Bad Boy Abused

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Even his ass is tight

Harris threw a plastic chain around my neck that had ‘Olivia’ written on the front in black sharpie ink, I stood with around fifty other people waiting for further instruction.

“It’s free for all, catch or be caught, kill or be killed. Any of the sports rooms and corridors are accessible, including the outdoor pitch but classrooms are out of bounds. I’m going to start a five minute timer, you have five minutes to distance yourself from everybody. Once it goes off the game has begun!”

My heart raced as the adrenaline pumped around my body, the tick of Harris timer echoed through the gymnasium as everyone scurried in different directions, each person trusting nobody. I hid behind a locker, pressing myself up against the hard wall not making a single sound. After the longest time I heard some movement and I held my breath so the low sounds of my breathing didn’t give me away. Jenny tiptoed past without noticing me and feeling excitedly brave I followed after her.

“Jenny?” She flinched and turned around on the spot, I ripped the plastic tag from her neck and smiled with success.

“Knew I wouldn’t last five minutes.” She laughed.

“Sorry.” I consoled with the happiest sympathetic face there ever was.

I heard more movement down the corridor and because I was fully exposed I decided to make a run for it. Knowing nobody would be in there I entered the boys locker room, the lights were off and it was the perfect hiding spot. I crouched down in the far corner behind the wooden benches and kept my eyes wandering in every area of the room, searching for any shady movement.

My ears pricked up when I heard something and I sat unbelievably still, refusing to give myself away. The shower door opened and footsteps followed, someone had been hiding in the showers. I mentally prepared myself to rip off their tag as soon as they found me, hopefully before they managed to get mine. My eyes were peeled to the shower corridor, waiting.

My hands floated in mid air ready to grab the next kill but when my eyes locked onto the person I froze and my mouth dropped open. My eyes trailed Liam as he walked across the room wearing nothing but the smallest of beige towels draped around his waist. His chestnut hair was flat against his head and administered small droplets of water that glided down his smooth skin giving his torso a shiny appearance.

Butterflies ripped through my inside as I relished in how hot he looked mostly naked and dipping wet. He had no idea I was there and I didn’t know how to tell him because I had watched him for too long to not make it weird. He fished through his gym bag setting his clothes out on the bench, whistling a tune through his puckered lips.

He gripped the towel with his hand and I gulped down air because my mouth was ridiculously dry. I knew I needed to tell him now before he noticed me himself because that would be a thousand times worse than this already is.

Too late.

He pulled the towel off himself and dropped it on the bench, exposing two toned butt cheeks just below those delicious back dimples. God, even his ass is tight.

“uhm ... I’m here.” I blurted out throwing my hands across my face and cringing, hard.

“Jesus fucking Christ, what the f -” I think Liam actually jumped three inches into the air at my words. He grabbed the towel and clung it loosely over his ‘area’ looking frantically around the room until he spotted me hidden away in the corner like the creepy pervert I am. “What the fuck are you doing in here?” He screeched in a real high pitched voice as he still desperately tried to get over the shock.

I stood up and come out from my hiding spot, making my way over to Liam. I’m not sure if that was the best thing to do or not but it seemed silly talking to him whilst I was sat behind a wooden bench. As I approached him I could see the pink stretching across his cheeks in small rosy blotches.

“Playing assassin.” I shrugged looking annoyingly confident given the circumstances.

“Great, so you mean this room is going to get flooded with killers at any given moment.” A touch of worry seeped through his tone.

“God I hope not” I replied anxiously looking down at my name tag.

He rolled his eyes at me and grabbed his t.shirt putting it over his head quickly, adding his trusty protective layer. At that minute I smiled to myself knowing Liam was practically naked but if anyone was to come in he would rather hide away his chest than his junk. In a t.shirt and towel Liam outstretched his arm and yanked at my tag.

“There. You’re dead. You little weirdo.” He smiled, the t.shirt clearly giving him some of his confidence back and I looked down feeling disheartened at my name in his hand.

“Why are you showering now? The game finished ages ago.” I asked, a little annoyed now.

“I shower when the locker rooms empty.” he answered.

Little speckles of water bled through his t.shirt making it cling to his skin, enhancing every curve, dip and dint of his body in an extremely sexy way. He smelt clean and fresh with an equal mix of sweet and spicy emanating from his body. The towel still hung from his hips, barely covering anything. And his legs -

“Liv!” Liams voice dragged me out of my own thoughts.


“You’re checking me out and I’m only wearing a t.shirt. It’s unnerving.” He admitted and I felt my cheeks instantly blush because he had caught me and there was no way I could deny it. I dragged my eyes off him and made them look at my twisting fingers.

“Sorry” I mumbled nervously “How was the scout today?” I tried to change the subject.

“Liv ... I need to change.”

A gasp left my mouth as soon as he said those words.

“Oh, yeah. Sorry.” I sure do apologize a lot when I’m nervous. I stood up to leave but found myself hovering awkwardly.

“What?” He asked, getting a little annoyed now I think.

I bit down on my bottom lip “Could I get my name tag back?” I asked in my sweetest, most innocent voice and he sighed but complied with my wishes, handing me back my tag.

I rejoined the game of assassin, trying to disperse Liams naked body from my mind. I managed to kill seven people including Jenny before Harry snuck up and yanked my name tag when I was distracted, cornered by Kyle. I joined Tia in the gym who only lasted for one kill and we waited to see who was crowned assassin, keeping our fingers crossed for Harris who still remained in the game.

The gym filled up as more teenagers finished the game, everyone sat on the floor in their own little friendship groups and the chaperones mingled around a table in the far corner. Although it was pretty busy now I still noticed Liam enter the room. His hair was still wet but it was obvious he had rubbed it with a towel because it was no longer sticking to his head. He sat down with the jocks but scanned the room with his eyes before halting them at me. He threw that wide, boyish smile on his lips and shook his head. I don’t know why he shook his head but I returned his smile with one equally as big on my lips. It was the smallest of interactions from across the room but it made my breath quicken and my heart race.

“I won!” Harris entered the room shouting with his two hands raised in the air. The room flooded with cheers and claps. Harris lapped it up by taking a bow and showing off his name tag trophies.

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