Bad Boy Abused

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You lost your V-card to Liam

I felt his eyes on me before I saw him, I felt him looking me up and down as I walked into this dark, dusty arcade with a tall, good looking guy holding my hand. A big teddy bear tucked under my other arm and the whole scene just felt like it had played out in a cheesy romantic movie, even though I knew that couldn’t of been further from the truth.

We approached the information desk and the thin perspex that separated us wasn’t enough the shield the intense atmosphere between us. Emerald green eyes remained immersed in icy blue irises that danced between allowing the darkness to take over or letting out hints of emotion. He knew I was reading him, his whole body tensed trying to give nothing away but I could see into his soul through the window of his eyes, they betrayed all his secrets. He was hurt.

“Can we get six tokens please mate.”

Harris made me jump, I forgot he was even there. Liam tore his eyes away from me and in a stone cold encounter he gathered up six tokens and handed them through the hole in the perspex. As Harris reached in to grab them Liam dropped them on the counter, keeping his face straight and an intimidating ice cold stare fixated on Harris. The air was thick with testosterone as Liam silently challenged Harris, who was caught completely off guard and had no idea what was going on.

“Come on H” I said ushering him towards the dance mat, putting distance between us and Liam.

“What is with that guy?” Harris said when we were out of ear shot.

I looked back at Liam who was still burning into us with eyes.

“No idea.” I lied.


We performed three dance numbers and Harris won. I honestly wasn’t putting in the effort, my focus was not on the dance mat. I knew Liam was watching us the whole time, it made me uncomfortable. I felt like I couldn’t laugh or talk with Harris because my every move was getting scrutinized under the microscope of Liams eyes.

“Shall I get more tokens, we can have another round?”

“NO!” I blurted out a little too intensely. “Sorry, let’s just get ice cream and go.” Harris laughed at my outburst probably thinking I didn’t want to go again because I lost.

Harris dropped me off at home and I flopped down on my bed letting out a sigh of relief, tomorrow was a new day.


I decided to distract myself from Liam by playing cupid between Tia and Harris. As I walked into the school building I kept my mind focused on my mission. I headed to my locked to unload all my books, Tia wasn’t here yet but she had text me to say she was on her way so I knew she wouldn’t be long.

Keying in my combination I gripped the clasp and opened up my locker. Hundreds of colourful panties and condoms dropped out onto the floor and outbursts of laughter filled the walls around me. My locker was filled to the brim and as more poured out the laughter levels climbed higher and higher. My palms sweated and my heart raced as anxiety overwhelmed me.

“Girl!” Tia shouted from the other end of the corridor, rushing towards me like she had something urgent on her mind. Her dark eyes fleeted towards the mess on the floor and she looked like she had just worked out the puzzle. “You know there’s a rumor going around that you lost your V-Card last night?”

“What?” I screeched even though I heard her perfectly loud and clear.

Then it dawned on me who must have started that rumor and I felt my heart sink a little. Liam was the only one who had seen us out, the picture we painted didn’t exactly portray the reality of the situation and anyone would have jumped to conclusions. But to start a rumor about me and spread it across the whole school was low, even for him.

“Yeah, everyone is saying you lost your V-card to Liam.” Tias tone changed. It was more like a question than a statement.

“What!” I exclaimed, once again hearing her perfectly.

I don’t know what was worse, thinking Liam started a rumor about Harris & I or not knowing who started a different rumor that Liam is going to hear and possibly think I started it because I’m so ‘infatuated’ so ‘infatuated’ I showed up at his work last night. Oh God.


All morning I’ve been hearing about how much of a slut I am from Ruby and co. Apparently Liam told them I was a shit fuck and he regrets it, of course they would say that. Some of the other jocks have approached me, asking their chances since I’m now ‘easy.’ I’ve had my behind groped as well as my inner thighs which caused mini breakdowns confined inside a toilet cubicle.

The lunch bell rang and I decided it was time to put a stop to it. I didn’t care if he didn’t want to speak to me, this morning has been hell and I shouldn’t have to go through that. Wiping my face dry I put on my bravest face and march towards the soccer pitch, ignoring all the name calling on the way. The jocks sat on the bleachers, lost in their own world of ogling the cheerleaders.

“Liam?” I wasn’t even hiding the irritation in my voice, I was mad. “I need to talk to you.”

The idiots around him wooed and made kissing faces which just made my face redder with anger, my whole body emanated an intense heat. Liam looked up at me, disinterested and completely numb to my current mood.

“What about?” he asked perfunctory.

“What do you mean ‘what about?’ The whole school is saying we had sex.” My temper was boiling ready to explode. The jocks coiled over with laughter, holding their tummies dramatically like they had cramp. A sly, cocky grin grew across Liams mouth, it didn’t reach his eyes and it looked more menacing than amused.

“Don’t be shy Liv, it’s a perfectly natural thing that we did.”

The jocks laughed louder, rolling around on the bleachers. A warm tear fell down my cheek, I hadn’t realized I was crying. Swiftly I wiped it away with my sweater and turned to walk away before any of those jackasses noticed. As I reached the bottom of the bleachers I felt a hand grab my arm and as I turned around I was met with Liam, looking a little less cold than before.

“I’ll tell them it didn’t happen.” He said bluntly and before I had a chance to say anything he slung his bag over his shoulder and walked away.


“Bonfire party”

“What?” I zoned out on whatever Harris was talking to me about and now I felt guilty.

“Saturdays party is held at the beach around a huge bonfire if they win the game Friday night. You going?”

“Ugh.. probably not.”

“That’s a shame, the bonfire parties are always the best ones and I hoped you could introduce me to your friend Tia.”

Oh I completely forgot about my mission to play cupid.

“You know what? Sounds like fun. We’ll be there.”

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