Bad Boy Abused

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Oh Liam, don't change your mind.

For the longest moment Liam didn’t answer my question. We just lay quietly assessing each other through the tense air. Finally he timidly nodded his head granting me the access to his soft, alluring lips.

I reached in slowly and tenderly placed my hand on his cheek closing the gap between us but not completely, hovering just above his lips. I wanted to make sure he was mentally prepared for this. Liam closed his eyes over anticipating my touch and as I lowered myself down onto him I closed my eyes too, enhancing the sensation of Liams touch and taste. His amiable lips moved in a seductively slow way and his tongue crashed into mine as Liam poured all of his emotions into me. Peppermint and the faintest taste of alcohol tickled my taste buds in the most appetizing way as Liam let go of his self control, giving himself to lust. His slender fingers found their way under my hoodie taking me by surprise and I couldn’t hold back a sexual groan as he stroked gently up my sides brushing my skin with his teasing fingertips causing me to involuntarily grind against his excited body. He sprawled his hands out against my bare back weighting me down against his chest, needing me closer as we deepened our passionate kiss. Excruciatingly sensual waves echoed throughout my body, making every inch of me feel burning hot with desire.

In the heat of the moment I allowed my hands to wander to the bottom of his t.shirt and I started edging it up slowly, needing more closeness. Liam instantly flinched beneath me and the kiss came to an abrupt stop as his tongue stilled in my mouth. I pulled apart from Liam, breathless and confused but I was offered clarity by the discomposure written all over his face. I backed away from him, giving him the space he needed to regain himself.

“You shouldn’t of done that.” He finally panted out and I wasn’t entirely sure if he meant the kiss or reaching for his shirt I just knew that his vulnerability showed through the fear in his eyes.

“I’m sorry. I took it too far.” I nervously chewed my lip as I watched him regulate his breathing and build back some of his barriers we had worked so hard on knocking down.

“The kiss.” He said bluntly answering the question that secretly rolled around my mind.

“It was just... in the moment.” I admitted.

The earliest sign of daylight started filling the sky with a vibrant display of reds and oranges that chased away the stars. Sweet humming poured out from the surrounding trees from birds that were just waking up from their slumber. Liam reached up and rubbed the back of his neck and I knew that was a bad sign so I mentally prepared myself for what he was about to say next.

“Liv... what I said, it was all true. But it doesn’t mean anything can happen between us. I’m not made for relationships, I’ve already hurt you once. I just freaked out when we kissed. I can handle physical pain but I don’t think I can handle emotional pain. I’m just broken.” Liam said, full to the brim with self hatred.

My heart sank, not only for me but for Liam too. I knew he wanted this more than anything. He told me he wanted kids in his future, he would have to have a normal relationship first. I knew he was just scared but I wanted to help him get past this and I was confident I could if he gave me the chance.

“I want more than friendship, I want to try. It will be hard but I trust you, do you trust me?” Hope bubbled in my chest as I held my breath waiting for his reply.

“Of course” he whispered, though his voice seemed anything but confident.

“Then let’s try. I’m not asking for a relationship label or commitments. I just want a little more. We can date and see how things go, there will be a little more intimacy but not too much. If you’re uncomfortable we can stop and just go back to normal. But only after six hours because I need to out do Ruby. ”

I tried to lighten the mood but he didn’t even smile at my joke, he was completely and utterly consumed in fear and apprehension. “Will you try?” I encouraged.

Liam stared at me through glossy, silver eyes. His chest moved up and down rapidly to matched his unsettled breathing and he hesitated to answer like it was the hardest thing in the world to commit to. I felt like my heart had stopped waiting for him to reply, it was bursting with hope and nervousness as I waited patiently.

“Yes.” he barely whispered after the longest time.

With those three letters my heart skipped a beat and a smile grew enormously across my face as I settled myself back down next to him. He tapped on his chest to gesture for me to lay on him and i did, relishing in his powerful fragrance that reminded me of his earlier shower. Liam stroked through my hair as the orange sky emitted a warm glow that baked our faces as the nights events disappeared with the sight of a new day.

I lay completely content in Liams arms, listening to the speedy thud of his heart rate. I knew he was still raw with feelings but everything just felt better now that Liam & I were officially dating.

“Everyone will be getting up soon, should we go back inside?” I asked as his fingers soothingly ran through my blonde strands.

“No, lets just stay here a little while longer. After this can we go back to yours and sleep?” He asked, surprising me.



I don’t know how long we lay like that but the scrumptious smell drafting out of the open windows made us move to the cafeteria. I loaded my tray with scrambled eggs and bacon, taking my seat next to Liam.

“Where was you last night?” Tia and Harris joined us causing Liam to tense up but nobody noticed besides me, I really need to get them to hang out more. I ignored her question with the helpful distraction of Zak, Jordan and Ben joining us.

“So Zak had Penny, Ben had Delilah and I had grace. How did you do?” Jordan asked flicking his eyes over Liam & I. I knew he was asking if we hooked up. Liam shook his head but continued eating.

“You didn’t hook up with anyone?” Jordan asked with a high pitched tone laced in shock. Zak dropped his sausage from mid air and Ben’s eyes couldn’t get wider even if he tried.

“No” Liam deadpanned.

“Nobody at all?” Zak chimed in and I rolled my eyes at how they were acting. Like Liam keeping it in his pants for twenty four hours was a miracle when really he hasn’t had anyone since the tournament, I guess they didn’t know that.

“Would you drop it? I didn’t hook up with anyone.” Liam was getting irritated now.

“Chill bro. Reckon that crowns Zak as the winner then. Crazy Penny thinks she’s a Martian, don’t get much more of a loser than that.”

Zak gave a humble bow and smiled to himself feeling rather proud. What a dick. As I glanced at Liam I could see something was really bothering him but he was keeping it locked up inside. I figured he was just irritated from the lack of sleep.

I headed back to the gym with Tia to gather up my belongings and fold my sleeping bag away. I aimed to avoid all questions on Liam and where I was last night but that wasn’t a problem because she had a lot to update me on.

“Harris and I kissed last night but he hasn’t mentioned anything since. Should I wait for him to bring it up or should I go talk to him about it?” She blurted out

“What! When did that happen?” They finally kissed. Good for them.

“During the game of assassin, then he pulled off my name tag and killed me. I don’t know if it was just some dumb trick or what.”

“It definitely wasn’t a trick, Harris isn’t like that. Go talk to him.” I reassured her.

“Liv, you ready to go?” Liam called to me from the entrance way.

I grabbed up my things and headed out with him, saying my goodbyes to Tia. Liam was not in the mood for talking on the way home, he was very tense and agitated. It made things feel really awkward and I felt disconcerted and nauseous in case he was having second thoughts about trying. I just hope he would sleep off his bad mood or talk through what was bothering him.

“Why do keep staring at me?” Liam snapped as we walked.

I pulled my attention away from immediately, I didn’t even realize I was looking at him.

“Are you always this cranky when you’re tired?” I tried to ease the tension but he ignored me.

Oh Liam, don’t change your mind.

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