Bad Boy Abused

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Now you're infatuated

My eyes squinted to adjust to the light that filled up the room, my bed felt spacious and there was a cold draught behind me. That’s when I realized Liam was no longer next to me. Rolling over I allowed my fingers to trace the empty space where he once lay, moving my hand up to the pillow that caught all of his tears. What an emotional night. It was still really early, Liam must have sneaked out in the early hours in efforts to avoid me this morning. I wish he had stayed, it would of been good for him to talk it through or for me to at least gauge how he was this morning. I looked around for a note but there wasn’t a single sign that he had even been here at all besides the faint smell of oud wood seeping from the pillow.

I dragged myself out of bed and into the shower, warm water bounced off my skin as I lathered the soap over my body. Trying to concentrate on cleansing away the nights events but my mind just went back to Liam every time. Pulling on my comfiest track suit I headed to the kitchen to fix myself some breakfast.

I silently wondered if Liam had stopped for breakfast before leaving to go wherever it was he went, a voice in my mind told me that food might not always come so easily in Liams house but then I honestly had no idea about where he came from, I just knew someone was hurting him. I was driving myself insane, i just needed to know if Liam was okay. I decided couldn’t wait any longer I needed to text him.

You left before I woke up. Are you okay? X

I tapped the spoon against the porcelain bowl urging the reply to come in faster. After a couple of minutes my iPhone told me the message had been seen. My heart threatened to jump out of my chest as I waited for the three little dots that never appeared.


‘Liam Maines to the principal’s office, Liam Maines to the principal’s office’ Angie the school secretary spoke through the tannoy interrupting English Lit. I had not seen or spoke to Liam since that night appeared in my bed, he ignored my text message and avoided me in the school hallways. It just seems whenever he lets me in ever so slightly he pushes me away even harder.

“I heard he set fire to Jenkins desk, it was apparently really bad.” Tia whispered and I believed her because she always knew everything about everyone.

“He’ll get suspended for that for sure.” I replied.

“Doubt it, he seems to get away with murder.” Tia pointed out with an accurate statement.

‘Zak Adams to the principal’s office, Zak Adams to the principal’s office’ Angie interrupted again.

“He has loyal friends” I told Tia, rolling my eyes.

I excuse myself from class to head to the restroom, I couldn’t take a minute more of Shakespeare, the lesson was sending me to sleep and I desperately needed to stretch my legs and splash cold water on my face. The hallway was ultra quiet, everyone in their own classrooms but as I turned the corner I heard the familiar clink of metal as a locker opened.

Liam stood meters away from me, head buried in his locker. Like always he was wearing dark clothes, black converses, black jeans and the famous black leather jacket that enclosed all of his feelings deep down inside. I stood watching him cautiously for a while, he seemed to be getting increasingly angry because he couldn’t find whatever he was looking for.

My feet slowly walked towards him, being extra careful not to make a sound against the smooth, shiny floor. As I neared him I could hear sighs escaping from his lips and things clanging and banging against the cold metal. I outstretched my arm and patted him on the shoulder to grab his attention, as if it was a natural reaction Liams whole body swung round, fist clenched, flying through the air towards my face. Immediately I flinched and cowered down, closing my eyes bracing myself for impact.

“The fuck, Liv?” By some miracle Liam managed to stop the punch before it collided with me.

He looked super mad and I wasn’t sure if he was mad at himself or me. He then turned his attention back to his locker. It was messy, with books scattered in no particular pile or order, sports bars thrown in there, some of them just the wrappers left. One bottle of water lay across the bottom and that appeared to be it. On the door had small Polaroid photos of his friends, mostly soccer ones but also some drunken ones. I noted two things about the photographs, one - there were none of him with any girls and two - none appeared to be his family.

“ I just... are you ok?” Still shaken from the near miss my voice didn’t come out as confident as I had hoped.

Liam let out a sigh, not taking his eyes off the interior of his locker. He seemed disinterested and I felt like I was wasting his time, being a burden.

“Leave me alone Liv.” His voice was deadpan as he shook his head not allowing me to read his face for hidden emotions.

“Liam I -”

“No Liv. I kissed you once, now you’re infatuated. Accept it’s never going to happen so just leave me alone.”

I was unable to reply as I tried to comprehend his words. In what world did I appear infatuated with him, besides privately in my own head. This Liam was completely different to the Liam I had in my bed a couple of nights ago. This Liam was cold and catatonic. He wouldn’t look at me but his whole manner was tense and agitated.

“Finally” he muttered to himself as he pulled out a little clear bag filled with green herbs inside. I knew it was weed. He shoved it into his back pocket and slammed the locker closed with a bang that made me jump even though I knew it was coming. Liam walked right past me and out the double doors at the end of the corridor without saying a single word more.


I mentally argued with Liam all day. How dare he say I was infatuated with him.

By the time biology class had come around I was seething and I pretty sure I was giving off a wave that instantly dampened the moods of those around me.

“Ima let you dissect this frog cos I honestly feel like you’re in the mood to stab someone and I’d rather it be him than me, since he’s already dead and all... sorry buddy.” I shot a polite smile at Harris, my biology partner as he handed me the small knife.

“I’m sorry H, it’s been a day.” I felt an ounce of guilt, Harris was a good guy and he definitely didn’t deserve to be on the receiving end of my bad mood. I got teased by almost everyone at this school but Harris has never said anything insulting, to my face anyway. He was the type of guy who fit in with every cliche, he was super tall which was an advantage since he played basketball, had beautiful light hazel eyes that stood out against his dark skin, his hair was dark and curly, shaved at the back and sides but a shaped Afro sat on top. He’s good looking, has a great personality and is single but for some reason I’ve never looked at him as anything more than a friend.

“You know what? I know exactly how to cheer you up! I got plans tonight but tomorrow after school, clear your schedule okay?”


“That wasn’t a question Liv. Clear your schedule, you’ll love it. Promise.”

I found it a little bit strange that this guy is taking me somewhere tomorrow, we’ve never been anything more than bio partners but you know what, I did need cheering up. My curiosity got the better of me and I accepted his offer.

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