Bad Boy Abused

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Take it off.

I woke up tangled in Liams body, my towel had disappeared I must have thrown it out of the bed during the night. Liam slept next to me with his hand draped over me, holding me in the place close to my heart that nobody has ever explored.

“Uh.. Liam?”

That definitely backfired, Liam mumbled something inaudible and pulled me closer, I looked down at his wandering hand which was waking a need inside of me that I so badly wanted him to fulfil.

“Liam.” I said louder this time and I felt some movement from behind me.

“Oh God, I’m sorry.” Liam frantically pulled his hand back to his own body. “I didn’t ... I wasn’t ... I was asleep.” He was freaking out a little, he struggled to form sentences.

I rolled over to face him, flashing him a wide smile when I could see the discountenance on his face, he was so coy and his cheeks flushed a bright shade of red. I loved it when he was embarrassed. I couldn’t help myself but lean in and plant a soft kiss on his lips. He reciprocated the kiss, although it wasn’t a full on make out session this early in the morning.

“I’m gonna go get your clothes so you can shower.” I grabbed the towel from the floor and wrapped it around my body to protect my modesty, I’m still not confident enough to walk around naked in front of him.


Liam was showering in my bathroom and I took this opportunity to get dressed, I think my feelings will be reined more under control when we both had clothes on. I threw on some music, for some reason thriller started playing and I wasn’t hating it.

I opted for navy blue underwear, I’m a little obsessive about wearing matching sets and this one was super cute with a thin slips of lace that sits above my hip bones and had a large bow above my butt. My side vision spots something I can’t resist. Liams leather jacket sitting on the end of the bed. Listening out for the falling water from the shower I know I’m safe to sneakily try it on, to feel him against my skin in the only way I can safely.

I disappear into the jacket because it’s a little to big for me but the size is comforting and as Michael Jackson sings down my speakers I can’t help but turn up the music and dance along. The jacket seemed appropriate for the music choice. As the track faded out to end I heard a motion in the doorway behind me and I froze, closing my eyes as realization sinks in.

Coming face to face with Liam he stood with his chestnut hair a few shades darker with the wetness, his mouth was ajar slightly and his eyes were laced thick with desire. He paced towards me and gripped me at the sides, lifting me into the air. My legs straddled his waist for support and he searched my eyes for the permission he needed to proceed. My fingers moved to his hair, gently tugging on it to pull his face upwards to meet mine.

Our lips smacked together with a smoldering need for one another, one so intense we would combust if we didn’t fulfil it. Liam walked towards my bed, dropping me down without breaking our kiss. I felt him smile against my mouth and it made the butterflies flutter wildly in the pit of my stomach as his tongue explored all the areas he knew so well by now. My hands gripped his sides through the safety net of his cotton t.shirt and although I wished he wasn’t wearing his armour I didn’t try to remove it.

“Don’t ... wear ... my ... jacket.” Liam panted through the kisses.

I laughed against his lips, ignoring the scolding as he deepened the kiss taking everything I had to offer him. He tried to break contact but I tugged his bottom lip between his teeth and he moaned loudly, I released him and he softened the blow of separation with a sweet, final kiss before leaving my body to stand back across the room catching his breath. His eager eyes trailed my entire body leaving me feeling exposed.

“Take it off.” He said in a raspy voice.

My eyes challenged him as I refused to move.

“It looks better on me than it does on you.” I teased, posing in the mirror, flaunting it in front of him.

“Take it off” he said again, with a hint of warning to his voice which made me smile more.

“It’s heavy” I said shrugging my shoulders up and down “what you got in the pockets?” I asked curiously.

“Don’t go through my pockets.” his eyes was alight with humor but his voice was stern. I obviously dipped my hands in his pockets immediately because it’s fun to wind him up.

I pulled out a little silver metal box, when I opened the box there were several cigarettes and a red lighter inside. I threw the box down on the bed disinterested. He scooped them up in his hands immediately, the whole time glowering at me through his blue eyes. I pulled out a small piece of paper, written in messy script was ‘Taylor’ and a phone number.

“Taylor wants you to call her.” I deadpanned. “You won’t be doing that.” I screwed the paper up and threw it into the trash can, quite pleased with myself for scoring. Liam rolled his eyes but didn’t react to me throwing out the number.

Next I pulled out a condom packet, my eyebrows raised in his direction trying to look like I disapproved but my amusement gave me away.

“It’s good to always be prepared.” He said picking the condom up from the bed and clutching them with his cigarettes.

From his inside pocket I pulled out a small, red material bag with two drawstrings. It was made from velvet or something and looked quite fancy. Liam rubbed the back of his neck and the atmosphere changed.

“What’s this?” I said with a more serious tone now. From his reaction I wasn’t sure if I should look inside, he was acting like he wanted to keep the contents of the bag private and I didn’t want to invade his privacy.

“That’s nothing.” he said, trying to keep his cool and play it down but I could see right through him and he did not want me to look in this bag so I threw it down on the bed but he didn’t scoop it up, he just looked up at me dumbfounded.

“You’re not looking inside?” he said slowly.

“Should I look inside?” I asked.

Liam looked at the bag then back at me. He looked at the bag again and then back at me. He chewed the inside of his cheek and a smile pricked my lips watching him weigh up his odds. Finally he sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.

“Yeah. You should.” he said.

Gingerly I picked up the little bag and carefully separated the drawstring gather. I peeked into the bag and my jaw dropped to the floor. I looked up at Liam who stood looking ridiculously nervous, avoiding my eye contact. My index finger and thumb reached into the bag and grabbed the item bringing it out into the open for a closer inspection.

“Is this - ” I asked look at a pattern of black and white that sat comfortably in the palm of my hand.

“Yes.” Liam interrupted me, the famous pink tinge filling his face.

“You kept it?” I was truly astonished.

Liam nodded his head. “It doesn’t fit me anymore but I wear every day, tucked inside the pocket of my leather jacket.”

“Liam I made this for you when we were five.”

“You were special to me, even back then. I told you. It’s always been you Liv.”

I looked down at the friendship bracelet, recalling the memory of us exchanging them. We used thick cotton and weaved them into one another. I picked black and white for Liam and he picked green and white for me, he said it matched my eyes. We promised to be friends forever, keep each other’s secrets and to have a seven tiered wedding cake at both of our weddings just because we both loved cake.

I carefully placed the bracelet down on my bed and then searched through my desk drawer for my own. Pulling it out I handed it Liam and his eyes widened.

“You know I kept mine right? You picked up the correct card in social studies that told you I kept it.” But he didn’t look like he knew, he genuinely looked surprised to be holding my friendship bracelet.

“You said you kept the friendship bracelet your first crush made you. I didn’t know that was me.” He said and my face dropped realizing I had unintentionally just told him he was my first crush.

“Oh, I forgot about that part. Yeah, I’ve been crushing on you for some time.”

Liam placed my bracelet next to his, he then took a photo and uploaded it to his Instagram captioning it ‘reunited’ the reactions flooded in straight away. I picked up his bracelet and slotted it in the bag. Putting it back in his pocket safe and sound.

“No, it has to go in the left side pocket.” Liam said dramatically.

I scoffed “So it’s close to your heart” I said sarcastically.

Liam squirmed a little and blushed.

“Oh my God, that’s too cheesy.” I joked, putting the bag back in it’s rightly place - on his left side.

I peeled back the jacket off my skin and handed it back to him, he started putting his things back in it and I went to my own drawers to finally get dressed. To think Liam has wore his friendship bracelet all this time is absolutely phenomenal and I thought he hated me.

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