Bad Boy Abused

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Why are you doing this to me?

I couldn’t stop myself searching Liams Instagram after his camping trip, it was flooded with drunken pictures of him and his friends in some kind of woods. Jordan posted a picture of himself throwing a thumbs up at the camera but it wasn’t Jordan I was looking at. Liam was in the background talking to some girl and jealousy ignited inside of me. I wanted to bring it up to him but I didn’t want to look jealous, especially since we don’t have labels or commitments. I’ve seen Liam three times this week in social studies, I didn’t mention his mom because I just didn’t think it was the right moment. He didn’t mention his mom either so I don’t think she told him we met.

Mentally I had already planned out the conversation, what I would say, what he would reply. In my mind he handled it well. But the truth was, I don’t think he will handle it well and I was terrified of telling him to the point of feeling sick whenever I thought about it, which was a lot since it consumed my mind. In about half an hour he would be knocking on my door ready to meet my parents but all I could think about what was the time I met his.

“Don’t ask if he’s my boyfriend, he’s not.” I warned my parents.

“Don’t overload him with questions, he’s a private person.” I warned again.

“Just be normal, okay?”

My mom and dad looked at eachother with sarcastic expressions and my nerves prickled as I started to maybe think this was a bad idea. My parents were definately going to ask him questions. Maybe that is why he was so against meeting them in the first place. I should have listened to him!

I had no time left to panic, the doorbell rang and I opened it to see Liams fear stricken face. His eyes glowed the lightest blue, that border lined silver. His expression was cold and soldem but I knew exactly how to read it, my parents, however didn’t have that luxury so they just had to take whatever emotion Liam had to offer.

“Please don’t be rude.” I whispered as I led him through the hallway to the dining room.

“I’m never Rude.” he said sarcastically.

“Mom, Dad, this is Liam. Liam this is Jennette and Bill, my mom and dad.”

“Nice to meet you.” Liam threw on his sickenly sweet voice and outstretched his hand in a gesture to shake theirs. The whole thing felt fake but I think my parents bought it.

We sat down at the dining table as my parents brought out platters of dinner. We were having meatloaf, vegetables and baby potatoes because I already checked if Liam liked it and he did. The scrumptious smell hovered in the air leaving our mouths watering.

“I hope they don’t ask me things.” Liam whispered with a voice full of apprehension, his whole body was tense. I lent over and stroked his arm, it was unexpected and he flinched but he took a deep breath and regained himself swiftly.

“Don’t worry, anything you don’t want to answer just compliment her dinner and I’ll swoop in and save you.” I gave him a reassuring smile.

“What if her dinner tastes like ass?” His lips twitched to a small smile and I gave him a serious look. Mom and dad brought more dinner in and joined us at the table. Here we go.

“So Liam, I hear you’re on the soccer team.” Dad started and I relaxed. This was safe territory, thanks dad.

“Yeah, I’m pretty passionate about it. I actually had a scout at one of my games from Stanford University, it’s one of the best soccer colleges in the country.”

“Wow, that’s impressive. Do you know if it went well?” dad asked and I smiled to myself, this was going well so far.

“Not yet Sir, I won’t find out for a few weeks. I think it went well but there’s a lot of competition.” Liam took a bite of his meatloaf but he seemed more relaxed now.

“So is soccer something you want to do with your future?” mom chimed in.

“Yes Ma’am, I want to become a professional soccer player. If I fail that then I aim to pursue a coaching position for a professional soccer team. I’m going to follow the money, wherever that leads.” Liam answered honestly.

Mom and dad shot each other glances.

“Big dreams.” Mom uttered.

“Yeah I guess so but I’ve learnt to have faith in myself, even if nobody else has faith in me. I believe I can do it.” Liam gave them a straightforward answer in a non argumentative way.

“That’s a really refreshing attitude to have about your future especially since you’re only young most people your age don’t know what they want to do. And how about your parents, are they supportive of your choices?” mom asked.

I stopped breathing.

Liam tensed next to me, halting the fork centimetres in front of his mouth.

After a few seconds he threw in a potato and chewed until it was gone.

“This dinner is incredible, where did you learn to cook?”

Mom hesitated for a little while before she answered, probably confused with what just happened.

“I went to cutlery school when I left high school. I thought I wanted to be a chef, but after a year I changed major to law and I haven’t looked back since.”

Liam talked with my parents about their career for some time and he laughed at their stories about me growing up. A laugh that didn’t meet his eyes once. I knew he was wholly uncomfortable here but it warmed my heart to know he was pushing through it for me. Thankfully we made it through dinner without anyone mentioning his family again.

My parents stood to clear our dishes and prepare the desert, Liam offered to help wash up but they politely declined. I couldn’t believe how sweet he was being, it made me laugh inside because I knew how fake it was. Liam was trying really hard and I just felt overwhelmed with guilt because there was a big secret that I was hiding from him. I needed to get things off my chest. If I told him now he couldn’t get mad because he has to act all nice around my parents. Then we’ll excuse ourselves and talk it out. Yes, now was the right time.

“Liam?” I said quietly even though we were the only ones in the room.

“Yeah?” He turned to face me, which made everything harder.

“I met your mom last weekend when you was camping.” I kind of blurted it out in the most insensitive way.

With that sentence Liams whole manner changed. He pulled his eyes away from me looking down at the table. I couldn’t read his expression but his jaw clenched causing a vein to appear in his neck.

“Stop.” I could barely recognize his voice, it was so low and calculating. Like when I first met him. A shiver ran down my spine at the coldness.

“I’m sorry. I was outside the cinema and she spoke to me.” My words came out quick paced as the nerves built up inside.

Liam looked up, his face was completely broken and the vulnerability poured out. Silver eyes buried inside of me as they searched for answers.

“Why are you doing this to me?” He asked in a quiet, helpless tone.

“I’m not doing anything Liam, please. I’m not judging I’m just saying I seen her on the street where she was ... working.” I maybe shouldn’t of added that last part, this wasn’t going how I planned.

Liam banged his fist down on the table, causing a loud clunk from the salt and pepper jars. I jumped up in my seat about three inches from the startling impact.

“I gotta go, tell your parents I said thanks.” Liam stood up and turned for the door.

“Liam don’t go.” I shouted after him but it was too late, he was already gone.

My mom and dad entered the room holding out a chocolate fudge cake on a silver tray, warm steam emitted from the tray spreading a sweet aroma around the room. I sat feeling empty in my chair, still reeling from Liams departure.

“Where did Liam go?” Dad asked, looking around the room as if he would spot him hiding behind the curtain or something.

“He had to leave, something came up.” I lied.

“That’s a shame, he seems like a nice boy.” my mom said cutting me a slice of cake.

“He is.” My tone was depressive as I tucked into my cake and my parents eventually gave up trying to make conversation with me because they could sense I just wasn’t in the mood.

I eventually excused myself and text Liam.

I’m sorry. Can we talk? X

Then I waited for my reply.

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