Bad Boy Abused

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You saw me?

I felt nervous, I don’t know why. I’ve hung out with Liam alone hundreds of times today was no different. None of my clothes were good enough and I didn’t know what I was dressing for so I just went for a black, strap dress and paired with black converses to make it look more casual.

Liam knocked on my door dead on seven, he’s always great at time keeping. I smiled to myself when I opened the door, I’ve spent hours stressing over my outfit but he rocks up in his usual. Dark jeans, grey V neck t.shirt and black leather jacket. Classic Liam.

“You ready?” He asked, holding up a small black envelope that had a number one written across the front in silver ink. I nodded my head and he opened up the envelope reading it out loud.

‘Start off with dinner, we’ve booked a table at Ristorante Italia for seven thirty. Don’t order a pizza, get something fancy - Jordans paying. Bonus points if you’ve never tried it before. During dinner it’s time to discuss all of the hard topics. Lets get them out the way first. Ex girlfriends and boyfriends? What’s your body count? Whos your crush? Skeletons in the closet? Dish the dirt.’

“Wow, after everything we’ve already discussed they seem like easy topics.” Liam joked but my smile was fake. I really don’t want to hear about all the girls he’s been with during our first date, what was Tia playing at?


He pulled up at this lovely looking italian restaurant, it had ivy running all over the white exterior and it looked very elegant. The lady taking our booking flirted with Liam while we waited for a table to become available but Liam looked completely disinterested, if not slightly annoyed. The ambience of the restaurant was very romantic with dimmed lights and candles on each table. We finally got shown to a quiet area in the far corner of the room and I picked up the menu with a rumbling belly.

“Are you going to play along and get something you’ve never had before?” Liam said, glancing his own eyes down the menu. “I might get gnocchi, I haven’t had that before.” he concluded.

“I’ll get Lampredotto” but i wanted the pizza, at least this dish comes with bread rolls. Liam scoffed at my suggestion.

“You’re not brave enough to try that Liv.” He said as he grimaced.

“Excuse me?” I asked him to challenge me by the tone of my voice. I had no idea what I ordered but I liked that he doubted my bravery because he was about to be proved wrong.

A really slim man approached our table with a thick italian accent, he wore a full black uniform and his mustache curled upwards at the sides. He reminded me of someone from a old black and white sitcom.

“Can I take your order?” he tapped his pen against his little white notepad.

Liam ordered the gnocchi and then raised his eyebrows at me, waiting to hear my order with an amused, smug look written on his face. I raised my eyebrows back at him, accepting the challenge, looking equally as smug.

“Could I get Lampredotto please?” I asked the waiter.

“Certainly miss, wise choice. Such a delicacy. Will that be all?” We nodded our heads and signalled for him to leave. Liams mouth twitched in amusement.

“So you want to start with these ‘hard topics’ or me?” Liam said using brackets around certain words with his fingers, making it abundantly clear he didn’t think these topics were hard at all.

“I’ve never had a boyfriend, the closest I’ve come to one is dating Ben for two months and that was all fake.” Ben humiliated me, it was always going to be a hard topic for me to discuss. Liam shook his head at my mention of Ben, he didn’t approve of the whole situation and I knew he didn’t like Ben.

“How far did you go with him.” Liams question caught me off guard and I kind of froze. I’ve never been asked that and I’ve never told anyone that. I could feel my cheeks turning pink. “That bad, huh?” Liam asked, obviously assessing my reaction.

“We didn’t go far.” I announced. “We kissed, not even properly. Not like us. One day he copped a little feel of my boobs, just over my clothes but I pushed his hand away and told him to get off. He didn’t try again.”

“Jackass.” Liam said, looking repulsed. I took a sip of my water. “He told us he went a lot further than that with you.” I choked on my water from the impact of Liams words. “Jesus Liv, take smaller sips.” Liam handed me a napkin.

“What did he tell you?” I sounded really alarmed, I can’t believe he lied.

“Third base.” Liam said casually, taking a sip of his own water.

“You thought I went to third base with Ben?” I asked, disgusted at the idea and horrified Liam thought that of me.

“I always had my doubts. Bens a pig. So your virginity, you like religious or something?”

“No I’m not religious. It just didn’t happen, the only person it could of happened with was Ben and even I knew at the time it didn’t feel right and I didn’t trust him. I’m not holding onto my virginity like it’s some sacred thing, I’m ready so when the time’s right I’ll have sex.”

Liam rubbed the back of his neck and I could see hints fear coming to the surface of his eyes. I don’t know what I said to trigger his darkness. “yeah, you said last night you were ready.” he said quietly.

The waiter interrupted our conversation just as I was about to ask him what was on his mind. He placed a plate down in front of Liam, it looked delicious. Tomato covered gnocchi draped in mozzarella cheese and garnished with fresh basil leaves. Liams eyes lit up when he seen his bowl and I knew it was something he was going to enjoy. When the waiter placed my plate down I turned my nose up. It didn’t look too bad, but it wasn’t on the same level as Liams. There was bits of meat floating inside a gravy soup and it didn’t smell too appetizing.

Liams face lit up with crotch warming boyish smile as he waited for me to tuck into my meal. I tried to keep my face confident in order to fool him that I expected this but I think he could see right through me. I didn’t know if I should pick up my fork or my spoon so I just picked up a bread roll and dunked it in, scooping up some of meat. I hovered the concoxion about three inches in front of my mouth, willing myself to gain some courage to put it in. Liam watched the entire performance.

I closed my eyes and shoved it in, twirling the flavours around my mouth with distaste. The gravy was salty and the meat was ... chewy. It had strange texture like gelatin but it was stringy and pretty impossible to chew. I rolled it around my mouth a few times trying to break it into smaller chunks but it was dispersing. I ended up swallowing a big chunk and then just being relieved it was gone. Liam giggled to himself and I was determined not to let him win.

“It wasn’t bad. Quite nice actually.” I picked up another bread roll and dipped it into the gravy, trying to avoid the meat.

“You do know you just ate the insides of a cow’s stomach, don’t you?” Liam said, now buzzing with amusement.

I dropped the bread into the bowl and threw my hands over my mouth feeling sick. Liam threw his head back laughing, hard. He moved my bowl away and pushed his to the center of the table, picking up a fork and handing me it.

“I can’t share your food.” I said, nervously biting my lip.

“Don’t be daft, tuck in.” He replied taking a bite.

Liams food was good even though we only got a small portion each but we planned on getting a pizza later anyway. Liam continued our conversation from before, only this time we were talking about him. Something I hoped to have escaped from.

“I don’t know my body count, I lost my virginity at fourteen. Since then I’ve pretty much had a different girl every weekend, sometimes even through the week as well. The number is high and I’m ashamed of it but it was the only way I knew how to cope.”

“I figured as much, you know I saw you once. With Ruby in the principal’s office, it’s a long story but I was basically in the supply closet.” I don’t know why I just told him that, that was a secret I planned on taking to my grave.

“You saw me?” he looked creeped out, great.

“I didn’t watch but I was there, yes.” I lied. I watched the whole thing.

“And you didn’t think to come out and stop us before we did that?”

“You were intimidating and the whole thing was just weird, I understand it now but back then I just felt sorry for Ruby.” I bit my bottom lip, hoping to not offend him with my words but he didn’t seem offended so I relaxed.

“I was intimidating to you because I liked you and that scared me so I rebelled. It must of been bad if you felt sorry for Ruby.”

“So girlfriends, you already know I’ve only had one and that lasted six hours. Truth is, I’ve never wanted one, until now.”

My breath hitched as his silver eyes burnt into my soul, I knew he meant me but he didn’t actually say that. I would be his girlfriend in a heartbeat. I reached over and held his hand across the table, he didn’t flinch. Slowly I traced my thumb across his fingers in a soothing motion.

“Shall we see where we’re going next?” He asked pulling out the second envelope.

‘Now that you’ve eaten it’s time for desert but not in the way you think. Inside this envelope is a small key to my aunts boutique, she sells the finest underwear and I’ve set up a tab. Liv try some on and have Liam pick out his favorite. Make sure you lock up the store when you leave.’

I bit back a smile, I don’t know if it was from shock, nerves or excitement. Liam gets squeamish about these things and watching him turn red under the scrutiny of candle light was fun.

“I don’t think I can do that.” Liam said throwing his hands over his face and peeking out between his fingers.

“Let’s go.” I mouth standing to leave.

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