Bad Boy Abused

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You took my milkshake

I watched from the bleachers as Chestington Highs soccer team pounced on one another after winning another game. For athletes who wreak of testosterone they sure do openly show some hardcore affection for each other after they win a game, plastering each other with hugs and kisses. They almost lost today, it was nil-nil until the last five minutes of the game when Liam narrowly scored. It wasn’t that both teams played badly, it was that both teams played extremely well.

“Let’s hang out, I know a place. Milkshakes on me!” Harris said to Tia & I.

Harris brought us to the retro diner Liam had taken me to once before, the one I knew the team went after celebrating a win. My chest bubbled up with nerves. After my run in with Ruby I’ve managed to avoid Liam for the past two days. I know he had noticed as I have received a message from him here and there but I just told him I was busy with school work and couldn’t talk or hang out.

Tia and I sat in a big red booth close to the juke box that only seemed to play songs from the 70s. I was on pins, looking up every time the little bell rang that hung directly above the entrance way.

“What’s with you?” Tia asked after analyzing my nervousness.

I hadn’t told Tia about my skin crawling conversation with Ruby. Or that I had been avoiding Liam ever since. She had no idea in a few minutes the diner would be swarmed with the jocks from our school, leaving me to face the awkward tension.

Before I could answer her the little bell went off one more time. My heart sank, I didn’t even need to look up to know it was them. One by one they rolled in through the door, rowdy and still filled with adrenaline. I kept my eyes down at my fingers, which lay across the table twisting into one another nervously. I could feel Tia watching me, obviously realizing something wasn’t quite right.

“Hey, thought you had too much school work to hang out?” I held my breath.

Looking up to face him I made myself aware that Liam had slid into our booth and was now sitting to the right of me in the seat Harris was previously occupying. My eyes darted to H who stood in the line waiting to be served, he was quite far back thanks to the dinner rush but he seemed oblivious that Liam was sitting at our table.

A blonde haired waitress approached our table handing him a chocolate milkshake that looked divine. She battered her eyelashes at him and addressed him personally when she handed him the milkshake. He muttered his thanks but didn’t touch it. Instead he drummed his fingers on the table waiting for my answer, which was taking longer to come than it should.

“So Liam, word on the street is that you’re in a bet with those douchebags to bed the biggest loser at this lock in.” My wide eyes shot towards Tia, completely horrified she just blurted that out. She sat shooting daggers his way through narrowed eyes and pursed lips. Challenging him. She didn’t even acknowledge my reaction, she just focused on his.

“I mean, sure. That is the bet, yes.” with a shrug he informed us so casually, like it was no big deal.

He kept eye contact with Tia, in a cold, emotionless staring contest. My heart sank and I sheepishly raised my eyes to view his face, holding back a whole ocean behind them. He just admitted it.

“So it’s true? You’ve been stringing my friend along to try and get into her panties?” My jaw fell to the floor as my head whirled right back around to face Tia making my neck crack. Liam also spun his head round fast, but to burn his cloudy eyes into me.

“Wait... is that what you think?” He spoke fast and his voice didn’t sound as deep as it usually is.

I chewed on my bottom lip, refusing to answer his question. Looking back at my twirling fingers. Harris approached our table balancing three pink milkshakes in his hand.

“I didn’t know what you guys wanted so I just got three strawberry. They’re made with fresh strawberries, real good.” He then spotted Liam whose eyes were glued to me. “Sorry dude, I didn’t know you were here or I would of got you one too.” I offered Harris a polite smile.

“We will talk about this later.” Liam said sliding himself out of the booth. As an afterthought he glanced down at my strawberry milkshake “that does look good, I’ll trade you.” Grabbing my milkshake before I could protest he slid his untouched chocolate one my way and then walked off across the diner to join his teammates on the back table.

“I can’t believe that jackass just admitted it.” Tia was fuming and her dark ringlet curls bounced up and down as she bobbed her head.

“Tia, you didn’t have to ask him all that. It was so awkward.”

“What’s going on?” Harris asked, because he’s completely in the dark about the situation. Tia explained the whole story to him as I sat quietly, secretly watching the jocks. They were super loud, laughing, joking, chanting, banging on the tables. They appeared to be drinking hot sauce in some type of competition and there was no hint in Liams persona that the uncomfortable encounter actually happened.

“As a guy, I don’t think he’s playing you. He seems full of jealousy, you don’t get jealous if you’re playing someone. Besides, the bets to bag a loser... you’re not a loser.” Harris pointed out before taking a sip of his milkshake.

“Jealousy?” Tia and I squealed in unison.

“Well, yeah” Harris pointed towards his eye, there was nothing there but we knew he was referring the bruise Liam caused with his fist.

“Jealousy...” Tia toyed with the word on her tongue like she was hearing it for the first time.

I swirled the striped, paper straw around in my milkshake thinking over what Harris just said. Glancing over to the back table I catch Liam lick Jordan’s cheek. Jordan looks repulsed but the whole table is laughing, hard as he wipes his cheek with his sleeve.

I shook my head “Guys, he’s not jealous. He is just not good with emotions, he loses control sometimes.” The mood lightened once the subject changed, we moved onto John Paul, school work, basketball and the Xfactor.

I excused myself from my friends and headed down a small corridor that led to the restrooms. The restrooms displayed a tacky theme with a clash of bright pink and bright orange sprawled across the walls, floors and cubicles. The faucets were golden and looked really old as I turned one the water splattered filling the room with a flatulence sound due to air trapped in the pipes.

The door opened and I automatically raised my head to see Liam. He locked the door behind him trapping us both alone in the girls bathroom. Blue eyes like a cloudless day looked back at me, so sure of himself but the tell tale sign of him rubbing the back of his neck exposed all of his secrets.

“This is why you’ve been acting funny these past couple of days, isn’t it?”

I nodded, unable to give anymore than that. He sighed, stepping closer to me. “Liv, don’t sit on stupid rumors. Just come and ask me.” He seemed slightly annoyed and I started feeling like I was a small child getting told off.

“It’s not a rumor, you just admitted it.” I found my voice, even if it wasn’t as loud or as confident as I liked.

“Yeah, I admitted to the bet. You were never part of that. How could you even question that?”

I bit into my bottom lip, pulling my eyes away from his excruciating stare. I think he’s a little hurt from my accusation. I could sense him moving closer to me by the way my body reacted. Yearning for him to close the gap like there was a magnetic pull between us.

“I’ve lost control in many ways drunk too much, taken too many drugs, smashed things, caused fights, had meltdowns that overwhelm me with sadness but I’ve never lost control with a girl, until now.” he inched himself closer and placed his hands on my shoulders.

“I tried so hard to stay away from you but I failed. I tried so hard not to kiss you, but I failed that too. Then it happened again and every time I let it happen I just get so mad with myself for losing control.”

I look into deep blue eyes, ringed with complete sincerity but I remain mute, taking in everything he has to say.

“You’re different from the other girls. You expect more than just sex and I fully understand that but I can’t offer it.” His voice lowered, blue eyes faded to silver and shined under the cheap fluorescents.

“I can’t handle that closeness. That intimacy.” He whispered.

He got a little tense waiting for me to reply but I couldn’t find the words. He had given me so much to take in. So he started rambling his words.

“The bet... it was stupid. Yeah I agreed to it at first I don’t know who I planned on bringing to the lock in, probably Pam she’s a bit of a weirdo but she isn’t shy to getting her leg over - or so I’ve heard. It was never, ever meant to be you. Nobody bet on you. Even if you were up for it, I couldn’t do it. Besides you know enough about me to ruin me if I dared mess with you.” He shot me a unsure smile but silence stretched thin between us. “Can you please just say something?” He finally blurted out.

“You took my milkshake.”

A boyish smile stretched widely across his lips showing all of his sparkling teeth. My favorite of Liams smiles. His eyes came alive with mischief instantly removing all of the tenseness out of the air.

“I don’t even like strawberry milkshake” he laughed.

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