Bad Boy Abused

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To be his girlfriend

Tia and I shopped for prom dresses, I wasn’t really feeling the whole ‘prom thing’ but she insisted I shouldn’t wait until last minute to get a dress so here we are, piling into boutique after boutique and trying on many dresses in different styles and colours.

“What do you think about this one?” Tia asked, checking herself out in the mirror.

“I like it!” I replied without any enthusiasm.

“No, I don’t like the colour.” she said removing the dress.

I tilted my head back and sighed, I am never going to get out of here.


“Harris is here.” Tia shouted from the doorway, we invited him round for a movie marathon after Tia and I failed to buy prom dresses. I feel like I’ve spent a lot of time with Liam lately and I don’t want to be the girl who forgets about her friends when she gets involved with a guy.

“What’s up Olivia?” Harris said eyeing my elevated feet that sat comfortably under a icep pack.

“Oh, she’s just being dramatic because we walked to too many shops today. Ignore her.” Tia chirped in, I gave her my best glower and Harris laughed.

We settled down on the sofa under blankets, with popcorn and other snacks to keep us awake. We’re doing the Harry Potter challenge. You have to watch as many of the movies as possible before falling asleep. Whoever lasted out the longest won the challenge. So far we made it through Philosophers Stone and Chamber of Secrets but it was getting late and my eyes were starting to get heavy so I rested my head on Harris’ shoulder and tried to keep up with Prisoner of Azkaban. There was a knock a door and my friends looked at me with questioning looks, like I had xray vision and could see who it was.

“Should I answer it? Who’s knocking at half past eleven at night?” Tia said. They knocked again and I nodded my head because we had Harris here to protect us.

We paused the movie while Tia went to open the door, listening carefully to the chatter coming from the hallway. When Tia returned Liam was with her and on instinct I sat up really quickly, pulling away from Harris and meeting Liams intense gaze with a guilty look like I had been caught doing some wrong. Tia sat down completely oblivious to the now awkward tension that was thick in the air.

“Liam are you ok?” I said, through a loud, raspy voice.

Liam didn’t answer me or pull his eyes away from Harris and I knew I needed to put more space between us so I stood up and walked over to Liam, gesturing him to follow me to the kitchen. I told them they could resume the movie.

“Are you okay?” I asked again when I had Liam alone.

“Yeah.” He said through an impassive, cold voice. Great, I was getting this Liam.

Are you hurt?” I looked him over with concern and nothing alarming stood out to me.

“No.” He said bluntly.

“What are you doing here?” I asked gently hoping get a reply that contained more words this time.

“Nothing, I’m gonna go. Leave you... alone.” His voice was scarily deep and his face was emotionless, he said the last word with utter disapproval and disgust. I rolled my eyes.

“Oh stop.” He was irritating me and I spoke with a tone that let him know it. He narrowed his eyes at me but said nothing so I took that as my opportunity to continue. “I would like for you to stay but only if you snap out of this bad mood, get to know my friends.” He looked towards the living room and then back at me.

“You’re watching the Harry Potter movies?” He asked and with a smile I nodded. He just replied “okay” and followed me back into the living room where he placed himself right in the middle of Harris and I.

We stayed like that for about half an hour before there was another knock on the door and Liam jumped up to answer it before bringing Jordan and Zak back in with him. Our marathon had been well and truly crashed.

By the time Order of the Phoenix was halfway through everyone had fallen asleep except myself who had my energy revitalized when everyone started piling into my house and Jordan who seemed really into the movies, maybe even just as much as his car. When the movie finished he asked we should call it quits and continue tomorrow. I don’t know why I agreed to have them all round again tomorrow when I didn’t even want them here tonight but I did.

“Where can I smoke?” Jordan asked waving a packet of cigarettes at me.

“I’ll show you” I said, leading him to the garden. I didn’t trust him not to set fire to anything.

I lay down on the sun loungers and he lay next to me on a seperate one, lighting up his cigarette so the amber tip contrasted with the night sky. I felt a little nervous being alone with Jordan because I didn’t know him that well but he looked completely at ease as he inhaled and exhaled the polluted stick.

“He may never ask you, ya know?” He broke the silence.

“To prom?” I asked, puzzled at his random statement.

He laughed and shook his head “to prom” he repeated my words in an amused manner.

“To be his girlfriend.” He said it like it was an obvious statement.

“Oh.” My face dropped a little, I hadn’t thought of that. We arranged to ‘date’ but I feel like we’re beyond dating. Did I need to be officially asked? What’s going on right now feels pretty monogamous, but it also doesn’t feel secure enough without the label.

“That’s big step for him, I don’t know if he’s going to be ready for that.” Jordan said, blowing smoke into the night air.

“How do you know all this stuff about Liam without actually knowing anything about Liam.” I asked, not entirely sure I should.

Jordan laughed for a short few moments and then his smile dropped and he burnt his dark eyes into me, looking serious.

“I’m not a fool Olive. I know what’s going on but Liam doesn’t like to talk about it and I respect that. I’ve known him a long time, when we were kids he used to come by my house and ... he doesn’t know I know this but he used to steal food from my cupboards. I ended up buying two of everything he likes just so he could take one home. I still do now.”

My mouth dropped open, so Jordan knew this whole time but didn’t say anything.

“So, Liams never spoke to you about his life?”

“No, but deep down I think he knows I know. So does Zak. We don’t need to have a conversation about it, he lives it and when he finally does escape from it he doesn’t want to be talking about it with his friends. We just help him wherever we can.”

“You’re a good friend Jordan.” was about all that I could manage to say to him, my opinion of the jocks have completely changed since getting closer to Liam.

“I don’t want you to give up on waiting for him to ask you, he will eventually, he just needs time. Oh and Olive, he’ll definitely ask you to prom as well. He loves that shit.”

Jordan had the biggest smile on his face as he stood up to go back inside. I stood too and he caught me off guard by throwing his arms around my waist, pulling me into a hug. I didn’t react to the hug at first so it was awkward but eventually I wrapped my arms around him and returned it.

“I’m sorry for all the shit that went down Olive” he said sincerely, close my ear “thanks for saving by boy” he added.

The door swung open and Liam stood looking at us, rubbing the tiredness away from his eyes. I gasped and tried to pull back away from Jordans embrace but Jordan held me tighter, wanting Liam to see.

“What are you both doing out here?” Liam asked, still looking dazed.

“Wouldn’t you like to know?” Jordan said suggestively, walking past Liam to return back inside.

The panic in my eyes reached Liam “nothing... we wasn’t doing anything, he just hugged me. That’s it.” I spluttered out, alarmed that Liam might go back to one word answers and impassive stares but instead a perfect smile stretched sleepily across his lips.

“come on, lets go to bed.” he held his hand out for me to take.

“Wait, so I can hug your friends but not mine?” I asked cautiously.

“You can hug whoever you want Liv, I just prefer it when you hug my friends or Tia.” Liam said with a cocky smile.

“Jordans the biggest player in the game.” My volume was louder and I was speaking in high pitched toned now, not quite believing what Liam was saying.

“He also wouldn’t do that to me. I don’t trust Harris.” Liam said more sternly this time.

“You know Tia and Harris are hooking up, right?”

Liam looked like a lightbulb had gone on in his head as he drank in my words.

“I did not know that.” He said slowly before leading me up to my bedroom.

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