Bad Boy Abused

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I am fine

Never thought I would see a day where I waited impatiently in the parking lot close to where the jocks usually park their cars. But here I am. The skin around my finger nails bled slightly as the nervousness took over and I uncontrollably picked at it. Pacing across the empty spots I mentally willed them to hurry up. I didn’t even care that the student body was throwing me shady glances or that cruel faint whispers intruded my ear drums. I just wanted to see Liam.

A loud honk startled me and when I turned around I was momentarily blinded by Jordan’s bright headlights. Suspense built inside of me as I backed up to allow him enough room to drive into the space. I held my breath as the two doors opened widely.

“Couldn’t get enough of me?” Jordan obstructed my view of Liam. I narrowed my eyes at him, irritated. He flashed up the screen of his phone, he had uploaded the diner picture of us and captioned it ‘date night’ with a red heart. I could only manage a scowl as my reply because I just didn’t have time to deal with that right now.

When I stepped around him Liam came into my view. He looked... normal. I don’t know what I was expecting but it wasn’t this. He smiled at me but it didn’t reach his eyes, it was the kind of smile that he used frequently to mask what he was really feeling.

“Hey” he said casually.

I wanted to throw my arms around him and hug him right here, right now in the middle of the parking lot in front of everyone. But I refrained. Instead I let my eyes wander his whole body, secretly looking for any injuries.

“Are you checking me out?” He asked, trying to sound flirty but his small smile wasn’t replaced with a cocky one and that told me he knew exactly what I was looking for.

He stepped forward, closing the gap between us. Reaching up he tucked a stray hair behind my ear and lent in closer, flooding my senses with his delicious scent.

“Liv, I’m fine.” He whispered into my ear, loud enough for only me to hear.

I closed my eyes as waves of seduction crashed through my body, I’m not sure if it was caused by the effect of his words or the tantalizing sensation of his warm, minty breath tickling against the skin of my neck. He pulled back a few inches allowing my heart rate to regulate itself and my mind to regain consciousness.

“I gotta get to soccer practice, a scouts coming to my game tomorrow.” He gave me a reassuring nod and stalked off with Jordan towards the soccer pitch.


There was a buzz around school because the lock in was starting tomorrow after the game and everybody was busy making up plans to sneak in their contraband and hook up.

“I’ll bring my assassin chains, we’ll have such an epic game, get everybody involved.” Harris said excitedly.

“Whats assassin?” I asked, twirling the green beans around on my plate.

“You know? Everyone wears a chain around their neck with their name clipped on, you gotta run around killing people by ripping off their name tag, but you also gotta hide in case someone rips off your name tag and kills you. If an assassin kills you then you give all of the name tags you’ve collected to them. The last man standing with everyone’s name tags wins the game.” Harris explained.

“Oh, like they played in Gossip Girl, but without the pictures?” Tia said.

“What is Gossip Girl?” Harris looked dumbfounded but at the mention of Gossip Girl Tia & I were already sucked into the wormhole of Chuck Bass.

Out of my peripheral vision Liam caught my attention, I turned my eyes towards him and watched as he spoke to John, the chemistry boy. As if he could feel my eyes on him he turned to me and my breath hitched as we locked eyes from across the room. He kept his focus on me but his mouth moved in reply to whatever John was saying. Then they stealthily exchanged something in a shady manner. Liam walked right past me and out of the cafeteria.

“I’ll see you guys later.” I hastily stood up and followed Liam before my friends could protest. “I thought you were fine?” I called out to him. He spun around to face me, looking around paranoid that someone could hear our conversation.

“I am fine.” He reassured me with the same smile he wore this morning.

“Then why are you buying pain meds from the chem kid?” I said that a little louder than I intended to and I couldn’t avoid using hand gestures to strengthen my point.

“Liv!” Liam was clearly startled by my outburst. He paced towards me closing up the space between us. “Can you not freak out here?” His eyes glanced towards the students gathering in the corridor. “I’m just a little sore, it’s nothing I can’t handle.”

I nodded again but this time I felt really sympathetic towards him but I knew he didn’t appreciate my sympathy so I tried to keep my face neutral. Liam & I parted ways, I knew he wasn’t going to give me any answers here but he did plan on hanging out after school so maybe he will talk more freely then.


Last bell rung out and I headed to the parking lot to meet Liam. I spotted him instantly sitting on the bonnet of Jordan’s BMW. It’s a beautiful car, I could see why Jordan was so attached, the red and black design was both slick and neat giving the smooth metal an attractive curve in all the right places.

“We will get a lift home off Jordan.” Liam said, turning his blue eyes towards the sky and soaking in the warm afternoon rays.

“Jordan’s gonna give me a lift home?” I ask, not quite believing what I’m hearing.

“Oh hell no!” Jordan screams from behind me “get yo ass off my car right now!” Liam rolls his eyes but slides down the front to the ground. When his two feet land safely on the tarmac he holds his two hands up in surrender. Jordan dusts off his car bonnet using his sleeve.

“You can walk. You get in.” Jordan says pointing at Liam first, then me.

Ignoring Jordan we both climb into the BMW, sitting on the back seats. The interior is just as nice as the exterior with customized red and black seat coverings.

“You kids make sure to have safe sex now.” Jordan shouted out of his car window, loud enough for Mrs Cravat to hear. I cringed imagining her telling my mom.

“Let’s have a Friends marathon” Liam said kicking off his shoes and throwing himself down on my sofa. He has a natural talent of making himself at home wherever he is.

“Am I allowed to sit down?” I glanced up and down the sofa where Liams legs took up all of the space. He parted his legs and patted his chest signalling for me to lay down on him.

“Isn’t that a bit weird?” I pointed out, hesitating with building nerves.

“I don’t know. Don’t friends cuddle?” He asked innocently.

I cocked my head to one side making myself feel like a puppy who was looking at a yummy treat. “I don’t know. Do you cuddle Jordan on the sofa like that?”

For the first time today Liam showed me his pearly whites in a genuine smile that sparkled his eyes. “Just lay down Liv.” He finally said and I couldn’t refuse.

I positioned myself between his legs and rested my head on his chest. At first impact he winced with pain and I pulled my head up to look at him alarmed. But he guided my head back down telling me again that he was fine. I’m getting really sick of hearing that word on his lips.

As Monica complained she didn’t get a invite to Rachel’s wedding I listened to the heavy pounding of Liams racing heart. I felt everything. The way his body vibrated against mine when he laughed at the screen, the soothing rise and fall of his chest as it collided with my own breathing, the warmth that radiated from him through the soft cotton of his t.shirt.

I was on cloud nine as Liam absentmindedly twirled his fingers through the softness of my hair. We were deep into the sitcom but I wasn’t fully paying attention because my whole body buzzed from Liams proximity. I just laughed when he laughed and prayed he didn’t notice.

The coffee table illuminated the room when Liams text tone went off. I was cheated out of the closeness when I needed to sit up to give him the space to retrieve his phone. His ocean-like eyes fluttered from left to right as he read the message, a cocky smirk tugging at the corners of his mouth. My heart sank.

Liam stood up, pulling on his leather jacket and my heart sank even deeper.

“Who was that?” I asked, bitterly. He kept the stupid smirk on his face.

“It was Jill, someone I met last week. Wants to meet up for some... fun” he informed me.

“And she can’t go find Jack or something?” I sounded childish but I didn’t care. He was about to ditch me for some random hook up. The cocky smile stretched wider.

“Are you jealous?” He teased.

I swallowed some air and choked. Coughing at the remark “No. Why would I be jealous? I just don’t like to be ditched by my friends.”

“So you don’t want me to go?” He asked, that smirk plastered right across his face, clearly showing he was loving every moment of this.

“Do what you want.” I tested him, even though I was mad I wasn’t going to give him the satisfaction of telling him I wanted him to stay.

Liam bent down putting his face only inches away from mine. His blue eyes alight with mischief “Tell me you don’t want me to go.” he whispered, challenging me.

“No.” I huffed refusing to let him win, backing up the couch trying to achieve some space between us but my back hit the arm rest and Liam only got closer knowing I had no escape.

“Tell me and I won’t go.” he demanded.

“No.” My pride stopped me.

Liam stood up leaving me hunched up on the sofa “see ya later Liv” he said as he tuned towards the door. I’m sure I could see the red hot steam burning through my ears. I heard his footsteps edging towards the door and I knew I needed to swallow my pride.


“Yes?” He put on a cocky accent that made my face twitch in agitation. “Don’t go.” I spat out.

“Took you long enough.” He scoffed, returning to me and grabbing my hand in his, pulling me to my feet. “We gotta go the store for the lock in alcohol.”

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