Bad Boy Abused

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I won, you know what that means?

Liam lay on my bed bouncing a soccer ball against the wall and catching it again in his hands, he had been doing it for about an hour and the constant bangs was honestly getting on my nerves.

“Would you stop that, Mrs Cravat will complain.”

I asked, referring to my nosy neighbor who likes to moan at any given chance she gets. Liam titled his head back and glanced at me upside down. A mischievous glint sparkled in his eyes and he rose to his knees, pressing his face against the wall, holding his hands around his mouth to amplify the sound. He started making really loud inappropriate noises.

“You like that don’t you Mrs Cravat? You naughty, naughty girl.” He shouted through his pretend moans and groans.

“Liam!” I picked up my pillow and threw it at him.

“Liv, I’m bored. You invite me to hang out but you’ve been glued to your computer researching what different chemical reactions you can create with baking soda. Let’s go out.”

“Where?” I ask, returning back to my chemistry assignment.

“I don’t know, bowling?” He suggested.


The bowling alley was a super cool place to hang out, I haven’t been here since I was a child but it’s had a complete remodel and was now music themed with over sized guitars hanging over the walls. Blue up lighters lit up the walls and huge screens to be seen from every angle showcasing the latest music videos. The ambience was great. We pulled on our dorky looking bowling shoes and Liam made us take a picture holding our feet out in front of the pins. I was a little bit skeptical at first because of the way the first picture blew up, but how much attention can a picture of just our feet get?

“Let’s make a bet.” He said as he keyed our names into the score board.

“You like your bets don’t you.” I replied raising my eyebrows in his direction.

He didn’t reply to that but he gave me a knowing look that oozed with disapproval.

“Name the stakes.” I asked, amused.

“If you win, I’ll apologize to your friend.” Now I was interested. “If I win, you gotta do a little fashion show for me.”

“A fashion show?” I uttered in surprise, giggling at his terms.

“Yeah, catwalk included.” A cocky smile tugged at the corners of his lips and suddenly I questioned what outfits he would want me to wear.

“What sort of fashion show?” my words came out slow as I dragged out each syllable, cautious about where his mind was going.

Liams smile broke out, it was huge and made his eyes sparkle with delight. He looked hot and I couldn’t tear my eyes away. I felt myself smiling back in return.

“We’ll start with that top drawer of yours and we’ll end there too. I often find myself wondering which one of those lacy underwear you’re wearing, the visual will help my visual.” he teased.

“You’re actually disgusting.”

“Ouch!” Liam threw his hand across his heart like I had just injured him. “what good is it being friends with a girl if you don’t get any perks?”

I thought seriously about the bet. I was pretty good at bowling, we used to come here every weekend when I was a child. It only stopped during eighth grade when mom and dad got a promotion and started travelling for work. I really wanted him to apologize to Harris, he was a great guy and didn’t deserve it. I knew Harris would accept his apology and maybe we could all hang out more regularly.


“Okay what?”

“Okay I accept.” Liams eyes grew bigger at my unexpected acceptance. He also lost some of his confidence and I knew I had made the right choice.

“You’re that confident?” He asked me warily.

“Yeah I used to come bowling every weekend with my parents, I’m a fantastic bowler. Did I not tell you that?” The smile dropped off his face and I swear he paled slightly.

“No you did not.” He muttered unimpressed through pursed lips.


We were halfway through our game, so far I’m in the lead but not by much. We’ve both had our fair share of strikes. Liam is very competitive, he likes to rub it in every time he takes a great shot complete with dancing and singing. I felt embarrassed every time because he attracted attention but I think that’s what made him do it even more.

I sat on the tall stool watching the score board climb higher as he took his shot, he didn’t manage a strike this time but he did get a spare which crept his score up to just three points below mine. A waitress approached our table bringing nachos that Liam had ordered through the touchscreen score board. Her beauty was understated, hidden behind long copper hair and a freckle kissed face.

“Thank you” I answered for Liam since he was still making his way back from the lane. She acknowledged my gratitude with a polite smile but still lingered at our table. “Uh.. you want one?” I asked gesturing towards the nachos, confused as to why she was hovering. She screwed up her eyebrows when she looked at me as if I had asked her the most stupidest question in the world.


She spoke with a southern accent that didn’t sound as sweet as her face looked. Liams eyes widened as he noticed her and he quickly sat himself on the stool next to me.

“Are you on a date or something?” She asked, her gray eyes flicking from him to me and back to him again.

Liam grabbed my hand, interlocking my fingers with his own, a motion that caught me completely off guard as I watched southern girl take it all in.

“Sandra, this is my girlfriend Olivia.” He raised my hand to his lips and planted a feather soft kiss on the back of my hand. The contact sent delicious tingles down my spine. Sandra let out a giant huff and then took her displeased face away.

“Sorry.” he said breaking contact with me and tucking into his nachos.

I watched him load the corn chips with as many toppings as he could and shove it in his mouth not giving me a full explanation as to what just happened. He glanced over at my expression, filled with expectancy and then pushed his nachos in my direction.

“You want one?” I grabbed the whole bowl and pulled them out of his reach, frowning at him until he got the message.

“Okay, okay... she’s crazy. Slept with her once two years ago, she claimed I was the one. Stalked me and everything. I had to change my number because of her. I only remembered her name because I read it from her name tag. Now give me back my nachos and take your shot.”

I pushed back the nachos and picked up the bowling ball, slotting my fingers securely inside the three holes. Pacing towards the lane, lining up to the center pin. Swinging my arm back and thrusting as the heavy ball rapidly rolls down the smooth lane colliding with all of the pins. Strike! Turning to face a disgruntled Liam whilst my face was lit up like a Christmas tree.


We were on our last turn, Liam needed a strike to win and I felt the pressure bubbling up inside me, bursting to get out. I could not lose this bet.

Gingerly he picked up the ball and stood with it facing the ten pins, suspense built up when he didn’t take his shot. I eye his toned back how even through his leather jacket you can see the muscles and where his waist dips in. I don’t know what’s taking him so long to take this damn shot, is he praying? Chewing on my bottom lip with nervousness I take this moment to silently pray he doesn’t make a strike.

In a sudden movement Liams arm cranks backwards, I see a big red flash of the bowling ball before it’s launched forward down the lane. It seemed to be rolling very, very slowly. It remained center of the lane and I tried to use my non existent telekinesis powers and the waft of my hand through the air to make the roll to the left and fall in the ditch. Liam stood stiff, not taking his eyes off the rolling red ball growing closer and closer to the pins. I got up and stood closer to the lane but I closed my eyes tightly, I don’t want to see this. My ears got filled with cheers from the scoreboard. ‘Strike’ ‘Strike’ ‘Strike’ it screamed at me through my burning ears.

“Yeah” Liam shouted so loud, making my eyes dart open he grabbed my waist and threw me above his head shaking me in his outstretched arms, like I had just scored the winning goal in soccer.

“Oh my God Liam, put me down, put me down! People are watching!” I swatted his back and he put me down full of boyish smiles.

“I won, you know what that means?” he raised his eyebrows suggestively and I swatted his chest. His smile instantly dropped and he flinched backwards at the contact of my touch. Shit.

“Sorry I forget sometimes.” I said honestly, knowing I had just dampened spirits.

“It’s okay. It’s my problem, not yours.” he said mentally chastising himself. “Let’s get pizza before we go back to yours.” he suggested.

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