Bad Boy Abused

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I know you.

My parents have been home now for almost a week now, it’s been really good having them back and I think they plan on staying around for a while this time. However with them being home Liam can’t stay over so I haven’t really spent that much time with him since the beach. This weekend he is going camping with his friends so we decided to hold off on our first date until the weekend after. I’ve been begging Tia to spill some of the plans but frustratingly she is keeping impeccably tight lipped.

“Lets go the cinema on Saturday and then you can stay over at mine.” I asked Tia because I knew I needed a distraction from not spending the weekend with Liam when we should of been going on our first date.

“Sounds like a plan.” she replied, throwing a forkful of cabbage in her mouth.


Liam was already sitting in his chair when I arrived at the social studies classroom. He looked naturally good, running his fingers through his chestnut hair causing the light to bounce off and illuminate the natural blonde highlights. His signature jacket sat proud over his shoulders and his legs were outstretched under the table in a relaxing manner. Ruby obviously noticed how good he looked because she hung over him in an attempt to get him to notice her but he looked tense and disinterested. I wish she would give up, it’s clear she makes him uncomfortable.

“Hey” I said, dropping down into my own seat and glaring at Ruby until she took the hint and disappeared back to her own chair. “You excited for the camping trip?”

Liam laughed, like there was some sort of hidden joke that I wasn’t a part of. “Yeah.” he replied, not elaborating more.

“What exactly do you do on these camping trips?” I was now burning with curiosity, especially seeing Liams smile grow further as I asked that question.

“What happens at camping, stays at camping.” He tapped his lip seductively, I hate it when he brings my attention to his lips because then I can’t look at or think about anything else. I think he does it on purpose, as some sort of tactic to distract me.

“I’ve missed you, we haven’t really seen each other much since your parents have been home.” he pulled my thoughts away from his lips with his sweet admission, it was very forthcoming he is not usually this open with his feelings.

“I’ve missed you too, I want you to meet them sometime.” I threw it out there and already I can see his body stiffen as the darkness whirls in threatening to swallow him whole.

“I’ve already met them.” He spoke in a deep voice that was supposed to warn me off but I stopped following those unspoken warnings a long time ago. He rubbed the back of his neck and threw on his blank game face.

“That was when you were seven, I mean now that you’re seventeen.” I rolled my eyes at his coyness.

“I don’t know.” his voice trailed off betraying his confidence.

“Maybe the weekend after your camping trip?” I think I looked a little too hopeful, I was scaring him off, I could feel it.

“That’s when we’re going on our date.” He said, trying to get out of it.

“We can push our date back another weekend, you can come round for dinner. My moms a great cook.” I bit down on my lip anticipating his answer, I could see him thinking about my offer, or thinking of a way to get out of my offer. Either way he was thinking.

“okay.” He finally said with unsurity.

“It will be fine.” I reassured him.

“Okay.” He said again, not anymore sure of himself.


We watched a reshowing of Paranormal Activity at Starlight Pictures, it was little local cinema in the rough part of town that constantly showed reruns and charged the lowest prices. Tia & I ate our body weight in buttery popcorn and drunk slushies that left us with an intense feeling of brain freeze. I’m not too fond of scary movies, the actual movie is fine but that after feeling of paranoia and jitteriness really irks me. I definitely won’t be sleeping with my foot out of my duvet tonight.

“I’m just gonna use the bathroom real quick, I gotta redo my makeup.” I rolled my eyes, it was like eleven at night, who is going to be looking at her face.

“I’ll wait for you outside.” I called to her. I needed fresh air and to get out of the stuffy cinema I had spent the last three hours in. The cold night air hit me as soon as I left the building, I fumbled with my coat to pull up the zipper.

“Hey, I know you.” a slurred voice spoke.

As I looked up I came face to face with a tired looking lady, her face was very makeup heavy but it didn’t hide the dark circles, scars or the dullness of her skin. I got the feeling she looked older than she actually was. Her hair was pulled into a rough updo like she hadn’t put in much effort. Her extremely thin figure wasn’t dressed in much at all, she wore a tiny pink crop top, a tiny black leather miniskirt, fishnet tights and white knee high boots. Her ears were dragged down from large pink hoops that tugged on her ear lobes in what must of been a discomforting way. They looked cheap and in fact nothing about her looked expensive or classy. Her voice was rough, like she had smoked about forty cigarettes a day for the past decade and she smelt of stale alcohol.

“I don’t think so.” I said politely because I’ve never seen this women in my life and I looked around for Tia, silently willing her to hurry up.

A smile tugged on the lady’s lips, one that looked familiar and I did question for a second if she was right but I knew my mom wouldn’t be friends with someone like that and I don’t know anyone else from that generation besides Tia’s parents so I was pretty sure I couldn’t of known her.

“I do. Your that girl, the one he’s got on his wall.” She waved her arms frantically to express her points deeper and she dragged out every letter of each word in a drunken slur. My eyes widened as the realization set in.

“Liam?” I questioned, hoping that wasn’t his answer.

“Yeah, he’s got you on his wall. Think he looks at it when he plays with himself.” She giggled at her disgusting joke but I held my breath unable to speak. He’s had a prostitute in his room?

She dug into her little clutch purse and pulled out a cigarette, lighting it up and blowing it in my direction causing me to sputter out. She smiled with amusement, the same smile Liam wears.

“You his girl then?” She asked, taking another puff from her cancer stick.

“No. We’re just fr ... we’re dating.” I say timidly.

“Oh, he’ll get bored with that. He’s like his mam, can’t tie me down, can’t tie him down. Speaking of ... business awaits.” She stubbed her cigarette out onto the brick of the cinema house and walked off towards a stationary car that had not long pulled up. I watched her until she disappeared into the car, completely frozen from the encounter.

Tia burst through the doors right on que.

“You ok Liv? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Yeah” I said quietly, not taking my eyes off the empty space that lay where the car was just moments ago.

My heart pounded inside of my chest, I felt like I had done something really bad and I was instantly worried about confronting Liam. I felt like he was going to be mad at me but I knew I needed to tell him before his mom got there first. The skin around my fingernails trickled with blood, I didn’t realize I had been picking at them but the sting says otherwise. I needed to break the news to Liam as soon as he got home.

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