Bad Boy Abused

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You've had a lot to drink

The party was in full swing and by full swing I mean someone had thrown up in my kitchen sink, my dads louis vuitton shoes and in one of the snack bowls. Three of my moms vases have been smashed after two douchebags used them as a ball in a game of throw and catch. I’ve also had to stop two couples and counting from using my bedroom as a cheap motel. I now opted to change my attitude by drinking as much alcohol as I could and dealing with the aftermath tomorrow once the party was over. Harris kept pouring me drinks and then chanting ‘chug, chug, chug’ as I knocked them to the back of my throat. The beer taste cheap but it was working so I wasn’t complaining.

Liam sat outside with his friends, I watched Ruby approach him and sit herself down on his knee. He didn’t like it and immediately stood up to get away from her. I poured myself another drink, drunkenly mumbling to myself about what a bitch Ruby was.

“You’ve had a lot to drink.” Liam said as he snuck up behind me.

“Liammm.” I was very excited to see him. I handed him the cup of beer that I poured for myself and then started refilling a new cup. “I have had a lot to drink, yes.” The words sounded funny on my tongue, Liam watched me with amazement, I think my words sounded funny to him too but I wasn’t sure.

I sat down on the breakfast counter stool to stop myself from tumbling to the ground, everything felt so dizzy but that didn’t stop me knocking back another cup. “You don’t like Ruby touching you, tell her stop.” His eyes shot open wide and he looked around paranoid.

“Liv!” He said my name sternly and shook his head.

“Oh relax Liam.” I answered, talking to him like he’s dumb.

“I think you’ve had too much drink. I should put you to bed.” Liam said, looking at me with a concerned expression. My drunken smile grew slopperly across my lips.

“I think you should put me to bed as well.” I bit down on my lower lip probably thinking I looked a lot sexier than I actually did.

“Come on.” Liam linked his arm through mine and guided me upstairs towards the bedroom. “Get out.” He said to some people who were making out on my bed. They instantly got up and left, you don’t mess with Liam Maines. He locked the door behind them and then guided me into my bathroom and sat me on the edge of the bath.

He turned to use the faucet and I stood up, unsteady on my feet. He turned around to look at me and I launched myself at him, throwing my hands around his neck. He didn’t flinch which is shocking because I even took myself by surprise. I threw lips onto his and really went for it in sloppy, wet, drunken kiss. He kissed me back. I pulled back from him slightly.

“Liam lets have sex. I’m ready. We can just do it here against the wall, however you want. I want to have sex with you.” And I meant it.

Liam let go and wiggled out of the hug. He reached up and rubbed the back of his neck, making me roll my eyes, “oh here we go” I muttered and he looked at me confused. I didn’t want to hear it so instead I edged towards him and grabbed the bottom of his shirt, pulling it up quickly before he could stop me. I heard him shouting my name a few times but I ignored him.

“I love this” I whispered stroking my hand up his torso, feeling every bump and dip of his abs.

“Liv, stop.” He whispered back, but he didn’t want me to stop because he couldn’t handle the touch, he wanted me to stop because he couldn’t handle the desire. So I lent in and kissed each muscle of his six pack his breathing increased under my lips and stifled moans escaped him.

“You need to stop.” he tried again but his voice was barely audible and he was being taken over by something out of his control.

My fingers fumbled towards the waistline of his jeans tugging on the button that separates me from what I wanted. I heard Liam take a deep breath and then he pulled out of my reach, slipping on his t.shirt quickly before I could protest.

“I can’t.” he breathed out, looking angry and I don’t know it if was at me or himself.

“I’m not going to take your virginity in a bathroom during a party when you’re completely wasted.” I could hear the anger in his voice but at the same time he was trying to let me down gently so it was a strange combination.

“Okay. But when I’m sober, I’m ready. I want this.” I nodded my head to reassure him and he didn’t say anything but he felt safe enough to get close to me now so he pulled me into another hug and planted a soft kiss on the top of my head.

He sat me back down on the edge of the bath and continued wetting a face cloth under the faucet. He then cleansed my face of makeup using the warm cloth, I enjoyed watching the concentration on his face as he got every last bit off my skin. When he had finished he bopped my nose and gave me a big boyish smile, the sexy one that shows all of his beautiful teeth.

“What you wearing for bed?” He asked looking at my skin tight silver dress.

“Nothing?” I smiled sloppily. He rolled eyes.

“You got underwear on under this thing?” He eyed my dress again and I nodded my head.

“Can I unzip?” He asked, with his cheeks turning a little pink. I nodded my head again, with a stupid grin on my face.

He gently swiped my hair over my shoulder and out of the way, his fingers then found my zipper and in an excruciatingly slow motion he edged it down, making it travel from the top of my back all the way down to my tailbone. I felt his warm breath tickle the skin of my neck because of how close he stood and I closed my eyes absorbing all of the sensation.

“There.” He said when he had completed his mission, I turned around making no efforts to remove my dress. I just looked at him with expectant eyes. His cheeks were turning redder in front of me. “You really gonna make me do it?” He said, finally realizing what I was up to. I nodded.

Liam hesitated for a few seconds but then he reached up and dragged the two shoulder straps down my arms, skimming my skin with his fingers as he did. His touch on my skin left a trail of warmth and a burning need for more. The dress slipped down further, past my bra revealing a strip of deep blue to match the sapphire in his eyes. The dress slipped further down my stomach and to my disappointment Liam was really careful not to touch me in any other areas besides my arms as he dropped the dress to the floor. He kept his ocean blue eyes focused on my face and I could see that it was a struggle for him because he just wanted to look down.

His face was a funny shade of scarlett and he looked real cute showing his embarrassment, I couldn’t help but stroke his cheek with the back of my hand as a smile stretched across my lips.

“Why do you blush?” I asked.

“Why do you point out unmanly things?” He replied, the blush now spreading to the back of his neck.

“I love that I can make you blush” I pressed my body against his and left a sweet kiss on his lips before backing away again.

Liam tucked me up in bed and then removed his jeans to climb in after me.

“You don’t have to stay here with me, you can go back to the party.” I offered.

“You think I’m leaving you here alone?” He said as he pulled back the duvet.

“Take your shirt off.” I ordered

Liam froze, thinking about it for longer than he needed to.

“I don’t know Liv.” he finally said, with hints of darkness fighting to get to the surface.

“Why?” I didn’t get it, he doesn’t always sleep without a shirt here but he’s not exactly shy about taking it off around me anymore.

“We’ve never slept in the same bed wearing nothing but underwear. I don’t know how I would feel about feeling your skin on mine. It might be too much.”

“But it might be just the right amount.” I smiled cheekily but he rolled eyes knowing he wasn’t getting through to me because I’ve drank too much so I straightened my drunken brain out the best I could “you don’t know if you don’t try Liam, if you don’t like it your shirts not going anywhere.”

He still hesitated and I thought he was just going to get in bed wearing his t.shirt but then he started tugging on the bottom of it. “Don’t try any shit.” he warned and I crossed my fingers over my heart to signal a promise. “I can’t believe I’m doing this, especially when you’re like that. I mean it Liv, don’t try anything.” I rolled my eyes, and giggled to myself. I’m really not the most sympathetic person when I’m drunk.

I felt his warmth as he slid in the bed next to me and I brought myself closer to him, nuzzling into his arm as he lay stiff, unable to relax.

“You done a good job at not flinching tonight.” I praise him in a patronizing way.

He turned to me looking displeased at my tone “You’re drunk Liv. Drunk people throw themselves at you, it’s expected.”

“Oh.” I said “I’m looking forward to our first date tomorrow night.”

“Me too.” He still lay really stiff.



“Do you wanna put your shirt back on?”


I giggled “go on then.”

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