Bad Boy Abused

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I'm good.

Standing up from the water I threw the towel over my body, not even bothering to dry myself and left my room in a mission to save Liam. As soon as I opened the bathroom door the cold air hit my body and my teeth chattered below my dripping hair but that didn’t matter when Liam was standing on my doorstep needing me.

I opened the door, Liam was standing out in the darkness under the cascading rain that drenched every single inch of him. His lip was badly swollen almost twice the size it usually is and it had a small cut that caused fresh blood to trickle down his chin. He stood in my doorway crouched over and clutching his arm across his belly. I could see he was miserable but I didn’t know if the water dropping down his face was coming from his eyes or the sky.

“Jeeze Liam, your lip!” I said at first glance.

“Yeah, this actually hurts more.” He reached up and touched the back of his head, when he pulled his hands back his fingers were covered in blood and I gasped pulling him inside and sitting him down to get a closer look.

Liam had a big gash to the back of his head, it bled but it didn’t look deep enough to need stitches. I placed a cold, wet flannel over his cut and he flinched from the pain not from the contact. He held a bag of frozen peas against his lip to hopefully take down the swelling.

“It’s not deep but I still think you should get checked out at the hospital. Do you feel dizzy? You might have concussion. I can come with you.” I try to encourage him but I already know he won’t get checked out.

“No, I’ll be fine. Can I hide it with my hair?” he asked with worry in his voice.

“Yeah you should be able to. How’s your stomach?”

“Not that bad, I’ve just got a banging headache.” He lifted his t.shirt to show me a new bruise that was forming in the size of a fist right in the middle of his rib cage.

“I’ll go get you some pain meds.”

He nodded his head and took the wet flannel out of my hand, holding it against his own head. I left him alone to search through my kitchen cupboards for some advil. As I filled a glass with cool water I felt Liams presence behind me. I turned around to find him inches away from me, getting closer. He reached up and pressed his hand against my cheek, and my cold body felt a tingle of warmth from his body heat.

“You make this so hard.” he whispered, pressing his forehead against mine. His minty breath invaded my senses and sent a delicious shiver down my spine.

“I make what so hard?” I asked, a little cloudy and taken aback by his closeness.

“Not having you.” his eyes had darkened with desire and he moistened his lips using his tongue which was now the only thing I could focus on.

“Then have me.” I said holding his eye contact in a challenging way.

“I wish I could” he said breaking the contact between us and pacing back a few steps. “Go get dressed, you must be freezing.” he added, allowing his eyes to roll up and down my body burning with need.

We walked up stairs to my bedroom and I gathered up my clothes conscious that he was watching my every move. Liam sat down on my desk chair in his soaking wet clothes, clutching his head.

“If you take off your clothes and I’ll throw them into the dryer, they won’t take long.” I offered and he raised an eyebrow and showed me his cocky smile. I rolled my eyes, knowing what he was thinking.

“If you wanted me naked all you had to do was ask.” He said starting to strip and I got a little embarrassed so pulled my eyes away. He removed his clothes throwing them at me like he was some kind of magic Mike tribute and then slipped under my blankets. My mind told me to stay calm even though Liam was completely naked in my bed.

I left the room with his wet clothes and shoved them into the dryer, I haven’t had a chance to dress yet but at least my body was now dry. I tied my wet hair back with a hair tie knowing I won’t time to blow dry it and returned to Liam. He lay in my bed sleeping and for a split second panic coursed through my body thinking he had slipped unconscious. I shouted him and shook him and he woke up looking dazed.

“Liam you shouldn’t sleep after a head injury.” I still sounded shaken and he flashed me a dosey smile as he blinked in the lights.

“But I’m tired. Get in.” He pulled back the covers a little for me to join and I hesitated because of our lack of attire but with a racing heart I gave in and slid next to him. Liam propped himself up in the bed, in attempt to keep himself awake I guess.

“I was so miserable when I came here but seeing you made my mood turn right around, you’re amazing.” Liam said, making me feel shy. Liam assessed my expression and then furrowed his brows “You’re nervous?” he asked.

“Well... yeah” I said in an obvious tone, pointing down at our bodies that were hidden safely away under the covers. Liam giggled and it occured to me that he didn’t seem nervous in the slightest, usually he does. That’s progress. His eyes trailed off to my laptop.

“You wanna hack Bens Facebook and get payback?” He wore a mischievous grin on his face that sparkled his eyes in the most beautiful way. I nodded my head, mimicking his smile. He grabbed my laptop and started typing in Ben’s email and password.

“How do you know his log in details?” I asked.

“I know all of theirs. We’ll hack the others next.” He said clicking onto the status update “What you want to write?” He handed me the laptop and my fingers hovered over the keyboard thinking of what to put.

‘I tried mating with a slug once, it didn’t want me. So I covered myself in vaseline and rolled around the floor in order to become the slug.’

We went onto Jordans Facebook and messaged a lot of his mom’s friends suggesting they hook up. For Zak we broke up with Natasha over messenger which I thought was taking things a bit far but Liam reckons he’s not that into her and they always break up over text. It just means they’ll have makeup sex tomorrow. We spent the evening laughing and joking at his friends expense, my cheeks hurt from smiling.

“Can we go to sleep now?” Liam asked, looking tired.

I wasn’t sure but it had been a few hours since the injury and I felt like enough time had passed for it to be safe enough to sleep so I nodded my head. Liam snuggled down under the covers and I joined him. He lay watching me with one hand under his pillow and silver eyes shining dominantly through the darkness.

“At least he didn’t use his boots today, I can handle his rings.” he whispered and I think he wanted to talk about it.

“You shouldn’t have to handle anything Liam, you should get help, go the police or tell a teacher, anything. You wouldn’t have to deal with him again.” I pleaded.

“Liv, we’ve been through this. I know she’s a piece of shit but she’s my mom and I can’t help but love her. When Jax gets mad he releases it on her but if I piss him off when he’s already mad he comes for me instead. She doesn’t want help. She doesn’t want out of the life she’s living. I’m eighteen soon. I’ll leave then.”

“But she’ll be left with Jax.” I said not making sense of his reasoning.

“Yeah, she will. But I can’t do it anymore. I’ve stuck around protecting her for eighteen years, I need to make the next years about me.”

I reached over and cupped his cheek with my hand in order to offer him some comfort, he watched my hand approach him so he didn’t flinch but I honestly think he’s getting better with the unexpected touch even though he probably wouldn’t agree because he only sees his faults and not his goodness.

“Can we get closer?” I asked nervously.

Liams eyes widened and I already knew the answer was going to be no. His body tensed and discomfort radiated from him. It made me wish I didn’t ask that question.

“Can you turn?” He finally said offering a compromise that I complied with.

I felt Liam shuffle closer to me, feeling his body cling to all of the places mine dipped in. His hand came over my stomach and pulled me closer to him. Feeling the heat of his body pressing against my towel and smelling his signature, comforting scent of oud wood and fresh vanilla. I smiled to myself knowing Liam was here and he was safe.

“You good?” I asked, checking up on him. He hesitated to answer me, his rapid breaths filling the air and my heart sank when I concluded he was freaking out and wanted to get out of the bed but he finally spoke.

“I’m good.” he whispered with anything but confidence in his voice.

Oh Liam.

My eyes slowly became heavy and I was lost to the land of slumber, drifting away in Liams arms.

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