Bad Boy Abused

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That was... something else.

The hot water from the shower cascaded over my body, so hot it turned my skin pink. Steam congregated around me and hugged to the bathroom surfaces leaving small droplets of condensation in it’s wake.

Today I spoke to Liam.

Today Liam shared something with me that he doesn’t want anybody else to know. Sure, in hindsight I know what he told me wasn’t some big, deep secret and he’s probably off bragging about it to every Tom, Dick or Harry that will listen to him. But to me, I feel it brought us closer.

I picked up the loofah and loaded it with my favorite body gel, silky smooth with essences of coconut and coca butter. Gently exfoliating away my troubles under the droplets of heat I allowed my mind to float back to leather jackets and mischievous smiles.

Climbing out the shower and preparing for Tia to come round for girls night I opt for comfortable grey sweats and a matching crop sweater just as the doorbell went.

“Hey girl! I brought The Notebook and snacks.” Tia juggled them up and down in front of my face with excitement.

We’ve watched this movie a thousand times but I was more than happy to make this time number one thousand and one. My parents have been away for three weeks and they won’t be returning for another three, so Tia spending the night is something I’m quietly grateful for. Over pizza and The Notebook we bond.

I’ve spent half the night bitching about the jocks and how badly they treated me but I paid particular attention to Liam. I singled him out being the worse and Tia ate up my every word. I couldn’t ever let her know that I found him attractive and he affects me in ways nobody ever has.

“Principle Jenkins gave me his office keys for tomorrow, I have to go in and collect the stationary from his cupboard to hand out to each teacher. It will take forever and I really don’t want to cut into my lunch hour, can you help me?”

Tias voice became whiny so how could I refuse?

She was on the student council and they often did teacher support jobs to earn extra credit. Being the good friend I am I always helped her.

We finished up with the snacks and movies and headed straight to bed. Secret conversations and sapphire rings penetrated my dreams causing me to smile as I snuggled down into my pillow.


“We pelted him with water balloons until he cried” Tia giggled as she fiddled with the large gold key in the mahogany door.

The principles office was somewhere I had never been before. It was dark, scary and smelt strongly of wood polish. Dominating the space lay a large mahogany desk with a computer, papers and small ornaments placed simultaneously on top. I eyed a gold photo frame with a picture perfect family smiling beautifully at the camera, Principle Jenkins being one of the family members. Leather chairs accompanied the desk and it made me shudder to think of all the people who get sent here to be reprimanded for their actions. One person in particular. Mahogany bookshelves line the room with several files, folders and books. Everything looked neat and organised.

Leading off the office was two paneled doors that led to a supply closet filled with everything Tia and I needed to complete her task. We had a good system going, I would sort the supplies and Tia would deliver them. We were getting the job done efficiently and swiftly. Tia went off to deliver a basket of supplies to the classrooms down the west wing corridor while I carried on filling more baskets in preparation for her return.

I heard a jingle of keys in the door and I looked up wondering if Tia had forgotten something. Then I heard a voice. A dangerously deep, emotionless voice that instantly halted me in my tracks and threw a sharp shiver down my spine. Liam Maines. Absent mindlessly I immediately closed the door and hid myself away in the supply closet.

I was hiding in a closet from Liam Maines. Ladies and Gentleman... I think I’ve just hit a new low.

Peeking through the panels I could see that he was with a girl and on further inspection I noted that it was Ruby King. I scoured at them as they made out in a way that appeared rough, greedy and not the slightest bit passionate. Without breaking their kiss they inched closer towards the desk.

Regret washed over me and made my whole body sink dishearteningly but I couldn’t tear my wide eyes away no matter how much I willed them to. Nausea fell thick and lined my insides. I held my breath so my shallow breathing couldn’t be heard.

“You’re ... so ... hot” Ruby breathed out in a seductive voice as her greedy hands traveled around Liams body like she craved the closeness.

Liam said nothing.

He fiddled around with his jeans and then went back to kissing her.

“Take them off” he ordered coldly.

It took me a nano second to click what he meant, but then confusion was cleared up by Ruby putting her hands up her skirt and pulling down her panties. She shoved them into his pocket, God she’s desperate. I roll my eyes.

He pressed his body closer to hers and that is when I came to the utterly sickening realization that they were together. Like a creep I watched, I pleaded with my eyes to look away but they wouldn’t. They didn’t even blink. Liam thrust-ed himself into her a few times whilst she tilted her head back and let out some low groans. Both bodies standing upright against Principle Jenkins desk, fully clothed. There was no more kissing. No sweet talk. No caressing. Just thrust. thrust. thrust.

“kiss.. me..” She blurted out through her heavy breathing.

Liam didn’t.

The trusting got faster. Harder. Then it was done. He pulled away from her and fiddled with his jeans whilst she stood awkwardly watching.

“Thanks, catch ya later.” Liam didn’t even wait for a reply before he left the office.

Ruby Stood looking frustrated and lost like she couldn’t quite comprehend what had just happened and I found myself mirroring her reaction. I don’t have much experience, scratch that... I don’t have any experience but that was just... something else.

I felt anger surge through my veins, not for me but for Ruby and I don’t even like the girl. Liam had just used her like a toy and threw her out. He took what he needed and was gone. There was no emotion, no intimacy and no care. She collected herself and left.

“What you doing with the door shut?” Tia returned looking perplexed when she eyed my empty supply boxes. “what have you been doing?”


“Sorry I got caught up with my thoughts, I’ll make another basket now.” Just like that I put on my bravest face, plastering a fake smile across my lips I started working on keeping the past ten minutes of me spying two people having unromantic sex from a principles supply closet a secret and Tia didn’t suspect otherwise.

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