Bad Boy Abused

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How was I going to survive the day?

Was I ready for today? I searched my reflection in the mirror for answers.

Loose curls hugged the edges of my face highlighting multiple blended shades of blonde throughout. Four eyes squinting back at one another with determination. Today was Thursday, Liams turn to mimic me.

On one hand I could spend the whole day with Liam, at first we’ll hate it. But as the day goes on I’ll climb all of Liams barriers and he’ll open up his soul to me. By the time last bell rings through the corridors we’ll be so madly in love it will be like one of those cliché chick flicks.

On the other hand I could spend the whole day with Liam, I’ll be ridiculously nervous and not speak. He will constantly bully, degrade and humiliate me at a time when I have no possible escape. I’ll spend the ten minute bathroom times crying in a dirty stall. Then I’ll be reminded of it from him & his friends for the rest of my school year.

Or... he could just not turn up.

Pulling on leather look leggings, a casual white t.shirt and a long line denim jacket I took another long look in the mirror. Lastly I pulled a beanie hat out of my drawer and pulled over my head as if it was the amour that would protect me. I was ready to go. As an afterthought I grabbed a packet of gum so if I did have to spend the day tied so closely to Liam my breath would be minty fresh.

Scanning the car park I noticed the jocks car all lined up, there was a high chance he was already here. Pulling my beanie a little lower I focused my mind on a simple goal - get to the social studies classroom.

As I crossed the courtyard I became increasingly subconscious of glances shot in my direction. Why was everyone looking at me?

“Slut.” Someone said to me in passing. I’ve never seen her before but she looked at me like I was the dirt on her shoe.

As I walked past groups whispers stuck out but I couldn’t gauge enough of their conversations to know exactly what they were talking about, I just know all eyes were on me.

“sex with... panties... whore.”

Keeping my head down, ignoring the whispers and stares I focused on my goal. Social studies classroom. When I finally reached it I sagged against the door because the mission of walking to this classroom took everything out of me. That’s when I spotted him.

At the back of the classroom Liam sat on a table, his legs hung down resting on the chair. Bobbing his head with a rhythm to the beat of his music and drumming his hands on his thigh. He looked... relaxed. Which is the complete polar opposite to how I look and feel right now. He hadn’t noticed I had entered the classroom, he had his head down in his own musical world. So I got to secretly appreciate his beauty from afar.

Chestnut brown hair swayed each time he moved his head and my fingers twitched to touch it. He had screwed his nose up causing cute wrinkles and his pink lips mouthed the words to silent songs. A smile crept in across my face as I just spied him acting like a completely normal, boyish teenager.

Coming into my line of vision Ruby waltzed over to him and I felt my face instantly drop. She stood mega close to him, too close. She pushed her bust out like an ape and twirled her hair around her fingers. My eyes rolled back so far that they almost fell inside my skull. Liam barely looked up at her, I noted his mouth move every few seconds but he wasn’t keeping up a conversation. He shook his head and quickly the engagement between the pair ceased.

Liam looked up, sapphire rings closed in around emerald rings. I froze. For one second that felt like an hour we held each other’s gaze until he broke contact and looked down shaking his head with disappointment.

Mr Hibbert called each pair over one by one and clamped on the handcuffs. Then it was our turn. I outstretched my trembling arm towards Mr Hibbert praying that Liam wouldn’t notice how much I was shaking. Cold metal brushed up against my warm skin and with a few clicks the circular frame clamped down locking me into a helpless and vulnerable position.

Liam was after me. His face went from being completely impassive to coming alive with emotions but I couldn’t quite decipher what emotions they were. His face had paled slightly and he furrowed his brow, he clenched his jaw causing the muscles in his cheek to tense. For a split second I wondered if he was expressing fear, but then I chuckled to myself remembering Liam knows no fear. He shot me a side eye and just like that his cloak of emotion invisibility was back on masking everything that was currently running through his mind.

The handcuffs felt alien, like a heavy weight hanging from my arm. Being in such a close proximity to Liam was alien, like a heavy weight hanging from my heart ... or somewhere else. My cheeks reddened.

“Listen Olive, I don’t want to do this so lets get a few things straight, shall we?” He stared blankly through me and his voice was calculatingly cold. “Don’t ask me questions. Don’t talk to me. Don’t get in my way.”

My skin prickled with agitation, why was I so drawn to someone who treated me so badly?

Somewhere I managed to find my voice, sort of.

“Um... we gotta... uh... My first class is calculus.” I stammered out.

“Great.” Liam brimmed with sarcasm.


As I sat in Miss Frenches calculus class I couldn’t concentrate, my mind was fixated on being next to Liam. Fresh vanilla got carried through a small breeze every now and again, it was completely intoxicating. I was so close to Liam I could feel the heat from his body, it warmed up my insides and exposed itself on my furnace-like cheeks. Sometimes he would move his handcuffed hand and it would rub my skin ever so slightly. I pretended not to notice, but I did notice and so did the thousands of butterflies causing fluttering chaos low down in my stomach.

We hadn’t breathed a word to each other the whole lesson which infuriated me because I just wanted the guts to start a conversation with him. My mind flipped over what I wanted to say to him but my mouth wouldn’t allow any sound to follow. Miss French left the room to take care of an important phone call, now would be the perfect chance to strike up a conversation.

“Look Liam, Olivia thinks she’s got a chance with you because you’re forced to be with her all day isn’t that sweet?” Natasha, head cheerleader and top bitch beat me to it.

Liam looked up at her, surprised I think. Then he looked at me. Amusement plastered across his cocky face but he also seemed slightly confused. For a minute or two he didn’t reply, it was like he was waiting for me to reply but again my mouth betrayed me. Instead I hung my head low and didn’t look at either of them. Finally Liam smiled and nodded at her. His reaction gave her the ammunition to continue.

“Seriously Olive, you look like you’ve gained a few pounds and that beanie makes you look like trailer trash. Do you honestly think someone like Liam would ever go for someone like you?” She wounded me deeper.

As if it wasn’t enough to humiliate me in front of Liam with her words she had to take it one step further with her actions as well. Picking up a big jar full of thick, black ink she tipped the contents over my calculus paper covering every square inch of my white sheet.

Miss French came back and asked everyone to turn in their papers at the front, I had no time to redo the work and I knew I was going to get an F for Fail. Kids scurried out of the classroom to their next classes while Liam & I hesitated.

“um.. Miss French, there was an accident with my paper.” I sheepishly admitted.

“Miss Charles, that looks deliberate. Did you do this yourself to get out of writing the paper?” She suspiciously eyed Liam, I knew she thought he was the reason for my change in attitude. I couldn’t confess it was Natasha or I would get hit even harder next time. So I stayed mute, something I have so much experience in being.

The whole time I was conscious that Liam was drinking in every word. It wasn’t like I expected him to help me but he did have the chance to be my voice. Instead he stood motionless, holding the whole situation under an intense murderous gaze.

“This is not good enough Olivia. I want you back for after school detention. You can finish this paper then.” Miss French squawked with a snooty, annoying voice.

As we left the classroom a deep voice sneered “nice going dumb ass, you got us detention.”

And with those words I peeled my eyelids over and shut him out.

How was I going to survive the day?

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