Bad Boy Abused

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Don't give up on him Olive

When I arrived at the diner Jordan was already there, he opted for a window booth that faced out towards the parking lot. He told me he liked to look at his car. Weird.

I had been here, sitting opposite Jordan for ten minutes and forty five seconds, yes I was counting, but he still hadn’t said anything about Liam. Or anything at all really, he just gazed lovingly at his car through very dark brown eyes hidden behind long, thick eyelashes. Jordan was very tanned and his dark hair sat stiffly in curls on the top of his head, it didn’t move at all and I wondered if he had used hairspray to hold it in place. His chest was very built, he was probably the jock with the biggest muscles on the whole team, I don’t know if he just works out a lot or takes enhancing steroids. Hiding his budging muscles was a designer t.shirt, I’m not too good with brands but I could see the expensive quality from across the table.

I picked at my finger nails, a habit I often subconsciously do when I’m riddled with anxiety. I was offered a distraction from my thoughts when a waitress approached our table. Mindy was it? The same waitress that was ogling Liam the first time he brought me here. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. “Here’s your milkshake sexy.” She winked behind long lashes, leaning herself over the table and practically throwing her massive boobs in Jordan’s face, again, ignoring my existence.

“Cindy, it’s good to see you again. My beds been a little cold since you left.” I scoffed at Jordan’s vile comment causing both of them to look my way. I turned my attention to his annoyingly cool car, which stood out from the rest like a sore thumb.

“I’ll have to come round this weekend, you know how I like to keep things warm.” She twirled her hair around her fingers and moistened her lips with her tongue.

Cindy left and I turned my attention towards Jordan, impatiently waiting for him to strike up a conversation about Liam. He smacked his full lips around his paper straw and sucked up the strawberry milkshake, keeping his dark eyes focused on me. He would remove his mouth, open it to speak but then return to his milkshake. This happened every time I thought he was going to strike up the conversation. It was driving me crazy and I think he knew that.

I pulled a hair tie off my wrist and started twirling it around my fingers, twenty minutes exactly. Still no conversation. My foot tapped against the table leg, each bang symbolizing the ticking of my theoretical clock. Cindy approached our table again with a tray off food, she placed several plates and bowls down with diligence.

“I ordered every side and appetizer on the menu.” Jordan said, gesturing for me to take one but the only thing I was hungry for was information. Jordan grouped up some fries and loaded them into his mouth, rolling the food around between his cheeks.

I couldn’t take it anymore.

“So... Liam?” I asked burning two jade green eyes into him with intrusiveness. He smiled slightly, opened his mouth to speak but instead just filled it with more fries. Was this a game to him?

“Would you like the olives?” He pushed a small bowl of green olives towards me wearing a disgustingly sly smirk on his face.

“I’m leaving.” I announced, standing up after thirty excruciating minutes.

Jordan started laughing, “fine I’ll tell you about Liam” he muttered with a mouth full of potato. “But first we need to take a selfie.”

“What?” I gasped, feeling really annoyed now but I sat back down. He wiped his greasy hands on his jeans and flicked through his phone, I’m assuming he was pulling up the camera.

“You take a selfie with me and I’ll talk to you about Liam.”

Holding his arm out he angled the camera towards us as he leaned in towards the center of the table, hovering just above the food. He made me redo the picture three times because I didn’t smile on the first one and I apparently didn’t look happy enough on the second. On the third attempt he muttered something about even his car being in it and I guess that one surpassed his expectations.

“Liam.” I practically growled.

“I’ve been friends with Liam a long time, he’s had a rough time. Always seemed unhappy or angry and some of his behaviors are ... unpredictable. But lately he’s different, more... tamer. More in control... happy. I think that’s because of you, Olive.” He threw three onion rings into his mouth and chewed wide so I had the perfect view of his undigested food rolling around his tongue. But I didn’t care, my head was desperately trying to process his words.

“Then you had that fight and for the past two days I’ve seen the old Liam returning. You know I had to stop him from drowning Ben today?” I gasped at his alarming words and shook my head with disbelief.

“Yeah, they got into a fight on the dock, Liam pushed Ben in and then jumped after him holding his head underwater. Happened right before I called you, Liam ran off and we don’t know where he went.” My eyes widened in horror, oh Liam.

“I know you care deeply about Ben, so don’t worry he’s fine.” He threw more onion rings into his mouth covering up his sickening smile.

“Liams only going to get worse, so basically I’m here to ask you what you plan to do about that.” He sucked on the end of his finger, removing the trails of barbecue sauce. He then propped his elbows onto the table and looked at me through a questioning stare. Way to put me on the spot.

“I’ve tried to get him to speak to me, he won’t. He says we can’t be friends anymore.” I could feel despondence creeping into my face. Jordan glanced at my wrists mid chew, the cuts were almost gone, barely visible but I still felt uncomfortable under Jordan’s inspection. “He’s afraid of hurting you.” he finally said.

“He didn’t hurt me, I did it to myself.” I replied instantaneously, like the many times I had rehearsed it. Jordan tore his vision off my wrists and onto my face, he didn’t say anything but I could tell by his expression he knew Liam had done it.

“I think his feelings run deeper for you than just friendship Olive. He’s just never felt that way before so he doesn’t know it yet. I asked him if I could date you now that you are not friends. He was real pissed but he said yes just to prove some point. I’ve tried helping him, I got you to meet him at the waterfall, I put you together for seven minutes in heaven, I showed you that you’re the only one who pulls him out of the darkness. I tried. The rest is up to you now. Just don’t give up on him Olive.” He stood up to leave. “and eat something, you look like shit.” he threw in as an afterthought.

I was sat alone in the diner digesting his words. I couldn’t allow myself to believe that Liam had feelings for me beyond friendship, but the one thing that rung through my mind on repeat is Jordan telling me not to give him on him. Admittedly I planned on accepting defeat and moving on, even though it was breaking my heart but I now understand that Liam needs me and I fully plan on being there whether he likes it or not.

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