you two. Why are you barging into our room?”

Tia spoke up as I eyed Liam who looked slightly amused but didn’t take his eyes off me. Jordan walked into our room and sat on Tias bed, crushing the neatly folded clothes she had been preparing to put away. Liam followed suit but sat opposite on my bed, he then lay down, looking up towards the ceiling with two hands resting on the pillow behind his head.

“We are next door, came to tell our neighbors about the party in our room tomorrow night but I’m guessing you two goody two shoes won’t be coming. But yano what? I’m feeling nice so I’ll tell you about it anyway because it’s gonna be loud.”

“Coach said-” I started, throwing my disapproving glance towards the shoes Liam rested on my clean bed sheets.

“That’s okay Olive, we’re not inviting the Coach.” Jordan shut me down.

Liam laughed out loud in a carefree manner and suddenly I didn’t care about the dirty shoes, I was just happy Liam was on my bed. Tias brow furrowed as she tried pulling her clothes out from underneath Jordan, he made no efforts to move.

“we’ll be there.” Tia blurted out after giving Jordans shoulder a hard shove.

“we will?” I pointed a glare at her, silently asking if she was insane. She just nodded with a conniving smile on her face.

That is when the door opened for a second time, in came Zak and Ben. “What you doing in here?” They pointed their question towards Jordan and Liam.

“Jeeze, doesn’t anyone knock around here?” Tia gasped raising her palm to her forehead, finally giving up on trying to make Jordan move.

Zak walked over to our mini fridge, opened it up and took out a diet coke. He proceeded to drink it without saying anything.

“I’ll take one of those.” Liam perked up.

Zak opened the mini fridge again, took out another diet coke and threw it across the room to where Liam caught it. Liam opened it up and took large sips from the can. Tia and I stood, mouth ajar, speechless at the complete and utter rudeness of these boys who acted like they owned the place.

A distant voice from the hallway shouted Liams name and all eyes shot towards Liam.

“Shit.” He placed his fingers over his lips and told everyone to “Shh”

The girls voice got closer and clearer. I could decipher that it was Ruby’s, she kept calling out his name. Desperate much. The lads all started laughing and Liam looked half panicked but half amused.

“Shut up” He said throwing my pillow in Jordan’s face. “She’s a nightmare, bang her once and gets all needy” he whispered.

“He’s in here.” I shouted out.

All wide eyes shot in my direction, I don’t know why I just ratted him out but he got me mad. He looked slightly annoyed and maybe a little bit confused but his idiot friends coiled over laughing which softened the blow. Our door flung open for the third time and Ruby burnt into me with dagger sharp eyes. Shit, maybe I didn’t think this through.

“Why are you all in here?” Ruby asked as she scanned the room, looking super confused.

“Anyway, since you won’t swap with Natasha I just came to tell you my rooms free for an hour. Shes gone to get some ice cream with some of the girls, fancying coming over?” She twirled her hair and spoke with a low, seductive voice. It made me cringe and I could see Liams friends hiding smiles behind their hands.

“Uh... no thanks Ruby. I’m good here.” Liam rejected her proposal with his basic, blank stare void of all emotion. A look most people was accustomed to, but I was learning to read past it and could sense from his body language he was beyond irritated. I did feel an ounce of guilt creep in.

“You would rather stay in here with these?“She gestured her arm towards Tia & I and I felt utterly vulgar by the look plastered on her scrawny but beautiful face.

“Yeah... I guess so.” Liam shrugged sitting himself up against my head board.

“Fine.” Ruby shoved past us and out of the door fuming.

“Thanks for that” Liam said sarcastically and followed in Rubys footsteps. The rest of his posse stammered out of our room leaving Tia and I alone in the noisy hotel room.


The megaphone echoed through the attenuated walls reminding us it was 10PM which meant lights out. We climbed into our beds after brushing our teeth and changing into our nightwear. The bed was surprisingly comfortable, I thought the mattress was going to be hard because it’s just a budget hotel but my body sunk right into it soothing my muscles in all the right places. We could hear sounds from all the rooms across our floor. Doors would occasionally bang, we heard laughter, we heard conversations and I’m pretty sure someone in the room above us was getting lucky. Or getting murdered.

“Are you like friends with the jocks now?” Tia shot me an out of the blue question.

“No I wouldn’t say we’re friends. I sit with Liam in social studies, that’s about all the interaction I have with them.” I answered truthfully.

“But you’re into Liam, right?” Woah, this was an unexpected interrogation.

“No way! He uses people and then throws them away, I would never go there.” I exclaimed, trying to come across as calm but failing.

“But you think he’s hot right?”

Yes. But I’m not going to tell the queen of gossip that. In my head I crush on Liam so hard but I know in reality it would never happen. He would never be with someone like me, I’m the opposite of what he wants. He likes sex, I’m a virgin and plan on staying that way. He treats girls like dirt, I like to be respected. His friends are jackasses. His emotions are a roller coaster. His anger is insane. I realized my head had spiraled out of control and I hesitated too long to answer Tia.

“No, he’s not my type.” I lied.

Tia let out a snort. “He’s everyone’s type Olivia. Sure personality-wise you might clash but you can’t deny he’s smokin’ hot. The way his tight shirts hug his toned body, the piercing blue eyes, the way his hair looks perfect all the time. I know you must find him attractive Liv simply because you have eyes.”

“I mean, when you put it like that... sure he looks good. But he’s... I don’t know...he’s” I tried to find the right word to sum up Liam “... damaged.”

“Everyone loves a bad boy Liv.” Tia replied instantly but although I didn’t elaborate much further to Tia I believe his damage ran much deeper than Chestington Highs resident bad boy.

Tia stopped the interrogation there, it wasn’t long before I could hear deep breathing coming from her bed informing me she had fallen asleep. I snuggled down in my bed, where Liam lay a few hours prior and closed my eyes dreaming away the day.

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