Bad Boy Abused

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Don't touch me.

The daylight was chased away by the burning fire of the sun leaving a display of blended blood red, orange and yellows in it’s wake. Wispy clouds glowed alight in front of the crisp circle that disputed itself over the rippling water, illuminating a path which bathed in the oceans meek waves as nightfall overtook. I could feel the slight buzz from Harris’ pink gin as I inhaled the oceans salt air.

Harris stood in between Tia and I, throwing his arms over our shoulders as we approached the bonfire. The ocean carried the loud music which flowed from a boombox hooked up to someones car. Drunken teenagers danced around the huge fire, still holding onto red plastic cups causing little spillages to land on the soft sand.

Through the dancing flame I felt Liams warmth, he was standing next to one of the cars talking to Jordan and Zak who sat on the hood. Blue clouded eyes locked onto mine as I stood draped under Harris’ arm. He turned away and continued talking to his friends. Harris walked us over to a bunch of really tall boys, they greeted him with a fist pump and wide smiles.

“Guys this is Olivia and Tia, Girls these are my team mates”

I was a little uncomfortable meeting new people, especially crowds but Tia was right in there making conversation like she had known them for most of her life. I watched as her eyes trailed over each guy and I knew she was checking them out one by one. I was on my second beer cup, re-accustoming my taste buds to the tangy taste of cheap beer after Harris’ delicious fruit gin.

“You wanna go do some smores?” Harris asked me with a hopeful glint in his eyes.

“Sure, you coming Tia?” She was fully engrossed in conversation with Matt the basketball player, talking about their hopes and dreams after graduation so it didn’t surprise me when she turned down the offer to roast marshmallows.

It was quieter around the bonfire now, by quieter I mean less people not less noise. Harris opened up a packet of huge marshmallows, taking out two large powdered fluffiness with a soft interior and popped them onto two long sticks handing me one. We rotated them around against the scorching naked flame that crackled in the heat, watching the spongy pillow of sugar melt slowly into a sweet, sticky heap. Hints of golden brown grazed over the surface informing me that the marshmallow was perfectly toasted. I sandwiched my marshmallow between two graham crackers coated with a thin layer of chocolate and watched as heat from the fragrant, white cushion melted the chocolate, blending all flavors together.

As I was mid bite Liam approached, I could already tell by his stance that he was slightly drunk. Butterflies fluttered in my stomach, and my heart started racing.

“Awh, you guys are toasting marshmallows... how sweet.”

His whole manner and tone didn’t imply he thought it was sweet. He rolled his emotionless, bleak eyes and spoke in a sickeningly sarcastic way. Harris and I looked at each other, his face full of unspoken questions, confused and my face looking apologetic.

“Yeah man, you want one bud?” Harris outstretched his arm holding the marshmallow packet in Liams direction. With one swift movement Liam knocked the packet out of his hands and into the sand.

“I’m not your bud.” His glassy stare cold enough to freeze hell over.

“No need to be like that.” Harris said with a straight tone as he bent down to pick up his marshmallows.

In that second I viewed Liam getting sucked into the oblivion of darkness as pupils swallowed any remains of blue into the bottomless pit of his soul. Before I could do or say anything Liam launched towards Harris pushing him down onto the sand.

“What the fu-” Harris shouted as he fell against the soft sand.

Liam followed him to the floor, climbing over him and holding him grip by the scruff of his linen shirt. Liams fist flew through the air with ease like it was the most natural thing to him and collided with his Harris’ face.

“Liam” I screamed at the top of my lungs, but he ignored me.

From my corner vision I was aware of people gathering around, his friends coming closer trying to pull Liam away as Harris squirmed under his grip. Harris managed to block Liams hits by crossing his strong arms over his face and by some miracle Zak and Jordan managed to pull Liam away. Liam instantly shrugged them off and walked down the beach into the darkness.

I squatted beside Haggis who had a bruise forming on his left eye. “I’m okay, I’m okay. What’s with that guy?” I looked towards Liams shrinking figure in the far distance as the crowds broke up and continued with the party. “I’m going to go sit with some ice from the beer cooler on my face.” Harris got up and walked towards the beer coolers and in a rage my feet carried me in the direction Liam was headed.

“Liam” I shouted as I neared him.

He ignored me.

“Liam” I tried again, anger building in my voice.

He ignored me again.

I reached out and gripped his shoulder, he stopped walking and flinched out my grasp.

“Don’t touch me.” He replied, voice low and intimidating. I knew it was a warning.

“What the hell was that? You lost your shit over a marshmallow! What the fuck?” My furious tongue let lose.

Liam stood still, moonlight bouncing off his features highlighting the perfect curve of his nose and the darkened glint in his eyes. He run his fingers through his hair pushing it back off his face, allowing a little more natural light to illuminate it.

“Go away Liv... go back to the bonfire.” I knew I was going to get nowhere with him, his barriers stood tall and his expressions reflected the emptiness inside. But I was furious at his unprovoked outburst and I wasn’t ready to let it go.

“Why do you do this?” I started, voice harsh and cold giving him a run for his money. “You kiss me, you turn up at my house, you bite into my hot dog, you draw me pictures, you laugh and joke with me but then you flip the switch and start fights with my friends, avoid me, ignore me, tell me to go away, pick arguments.” I was on a destructive path and there was nothing holding me back. “Whenever you let me in, you shut me out twice as fast.”

Liam tilted his head towards the stars, pinched the bridge of his nose and exhaled, trying to stifle his fiery rage. His eyes settled on mine, almost pleading with me to leave him alone when he clearly didn’t have his emotions reined under control but I wasn’t going to be intimidated. After a beat he shook his head and turned around to walk further into the darkness attempting to put space between us.

Hot on his trail I grabbed the cool leather of his jacket, smacking my hand flat against his back. He recoiled on contact and hesitated before continuing walking.

“Oh what is with you pussying out whenever I touch you?” I reached out and touched him again, knowing it was getting to him. I kept moving my hand throwing him light pats across his back, grazing against his armour with each one. His breathing quickened and he turned to face me as my hands continued on his front, feeling his chest rapidly rise and fall through the thin material of his t.shirt.

He gripped my wrists tightly, cutting off all of my movement. I raised my eyes slowly to meet his gaze and that’s when I concluded the impact my touches had on him. Silence filled the space around us as icy blue eyes blinked back at me, anger replaced by crippling fear as he desperately tried to claw back his emotions. I swallowed hard, instantly regretting putting him through the torture that rendered him weak and left him exposed. My own anger simmered down to a complete stop.

“Y...your h..hurting my w..wrists.” I choked out, holding back tears.

Liam looked down at our hands unsure, he loosened his grip but didn’t let go completely. I observed him, wondering what he was going to do next. Finally he dropped my wrists, thrusting them downwards in disgust.

“Fuck this.” He muttered before walking back towards the bonfire.

I stood in the darkness watching him walk away for a few minutes before I made my way back myself.

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