Bad Boy Abused

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You've really changed

“So what is going on with you and Tia?” I asked Harris during our biology lesson.

“We hooked up at your party and then again the next day at her house. We haven’t put a label on it or anything but I don’t know, I think she just wants to be friends with benefits.” he replied with a sigh indicating he wanted something more.

“I didn’t know you hooked up twice!” I squealed out.

“Yeah... so anyway what about you and Liam? How did the date go?” Harris dug his nose into his photosynthesis textbook, waiting for my answer and I smiled to myself remembering our date.

“Perfect. I told him I loved him.” my smile grew bigger, there was no hiding the obvious fact that I was happy.

Harris peered up from his book and looked at me with an expression that asked if I was joking.

“You told him you loved him on your first date?” He asked, needing confirmation of something that sounded so surreal when he put it like that. I nodded my head, my face was beaming. I needed to tone down my smile before my glow knocked someone out.

“What did he say?” Harris asked cautiously.

“He told me loved me first.” I admitted and Harris looked worried.

“That’s crazy.” he exclaimed.

“It sounds crazy but there is just this deep connection that we have to one another, I feel like we’ve been through so much in such a short amount of time together. You don’t understand.” I said truthfully, hoping to give him some sort of insight to what I feel but it sounded insane even to me. Harris didn’t look convinced but he didn’t argue with my reasoning either. He just told me to be careful and watch I didn’t get my heart broken. I knew my friends didn’t trust Liam but I honestly trusted him more than my friends. A vibration from my pocket startled me and when I pulled my phone out my face lit up to find a text off Liam.

Have lunch with me? Meet us at the bleachers. x

That is the first time he’s ever put a kiss at the end of his message to me and that tiny gesture meant the world to me. It filled my insides with warmth and I buzzed of the thought of seeing Liam again soon.


“You want to eat on the bleachers with the jocks?” Tia asked suspiciously.

“Yeah with Liam.” I confirmed, grabbing two lunch bags from the cafeteria, one for me and one for Tia. I was dragging her along with me.

We approached the bleachers and already I could see the jocks from the distance, Liam was laughing in a carefree way and looked radiant. I sat down beside him and he instantly pulled me into his embrace, placing a feather soft kiss on my forehead as his friends watched the encounter with questioning expressions. This was unusual for them to see.

“Are you two like together now?” Ben had the audacity to ask. I was still mad at him for telling his friends things went further than they actually did.

“We love each other.” Liam proudly admitted and I held my breath waiting for their reactions. I’m sure I heard Tia gasp from beside me and for a moment I cringed.

The circle fell silent as the apprehension grew inside of me. After a beat the jocks spilled out in side splitting laughter. Liam smiled, looking amused by their reactions but I didn’t find it funny. Tia sat perfectly still next to me, frozen in shock I think. Maybe I should have told her first but I knew she would give me ‘the talk’ in full depth because she already thought Liam was bad news and I wasn’t ready to hear that. Everyone slowly regained themselves after the initial shock of Liams words.

“You’ve been on one date.” Jordan managed to pull together through a string of laughter.

“You don’t love each other, you just don’t have anything to compare it to. You’re a virgin who’s never had a boyfriend and you’re a player who’s never had a girlfriend. What you’re feeling is lust not love and deep, deep sexual frustration. Bang it out, you’ll be fine.” Zak offered his unwarranted words of wisdom and I felt myself shrink just a few inches smaller. Tia still stayed silent but I knew she had a lot on her mind.

Liam interlocked his fingers with mine and then raised my hand to his puckered lips. He was trying to cushion the blow his friends had given us but it didn’t work. In the back of my mind Zak had placed doubt somewhere and now I was questioning my feelings for Liam.

“When you know you know, I’m in love with Helen and I’ve never even spoke to her.” Ben trailed off, looking hopefully in the direction of the cheerleaders.

“Yeah but you’re full of bullshit anyway, so...” I gave Ben my death glare as my outburst came out aggressively.

All eyes turned to me and the jocks made ‘ooooooohh’ noises around the circle encouraging this argument. Ben cowered down, refusing to meet my intense gaze and Liam gripped my hand tighter.

“What’s he lied about?” Tia asked me as I breathed through my rage.

“He said we got to third base, I didn’t even put my tongue in his mouth when we kissed!” I blurted out feeling even more angry retelling the situation.

Jordan and Zak let loose on another laughing spree, Ben hung his head even lower in shame and Liam joined in with my intense glare pointing in Bens direction.

“Piece of shit” Tia said with a disgusted look on her face.

Ben didn’t say anything, his face was an ugly shade of red and he refused to make eye contact with any one of us, probably deeply ashamed he had been caught out in his sick lie. When Tia & I left the gang she pulled me aside and I knew ‘the talk’ was coming.

“Liv, you’ve really changed you know?” She said, looking at me through wary eyes.

“Is that a bad thing?” I asked, thinking back to how I’ve changed over the past few weeks and the reason why.

“No. It’s a good thing actually, you would never stand up for yourself the way you do now. Liams brought you out of your shell, made you less anxious. Happier.” She stated like she couldn’t even believe her own words. I couldn’t help but smile.

“I know.” I agreed.

“I don’t doubt that you love him, but I think you should be careful. He’s not like you. He’s a bad boy Olivia, who would expect too much. Don’t let him pressure you into something you’re not ready for just because he usually gets it handed to him on a silver platter.”

“Liam has never pressured me into anything and he never would.” I reassured her, thinking that it was the opposite.

“Good.” She concluded leaving our conversation there, thankfully.


Bubbles clung to my body as I submerged myself in the warm water of the bathtub, thinking over the days events and letting Zaks words sink into my head. My feelings for Liam were so strong, but how did I know it was love if I had nothing to compare it to?

I smelt the shampoo as I opened the bottle inhaling the sweet scent of cocoa butter and coconut, lathering it into my hair washing away my doubts. Of course I loved Liam, I’ve never felt so intensely about anyone. I feel the need to protect him, to be with him constantly, I crave his touch and his kiss. It was love. I lay down in the water allowing my hair to fan out in a wispy and weightless fashion under the surface of the water.

A vibration interrupted my tranquil space and I sat wiping my hands on the nearest dowl before grabbing my phone from the sink unit to check me messages. It was from Liam.

Hey, I’m outside I’ve had a bad night. Can I stay with you?

My heart sank reading over his message and I became anxious not knowing what state Liam was going to be in both physically and emotionally. I made a mental note that he didn’t add a kiss this time but given the nature of the text I didn’t dwell on it. I text him back instantly.

Sure. I’ll be right down. X

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