Bad Boy Abused

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Start with the pictures

I waited outside the store while Liam went in, I wasn’t fully comfortable with being next to him while he used his fake ID to buy alcohol that he planned to sneak into school during the lock in. I flicked through the comments on Jordan’s Instagram post of us in the diner while I waited for Liam and rolled my eyes at how much of a douche he is. Liam returned with four bags in his hands and a bag of chips dangling out his mouth which I grabbed as soon as he approached me.

“Hey, I got you a present.” His eyes sparkled in the sunlight and his lips displayed a beautiful boyish smile.

Excitement climbed in my chest as he rooted through the blue plastic bag, wondering what he could of bought me from a shabby convenience store. He pulled out a small black box and held it in his hands. My eyes glanced down at the box, my smile slowly fading from my face.

“Uh... those are tampons.” I cleared up for him because obviously he didn’t know that.

“I know. I saw these and thought of you. It’s a thoughtful gift.”

“Uh.. thanks, just what I’ve always wanted.” I said sarcastically and Liam seemed pretty happy with himself but I wondered how long he thought I was on my period for.


Liam lay on my bed typing into his phone with concentration on his face and a small hint of pink between his lips. I watched him, wondering who exactly he was typing to. Annoyance built up when I convinced myself it was Jill.

“Was you really going to meet this Jill earlier?” I regretted asking the question already.

He pulled his attention off his phone and glanced at me as I swayed slightly back and forth on the swivel desk chair. Liam raised an eyebrow at me. “Did you really go on a first date with Jordan the other day?” I didn’t answer him but I shot him my most sarcastic face that told him the answer he already knew himself.

“You’re so frustrating” I blurted out, oh no I felt a rant coming on. Liam looked at me through shocked eyes. “You’ve really let me in these past few weeks, really opened up about things. But then others times you are so closed off. If you was never going to meet with Jill why did you make me tell you to stay?” His mouth formed a little ‘o’ at how out-of-the-blue my outburst was, but I continued anyway. “And then you sit there on that thing, typing to someone when you’re meant to be hanging out with me. Which slut is it this time? Jill? Ruby? Cindy?”

Liam ran his fingers through the chestnut strands that flopped loosely across his forehead. “You’re feeling a little needy today, huh? He replied quietly.

It made me feel small and I could sense the pink flushing into my cheeks. He was right, I was feeling needy, that’s not like me at all. I just couldn’t bare his attention being on some other girl when he was meant to be hanging out with me. I tore my eyes away from Liam, knowing I was being pathetic.

“Here.” Liam handed me his phone and I squinted my brows in confusion. “55388, same as my locker combination.” He nodded in the direction of his phone telling me to take it. I took it but I looked at him unsure.

“I’m not going to look through your phone.” I announced gesturing for him to take it back but instead he lay his hands back behind his head and nodded towards his phone again.


Liams home screen came to life. I looked up at him, asking permission with my eyes for the last time. “Start with the pictures.” He instructed, studying me as I observed his phone. I don’t know why but my heart was racing, it felt so wrong invading his privacy especially since I knew how he felt about his phone. But my heavy thumb glided across the screen towards the app that read ‘photos’

I pressed on the last photo making it flood the screen. Liam stood pointing the camera into a mirror which captured his full reflection. Grey sweatpants hung loosely from his hips, exposing the white Calvin Klein waistband of his boxers. His upper half was shirtless but his beautiful abs were hidden behind several large bruises scattered across his torso in different places, contrasting against his pale skin. The picture was dated yesterday.

As I swiped through there was more of the same, Liam shirtless or sometimes completely naked with only his hand or boxer shorts covering his modesty, depending on how high up on his legs his cuts were. Each picture was dated and his whole photo app was filled with the damage Jax had done to him. I could feel my eyes filling up, I looked up to Liam who still watched me through silver eyes.

“I.. Uh... like to take pictures of my injuries with a timestamp. In case I need it someday.” He explained.

“I don’t want to look through your phone anymore.” I held it out for him to take but he pushed it away.

“Liv you’re not done yet. Go to messages.”

“I’m not reading your messages Liam.” I shrieked. He giggled and rolled his eyes.

“Just the ones from the girls.”

He had a lot of messages from girls, they all asked to hook up and each one he turned down dating right back to the bonfire. One name stood out the most - Ruby. She obsessively text him but he gave very little, if anything back. Wow, this girl really was hooked.

“You see, I’ve not been with anyone since the tournament.”

“I believed you.” I said truthfully.

“I know you did but I still wanted you to see it for yourself, I’m not sitting here with you and texting some girl. I’ve deleted their nudes and everything. I’m just not interested anymore.”

I bit into my bottom lip locking away my smile from Liams view but hearing him say those words awakened a happiness inside me that I’ve not felt before.

“We gotta get some sleep, it’s not like we’ll be getting any tomorrow night.” Liam stood up and let his jeans drop to the floor, next he pulled his grey T-shirt over his head also dropping that to the floor. He seemed more comfortable about removing his shirt today and for once I wasn’t alarmed by his bruises because I had seen the aftermath of Jax from his phone a few minutes ago. Instead I got to admire the view.

He was wearing bright blue boxer shorts, they had a floral pattern on that looked a little feminine for his tastes. The ‘v’ was very dominant because his body was so toned and he had a short line of hair that crept up towards his belly button. Each ab was visible beneath his smooth skin and my fingers twitched with the want to run my hand over his muscular chest. I sucked my lips into a straight line to try and fake composure even though inside the lust had consumed me enough to make me question my own innocence.

“Are you done?”

“W...What?” I zoned out, completely mesmerized by Liams almost naked figure that I didn’t notice him watching me check him out. I felt the heat fill my cheeks as I took in all of the shame.

“Are you done perving at me because I would really like to get into bed.”

That cocky smile dressed his face but I didn’t mind it so much when I was the cause of it. I nodded my head, too embarrassed to speak and he hopped into my bed throwing the duvet over him, hiding his body away from my prying eyes.

“Liv, if I have a nightmare don’t touch me. Just throw water at me or something.” His face showed utter seriousness and I agreed instantly putting his mind to rest.

We lay in silence, listening to our mingling breaths as we each tried to drift off.

“Liam?” I whispered.

“Yeah?” he whispered back.

“I’m sorry to hear you’re still suffering with penile dysfunction, I offer my deepest condolences towards your sex life.”

“Liv” he whispered.

“yeah?” I whispered back.

“Shut up.” I could hear the smile on his lips as he said those words. Closing my eyes I slowly allowed myself to fall into subconsciousness.

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