Bad Boy Abused

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Olivia wanted you to have these

Students poured into the social studies classroom like a colony of ants, each one taking seats at their own respective tables. I followed suit taking my seat next to Liam and... Ruby’s panties.

A feeling washed over me that I wasn’t used to feeling so intensely and I shot a glance in Rubys direction. Shine bounced off her perfect hair from the reflection of the ceiling LEDs and she was barricaded in by a posse of people who clung from her every word like she was royalty.

Suddenly she turned around and pointed her eyes towards our table probably having sensed two bullets prying into the back of her head. My breath hitched. My anxiety simmered when I realized she wasn’t looking at me but at Liam. She was shooting him gloomy glances and appeared to be searching his face for unspoken answers. I watched her as she exhaled her lungs capacity and turned back around, admitting defeat.

Mr Hibbert clapped his hands at the front of the classroom in an attempt to grab attention.

“Today you’ll get your first assignment.” He started.

Pulling out of a box he jangled metal handcuffs out in front of everyone with a cheeky grin plastered across his chubby, bald, little face. I could feel my face flush with horror as I lowered myself gingerly down into my seat. Showing a room full of teenagers handcuffs unleashed a rush of giggles and whispers. Liam however just continued to discreetly bob his head to whatever was vibrating through his headphones.

“Over the next two days you will become your partner and experience how they live their life. During school hours and school events you will be handcuffed to your partner. The handcuffs will be placed on you first thing in the morning, I have then arranged with everyone’s class schedules to sit every lesson with your partner. You will eat lunch how they eat lunch, you will learn what they learn. At the end of the school day you will get them taken off. Throughout the day you are allowed four ten minute breaks from the handcuffs to use the bathroom.” he continued.

The whole classroom buzzed with excitement like this was good thing. Like this was the most interesting assignment ever. But then again they all chose who they are seated next to, they all sat with their friends. I got the short straw being made to partner up with Liam who is currently not paying attention to the world around him and is keeping another girls panties tucked safely away in his pocket!

“On Thursday you’ll mimic the right side partner and on Friday you’ll switch to mimic the left side partner. On Friday the after school soccer game attendance is mandatory and you will remain handcuffed throughout. If your partner plays for the team then you’ll get the handcuffs taken off right before kick off, you will then take your seat on the bench not the bleachers.”

I felt physically sick when the handcuffs started getting passed around. My mind was going into overdrive trying to think of something to do or say to get out of the assignment but I was drawing a blank. A hard, shiny handcuff was planted on our table and I instantly cringed at the sight.

To my surprise Liam picked it up, he eyed it with great detail, sticking his tongue out slightly as he concentrated. He opened it. He closed it. He pulled at the chain with a strong force. He banged it on the table. He then put it down and rubbed the back of his neck looking puzzled. I gazed at him with expectation building behind my eyes. Then he raised his arm in the air.

“I’m not doing this. It’s against my human rights and I refuse.” his voice thick with menace and a glacial expression crossed his face, too cold for the arctic.

“Mr Maines, every assignment is mandatory if you want to pass my class. This assignment makes up 30% of your grades and you have to follow through with it to be able to write a paper at the end of the year.”

Mr Hibbert’s face remained straight and stern, I honestly don’t know how he didn’t crumble under Liams intense glare. The pair battled it out in an aggressive, narrowed eye staring contest. I knew Liam couldn’t refuse to do this assignment because if he doesn’t maintain his grades then he gets cut from the team, Liam would never let that happen.

I felt his shoulders sag from the impact of his sigh. Maybe this is it. The moment Liam Maines finally cowers down to a teacher. Silence filled the room and marbles glowed at Liam from every direction. I knew they were waiting for the same answer that I was.

“Whatever.” Liam finally broke the silence.

He reached down, picked up his bag and stood up making his way to the door of the classroom. Oh my God, he was going to walk out and leave me hanging. As he reached the door he turned around with a cocky smirk plastered across his face and fished something out of his pocket.

Oh my God.

Cradling hot pink, lace panties in his hand he shot a glance at me and raised his eyebrows cheekily. Then he launched them towards Mr Hibbert. Poor Mr Hibbert caught them with his hands. I’m sure he was not expecting them to be a teenage girls panties because he dropped them immediately like he had just caught a ball of fire that burnt his hands.

“Olivia wanted you to have these.” Liam announced before exiting the classroom.

I died.

I opened my mouth to speak but nothing came out. I could feel blood rushing around my head at rocket speed. My face was resembling a tomato, for sure. I wanted the ground to open up and swallow me whole. In the mists of all this I forgot to study Ruby’s facial expressions, to see if humiliation was coursing through her body as well as mine.

Classmates gawked with open mouths and wide eyes, completely speechless and Mr Hibbert just carried on with his lesson as if nothing had happened. My mind raced through what had just happened. The shame, the audacity, the way my actual name sounded on his tongue, the humiliation, the anger, the cheeky glint in his eyes.

“Tomorrow morning come to this social studies classroom first thing to get your handcuffs put on.” Mr Hibbert shouted over the last bell. I scurried out of school faster than I ever have before and headed home.



The sound of the toaster yanked me out of my thoughts, thankfully. The sweet fragrance of raspberry pop tarts oozed into my senses. I couldn’t be bothered cooking anything decent tonight, the day had just been too overwhelming and I needed junk food to comfort me.

Sitting up onto the kitchen counter I started demolishing my pop tart. A shimmer of light caught my glace from the patio doors. Darkness had fallen in the world outside since it was around 11pm but there was a tiny light flickering through the darkness right at the back of the garden.

I observed this light for a good few minutes trying to figure out what it was or where it was coming from. It seemed to sit stationary and after a while it went off. Was it coming from my tree house? Was someone in my tree house?

I weighed up my options. I could go out and investigate but let’s face it I’m seventeen, home alone with nobody to call for help and nobody would notice if I was brutally murdered by my tree house killer. On the other hand I could make sure all the windows and doors were locked, take a weapon to bed & pretend the light was just coming from a neighboring house who had left a torch outside or something.

I went with the latter option.

Settling down under a perfectly white duvet that fired out a comforting, tropical aroma caused by my shower gels mixing together with laundry detergent I closed my eyes and willed the powers that be to make tomorrow to be okay.

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