Bad Boy Abused

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That was... intense.


Hungover, remember everything, feel like shit.

I’ve threw up three times watching the team practice this morning, my stomach feels so sensitive I couldn’t even manage coaches multigrain bar. I haven’t looked at Liam at all, well I did sneak one glance and he looks like he’s completely hangover free, annoyingly good. The team are really struggling this morning and I know it’s because of the party last night. I think coach senses that something went down because he’s making them work extra hard.

I try to recall in my mind exactly what Tia and I said and when I come back up to the surface I can’t help but cringe that he overheard our conversation. I admitted that he was attractive but then I also said he wasn’t my type because he’s damaged. I shake my head to try and shake the thoughts out of my brain. I know I needed to apologize to him before the guilt eats away at me but I’m also kind of mad he eavesdropped on our conversation.

But then I remember the look in his eyes last night, the hurt that stretched across them, an emotion any normal person would miss but when you’ve over analysed Liams every expression you learn a lot. Coach blew the whistle which banged around on the inside of my head, bringing me out of my thoughts. Practice was over. I was going to give Liam time to shower, change and get back to his room before I knock and make things right.

I paced my room, palms sweating, nails bitten to a stump and my mind doing overtime at what I was about to do. I’m sure Liam was back already, I had gave him plenty of time. I stood outside his door hesitating to knock. I raised my hand and tapped three times against the wooden door with my knuckles. No answer. I let out a breath I didn’t even know I was holding in. There was no way he was still changing and I couldn’t hear voices from any of the other rooms. I headed back to my room and waited.


Coach shouted lights out at 10PM on the dot. Tia & I were already tucked up in bed, the early morning start after a late night of drinking didn’t do us much good. It had been such a draining day, soccer practice followed by a few hours of down time then the team needed to go into a class meeting were they discussed tactics and the theory side of soccer. It was boring and I didn’t really need to be there but it was mandatory for us to attend. I tried to speak to Liam in the dining hall but he completely ignored me so I’ve been carrying this guilt around all day whilst receiving the cold shoulder.

I could hear Tias deep breathing, she practically fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow. My phone buzzed filling the darkness with a bright light from the LED screen. I picked it up and hid it under my duvet so I didn’t disturb Tia.

Sneak out. Across the road is lined with trees, keep walking past them straight ahead and you’ll find a waterfall. Meet me there.

It was from a number I didn’t recognize so I don’t have them saved on my contacts. I questioned if they had the right number.

Whos this? X


The reply was instant and woke up the butterflies in my tummy. Was he finally ready to talk? After being ignored for two days I couldn’t miss this opportunity. I quietly jumped out of bed and pulled on a t.shirt and jeans. Slipping my feet into my converses I snuck out the door and followed the instructions sent to me via text message.

It was creepy walking through the trees, the only light was the full moon above and I started getting anxiety about me walking to my own death. I reached the back of the trees and came to a stop when I noticed a dark figure looking out across a small cliff edge.

“Liam?” I approached with caution.

“What are you doing here?” He seemed calmer than before but completely bewildered about my appearance which I didn’t understand.

“uh, you text me?” I questioned handing him my cell so he could see for himself and hopefully regain his memory loss. Liams eyes moved left to right as he read over the message. Then he sighed to himself and ran his hands through his chestnut hair.

“That’s Jordans number. He pretended to be me.”

I felt anger pooling inside of me, his friends are such dicks and I’m sick of being on the receiving end of their jokes. But since I’m here and Liam seems more willing to talk to me than the past few hours it was my chance to apologize.

“Liam... I know you heard what I said the other night.” I nervously chewed my bottom lip, bottling out of my apology. But then I caught wind of Liams face in the moonlight rays and I knew I needed to continue. “I’m really sorry I said that. I don’t think you’re damaged, I just said that to try and shut Tia up, she was asking me crazy questions and I didn’t like it.”

Liam looked at the floor, rubbing his scabbed over knuckles with his fingers. He then sat down, crossed his legs like he was meditating and looked out across the small spring. “I am damaged.” He finally said quietly, still not looking at me.

I placed his hand in mine, this time allowing my fingers to trace over his cuts. “You’re not. You’re just closed off. You don’t let people in and keep your emotions hidden. Sometimes that comes to a head and you flip out. That doesn’t make you damaged, it makes you complicated.”

Liams eyes met mine for the first time this evening, he wasn’t cold or calculating. His barriers were down and he looked beautiful. “It’s hard” he whispered “letting people in” he continued.

“I know, but you will do it when you’re ready. There’s no rush. Take things at your own pace.” He nodded his head and I really think he took on board what I was saying.

We sat together in a comfortable silence admiring the beautiful view in front of us. We both sat on a small cliff overlooking a circular natural spring that had water cascading down from a waterfall. It looked mystical as the full moon reflected on the surface of the still water.

“What are you doing here? How did you find this place?” I asked, breaking the silence.

“We come to this same hotel every year for this tournament, I always come sit here, it’s peaceful and helps me think. I plan all my game tactics here and think up all my life decisions.”

“Where was you after practice today? I came looking for you to apologize then but couldn’t find anyone.”

Liam shot me a mischievous smile that radiated through my entire body.

“After practice the whole group goes to this diner for a greasy fry up, coach has us on some mad soccer diet all protein and energy and health shit. As if we are going to just take a multigrain bar and get on with it.”

I sat in awe, gobsmacked.

“I’ve been taking the multigrain bar and getting on with it! I’ve been starving these past two mornings.”

Liam laughed loud next to me, a face full of boyish charm.

“Right I’m going for a swim!”

I announced causing Liam to stare up at me, completely shocked at my suggestion. I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans, pulling them down revealing my black lace underwear. Liam watched me greedily, making no secret that he was checking me out.

“You coming?” I asked him

He looked at me, then to the water, then back at me making up his decision. I could see he wanted to but something was holding him back. I pulled my t.shirt over my head and threw it to the ground. Standing in front of Liam wearing nothing but my underwear, thank God I’m wearing a matching set.

“uh... no I don’t think so.” Liam said with regret as he eyed every inch of my body making me feel self conscious.

“come on Liam, don’t be a baby.” I encouraged.

“Fine.” He stood up and undone the belt on his jeans, making them fall to the ground revealing his black boxer shorts. “I’ll leave the t.shirt on, it’s cold.”

The smile fell from my face as realization hit me. I think he noticed because now he was looking self conscious, like I had just exposed his secret. I stepped in closer to him, close enough to feel his breath tickle my skin.

“It’s okay... I’ve seen them before. I’ve seen your bruises before.” I whispered loud enough for only him to hear.

“Liv... don’t.” He tensed, coldness ringed his voice as his barriers climbed their way back up.

I gripped the bottom of his white t.shirt and slowly edged it up, slow enough for him to stop me if he really didn’t want me to. “You don’t have to hide from me.” I whispered gently.

He closed his eyes like this was a painful encounter for him. “Stop.” he spoke very quietly but made no efforts to stop me himself. I continued edging his t.shirt up, it was higher than his belly button. The back of my hand stroked his smooth skin as I carefully slid the cotton upwards and I could feel him react to my touch. I delicately peeled the t.shirt off above his head and threw it to the ground.

Liam stood in front of me vulnerable, exposed, unprotected by his armor and without looking directly at his chest I could see splodges of colour covering most of his pale skin. Worse than I remembered, I felt a lump form in my throat and I knew I needed to swallow it down and keep my emotions inside so Liam didn’t feel any more naked than he already was.

I grabbed his hand and led him to the edge of the cliff.




We counted together and then jumped into the water holding hands, going under for a brief few seconds before reaching the surface again still joined. The water was cool but it was a hot evening so it was a welcome sensation around my body. We swam for a while and then found ourselves hidden behind the waterfall.

“I heard you tell Tia you found me attractive.” Liam said with a cocky look on his face, apparently his confidence was back now that he was hidden away under the silky water.

I squirmed under the water and could feel my face turning pink, I hoped the darkness wouldn’t make that obvious to Liam who was scrutinizing my every expression. He let out a sexy giggle that echoed off the rocks.

“You shouldn’t of been eavesdropping on our conversation.” I replied and splashed him playfully.

In one swift moment Liams arms found themselves around my waist, he pulled me close to him with ease as my body glided through the water. He placed his hand behind my knee and forced it up to sit on his waist. I had to steady myself by gripping his shoulders, the movement was unexpected and unnerving.

“I’m glad you find me attractive.” He whispered, lips so close to mine I could feel the impact of his words.

I couldn’t speak, I couldn’t move. The closeness of Liam made my heart practically jump out of my chest and drum against my insides so loud.

“Can I kiss you?” He whispered, blue eyes bursting with lust gazed into mine.

When has Liam ever asked if he can kiss a girl, I nodded my head, unable to do anything else.

Liam inched even closer closing the gap between us as a sexy smile grew across his face. Water rippled out from our bodies creating small waves exactly like the ones I was feeling inside. I closed my eyes trying to cherish the moment as I inhaled his minty breath knowing his mouth hovered right in front of my own. Finally our two bodies connected as two tender lips delicately pressed against mine. The warm rush of emotions filling my heart mimicked the warmth of his pink lips that moved with ease in a passionate encounter. My hands toyed with the wet ends of his chestnut hair and he released a deep groan that vibrated through my mouth. Under the cool water his fingers outstretched on the small of my back, holding me securely against his body as my legs straddled him, feeling every inch of his growing closeness. I felt the movement of Liams tongue against my bottom lip and I opened my mouth wider to let him gain access, deepening the kiss. The intoxicating minty fresh taste of Liam flooded my senses waking up a burning heat inside me I never knew I was capable of feeling.

He broke the connection first, allowing us to both breath.

“That was... intense” he said breaking contact completely, leaving me feeling cold, alone and wanting more. “We should head back.” He said almost panting.

He grabbed my hand and guided me through the water back to our clothes. We dressed in silence and returned back to the hotel, not one of us speaking about what just happened.

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