Bad Boy Abused

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Party at Olives, tell everybody

My heart fluttered as I watched Liam play soccer, my feelings for him have really deepened over the past few days but I haven’t told him that. I just look at him differently now, even the things that used to annoy me about him I now find endearing. I wasn’t even concentrating on the soccer, just on Liam and the way his body curves in all the right places. The final whistle blew and the team rejoiced another winning moment. Liam used his fingers to beckon me onto the pitch I tried to refuse but he wouldn’t take no for an answer so I dragged my friends with me.

“We won Olive! We won!” Jordan shouted, rubbing my hair like I was a small child.

“That’s great Jordan.” I shot him my thumbs up and he moved onto the next person.

Liam came running over to me, he grabbed my hips and lifted me into the air above his head, twirling me around.

“Oh my God Liam, put me down!” I exclaimed.

He slowly lowered my body down, making sure every inch of me rubbed against his own until I hovered right in front of his face. His eyes silently asked for permission and mine granted it all too quickly. Liam leaned in and crashed his lips onto mine, in a fast and aggressive way. There was sense of urgency, like in that moment we desperately needed to feel the intensity of each others lips. As Liam tried to pull away I wasn’t ready to be without his contact so I teased his bottom lip between my teeth holding him in place, he released a sensual groan in response that spoke directly to the inexperienced parts of my body. I finally let go, leaving us both panting in the middle of the soccer pitch surrounded by people.

“Great, this is kind of hard to hide my shorts.” Liam leaned in close to my ear, the vibration of his words sent a tingle down my neck, making every hair stand to attention. I closed my eyes wanting his lips all over me. For once it was me losing control. I watched him as he awkwardly adjusted himself and then attempted to stretch his jersey down over his crotch. I couldn’t help but laugh which caused him to shoot me some daggers through those stunning blue eyes.

“Meet me at the diner in about half an hour.” he shouted back as he ran towards the locker rooms.


I sat on Jocks table with Tia and Harris, it felt strange and I wasn’t sure if we should be sitting there. Sure Liam invited me but maybe he meant for me to sit on a different table. I didn’t have to ponder my thoughts long because the ding of the entrance bell rang out through the diner and the soccer team entered full of high spirits. They started filling the empty chairs around us, Liam taking the one next to me.

“So what is this? We’re inviting our girlfriends now? What happened to this being a team thing?” Jordan spoke up aiming his words at Liam who just flipped him off as a response and then threw his arm over my shoulder. He was feeling affectionate right now and I wasn’t complaining.

“So what’s the plan tomorrow?” Zak asked the group.

“Your parents are still home, you going to have trouble coming the party?” Liam asked and I could hear hope filling his voice.

“Actually they went back to Manhattan this morning, so I’m home alone once again.” And for once I wasn’t even bothered about them going back to work. It’s the first time I realized I wasn’t as lonely anymore.

“Settled then! Party at Olives, tell everyone!” Jordan announced and suddenly everyone around the table started typing on their phones.

“What? No. I can’t have a party. My parents would kill me.” I stuttered out but my words had no impact.

Cindy Lou, who? came over to our table with a tray of milkshakes, handing one out to each of the team. She lingered for the longest time, flirting with just about everyone there.

“I’ll have a chocolate milkshake, he’ll have a strawberry milkshake and what you want Liv, Vanilla?” Tia rolled her eyes at Cindy and spoke rather abruptly, I think she must be as annoyed as me. I nodded and Cindy scribbled on her little writing pad then returned to the kitchen for our milkshakes. Liam started playing with my hair, I don’t even think he realized he was doing but he twirled it round in his fingers feeling the softness against his skin.

The conversation on the table turned to scrutinizing the opposing team from today’s game but I couldn’t focus on anything they said when Liams soothing hands were on me. Cindy brought our milkshakes over and Liam broke contact to pass me it.

“Olive are you listening?” Jordan pestered. “We’ll get the kegs, you get the snacks. We’ll bring the sound system. Make sure you lock any of your valuables away and if you want to keep rooms out of bounds then just tape them off. It won’t work but God loves a trier.”

“Jordan I can’t host the party.” I replied, getting irritated now. Mrs Cravat will have a field day with this.

“Sure you can. If you leave a bowl of condoms by each bed I’d say that’s being a good host, better than all the other parties I’ve been to. I’d give you a five star rating on yelp.” He tried to make a joke of it but I honestly thought he was being serious. I looked at Liam for help but he just shrugged.

I guess the party was at my house then.


Tia and Harris helped me set up for the party, we had left a whole table full of snacks like chips and candy, anything that would stop teenagers raiding my kitchen after a case of the munchies. Harris lay on my bed throwing the soccer ball into the air and catching it, it must be a boy thing because Liam did the same. And Tia sat on the floor hogging the mirror doing her makeup. The doorbell rang and we all looked at each other with horror.

“People are arriving already?” I asked, alarmed.

“Go answer.” Tia said.

I opened the door relieved to only see Liam he looked as hot as ever I know he didn’t make any special effort just for the party, he never does.

“Jordan will be coming soon with the kegs.” he announced following me through my house and up the stairs.

When we got to my bedroom Liam paused in the doorway, not expecting to see Tia and certainly not expecting to see Harris sprawled out across my bed. The air became icy and Liams death glare stabbed into Harris like he was the enemy. It was awkward and everyone could feel it.

“Hi man, you okay?” Harris tried to greet him but Liam remained silent, as his nostrils flared in anger. Even Tia stopped applying lipstick to watch the encounter through the mirror. After a few minutes of tension Harris got up off the bed and took a seat in the desk chair. Liam visibly relaxed a little and took a seat on the bed, replacing Harris.

I didn’t like this side to Liam.

He checked his phone and then rolled his eyes. “Jordans here. I’ll be back.” He announced. I looked at Harris and Tia as Liam left the room and they both stared at me, silently asking what the f- just happened. But I didn’t know either.

“I’ll go help him.” I replied nervously.

I followed Liam out, he was directing Zak and Jordan with the kegs, one for the living room, one for the back yard and one for the kitchen. My house was going to get trashed. When Jordan and Zak left to get more I took my opportunity to railroad Liam.

“What the heck just happened up there?” I said light slapping his arm, he flinched.

“What?” He said, sounding alarmed.

“You know what.” I said, more serious this time.

“I leave you alone for a while and you already have a boy in your bed.” a displeased expression crossed his face and he rubbed the back of his neck with embarrassment. Well at least he knows he made a fool of himself.

“Don’t say it like that, you know you overreacted.” I said annoyed. “Besides, you go camping for a weekend and there you are chatting up a girl.” That never meant to come out.

Liams brow furrowed and a little ‘v’ appeared in the center of his forehead.

“How did you know about -” He stopped himself before he went too far and my face dropped. I knew there was a girl but I didn’t actually think there was anything to know about the girl. I felt my heart starting to break right there in front him and I had no right to feel that way because we’re not exclusive. We’re dating and we haven’t even been on a date yet.

“Don’t overthink things.” he said tapping on my temple with his index finger.

I didn’t say anything but I think my face said it all because after a while he rolled his eyes and sighed. “I’ve told you Liv, my body doesn’t wake up for anyone, besides you.” He stepped closer and pulled me into his chest, I nuzzled in his scent and tucked my arms under his, reaching them behind his back. “Just hugging you does things to me, it’s weird.” he whispered, kissing the top of my head when he said it and I knew the feeling.

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