Bad Boy Abused

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You know nothing about me


Tournament day.

Coach woke us up mega early and the team hauled ass to the pitch for warm ups. Mist floated a few inches above the ground as the cold night air meshed with the warmth of the rising sun. Adrenaline was running high for everyone, deepened considerably when the other teams bus pulled up and they entered the turf sporting their dark green jerseys.

I watched the atmosphere drop by a few degrees as the players from both teams sized each other up oozing with competitiveness. Our coach exchanged words with their coach and before long a whistle was blown to signal warm ups. Both teams broke off into separate corners of the pitch and began performing stretches and huddles.

The bleachers started to fill with supporters for the other team since we were on their home turf. I blew a warm gust of breath into my palms, visibly seeing the white mist travel through the air in the cool temperatures. Rubbing my hands together to regain some warmth as I sat on the sidelines anticipating kick off.

The ear piercing whistle blew again and each team member lined up parallel to face each other. My eyes were drawn to Liam and I instantly felt sorry for his opponent because he was on the receiving end of one of Liams famous death glares. The face he wears most often, the emotionless, soulless, cold, impassive, hard face. The intense glint in his eyes was enough to throw anyone off leaving them intimidated completely defenseless. But not me. I had received that look so many times the effect of it had worn thin. I now realized it was only a front Liam put on to mask what he was really feeling and I was getting pretty good at looking beyond that glare and getting to the bottom of the sheltered emotions.

Green jersey out stretched his arm to initiate a hand shake and Liam reciprocated the motion with smallest, most forced hand shake known to man. The whistle blew for the last time signaling kick off.

The crowd came alive with a roar of cheers and chants, encouraging the other team and as a blur of reds and greens spread out across the pitch I thought about how hard it must be to play a game in front of a crowd that is betting against you.

Jordan tackled a really tall green jersey and chased the ball down the pitch with two green players trailing close by, he was fast and seemed to preserve complete control over the ball. The two green jerseys caught up, threatening to take the ball away as Joe called to him from across the pitch, Jordan glanced his way nodded and scratched his nose. Defending members of the opposite team flooded the surrounding area behind Joe in preparation to get the ball back. A sly smile stretched across Jordans face as he kicked the ball in the opposite direction towards Liam. Who was ready to receive, unguarded as if he knew exactly what the plan was all along. With full force Liams cleats connect with the ball and shot it right in the back of the net.

Disapproval was loud from all areas of the bleachers but our cheerleaders stood pitch side throwing shade to the other team through clever rhyming words.

The green team had control of the ball this time, they had managed to get it right down by their goal and I held my breath as the really tall player took his shot. The ball glided through the air towards the net. Gasps from the bleachers filed the tense silence as everyone waited for the outcome. Zak leaped forward, keeping his eyes attached to the flying ball. With full force his hands batted the ball away and the impact was heard even through his gloves. The crowd sighed and shouted profanities at the narrow miss.

I sat on the edge of my seat with a rivalours that made me tense. So far the green team had scored one goal, we had scored one goal. Whistle blew for half time and the cheerleaders took center stage in the middle of the pitch. Ours performed our school cheer followed by the green team performing their school cheer. I could sense the pretentious dynamic between both teams.

Our players congested around Tia & I since we had the water bottles. “Great game so far” I sounded so lame as I handed Liam his bottle.

“Thanks” he replied, eyeing up something on the opposite side of the pitch. He looked hungry. “I’ll be right back.” He handed me the water bottle back, without taking his gaze away from whatever he was focused on.

He approached one of the cheerleaders and stood talking to her for a few minutes, I could see she was clearly affected by him as she giggled and twirled her hair, lapping up the attention. They then walked off together towards the locker rooms.

I know I had no right to be angry or upset over this but I was. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from the locker room entrance that I had just seen them disappear into. Mentally I begged them to hurry up and come back. Images invaded my mind and filled my heart with jealousy and hatred, something I wasn’t used to feeling especially over someone I wasn’t entitled to feel those things for. I refused to let my eyes blink in case I missed them walking back, I just sat staring at the door.

As coach walked to the center of the pitch, whistle in his hand Liam and green slut appeared. She twiddled with her cheer skirt making sure it lined up correctly and Liam looked completely normal, running to join his team like he was going to be late.

The match restarted but I couldn’t concentrate, I couldn’t get them out of my mind. Green slut was beautiful, even I couldn’t deny that. She had long black hair that shined against the sunlight, it was placed up into a perfectly high pony to match her squad but swayed back and forth just above her hips. Her lips were quite full and her cheeks were slightly rosy and I don’t know if that was because of the cold air, the cheering or the aftermath of Liam. Her uniform was skin tight, hugging her perfectly proportioned body. A green shirt with a yellow trim, proudly presenting their school colours exposed her toned mid drift and a matching mini skirt exposed her long legs. She shot secretive smiles at Liam throughout the game, but he no longer seemed interested.

Ruby King had cottoned onto the encounter and blasted daggers through her eyes at green slut. She looked real mad and for a moment I almost snapped myself out of the glum, not wanting to compare myself to Ruby.

The whistle blew for the final time and snapped me back into reality. The whole team jumping onto Bens back, rubbing his hair, full of smiles. I guess we won then? Boos and voices thick with annoyance filled the bleachers. Just like at the start of the game the two teams lined up parallel and Liams partner held his hand out to initiate the shake. Liam looked at his hand and then I noted his lips moving.

In an instant the rival player lifted his arm into a fist and connected it with Liams face. Liam spat out blood but reacted with a sly smile, he didn’t hesitate to throw the second punch. Before anyone had a chance to break it up the whole team involved themselves in throwing hits. I stood watching it all unfold before my eyes, like animals gone wild. The coaches managed to somehow separate the two teams and send them on their way.


“Why did that dude hit you?” Tia asked Liam as we waited to load our stuff on the bus.

“I slept with his girlfriend.” Liam answered with a proud smile.

I huffed, a little too loudly and it attracted both of their attentions but I was honestly still mad. I needed this day to be over. Tia loaded her duffel onto the bus and then climbed inside to take her seat.

“here” Liam grabbed the strap of my duffel to load it on but I yanked it back hard making it fall from his grip.

“I got it.” I snapped feeling beyond irritated.

Liam shot me a confused glance but let me get on with being a crank. We climbed up the steps and I spotted Tia right at the front of the bus so I went to sit with her.

“There’s room at the back for you both, you coming?” Liam suggested


Tia made efforts to stand up but I flopped down aggressively beside her making her coil and sit back in her seat again. Liam studied my face for a second before retreating to the back of the bus. Ignoring Tias questioning glances I blocked out the world with my ear phones and prepared myself for the four hour journey home.

I was on the fourth Korn song when I felt my phone vibrate against my leg. It was from a number I didn’t recognize but I knew exactly who it was.

Wait, are you mad at me?

I looked at that question for a long time, I didn’t know what to reply or even if I wanted to reply. I knew his cell would be telling him I’ve ‘seen’ the message and that just built the pressure up inside me even more. I decided to keep it short and simple. And to lie through my teeth.


Instantaneously my phone vibrated again, this time directing his question into a statement.

I know you’re mad at me.

Fury bust through my ears in two puffs of invisible steam, my fingers suddenly becoming heavier against my cells touch screen keyboard.

You know nothing about me.

I know how your nostrils flare a little when you’re mad. I know how you bite your bottom lip when you’re nervous. I know how you refuse to make eye contact when you’re anxious. I know how you smile showing your wisdom teeth but only when you’re truly happy. I know how you taste on my lips. I know you’ve got the tiniest of freckles to the left of your belly button. And now I know how you try to change the subject when you want to avoid answering a question. Why are you mad at me?

I just don’t understand. How can you go from kissing me to fucking some random girl?

I already cringed to myself as I sent that text message because I knew I had no right asking that question. I was being a Ruby, pining after someone who didn’t want me. I didn’t have to turn around I could already feel his eyes on me, they made every hair stand on end. I could see three little dots appear on the screen informing me that he was writing back, but then the dots would disappear and I would still be left waiting for a reply.

He kept me waiting for a long time. The bus pulled up at the service station and I jumped up fast in efforts to avoid him. A tight grip found its way around my arm and spun me round to face him. He looked confused, broken. He tugged on my arm to guide me through the parking lot, I tried to protest but my feet betrayed me.

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