Bad Boy Abused

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I am Ready

It had been a few weeks since we had the Harry Potter marathon, my parents came home and I ended up spending less time with my friends. Liam hadn’t made any indication that we were leading towards a relationship and it annoyed me that Jordan had put those thoughts in my head because they didn’t exist before our late night chat.

He also still hadn’t asked me to prom but Tia had made me buy a dress anyway. It was a red, full silk gown and the neckline dipped to a long V that revealed a lot of cleavage. It was bolder than something I would usually buy but then I was feeling bolder these days.

Liam was picking me up soon, he had planned something for our second date but I didn’t know what. He told me to dress casual, so black skinny jeans, band t.shirt and a red suede biker jacket was what I opted for. When Liam pulled up outside I was ready to go and he praised my punctuality.

He drove us down by the lake on his motorcycle and memories flooded back to the first time I was here with Liam. I was so nervous to approach him and even more nervous to speak to him. We were like two completely different people back then. It was the first time Liam apologise to me after he hurt Alex real bad.

“What are we doing here?” I asked as the wonderment built up inside of me.

“I rented a boat.” Liam said casually and my eyes shot to the sky. What the fu-

Liam gestured towards a small speedboat, it had a fancy white exterior that curved elegantly around the front. Inside plush white leather chairs lined around the sides, completely with decorative cushions in different tones of blue. It looked expensive and I silently questioned if Jordan had anything to do with it.

“Have you ever been to the otherside of the river?” Liam asked as he helped me into the boat. I shook my head, the closest I’ve got to the other side is the wooden docks that walk out a little over the water. “It’s beautiful.” he said starting the engine up and gliding us across the still water causing little ripples in our wake.

“How do you know how to drive the boat?” I asked, amazed at his natural skills.

Liam smiled as if he was remembering something fond, then he replied “it’s jordan’s boat, we use it alot.” I just nodded, made sense.

We pulled up beside some rocks and Liam lowered an anchor into the water. He climbed out and then reached his hand to help me. It was so quiet and serene on this side of the water, nobody was around because there wasn’t really anything here. With Liams hand interlocked in mine he led us up the rocks towards a small cave area. It wasn’t completely enclosed but instead it was like a wide tunnel made from the rocks, enclosed enough to give us privacy. As we walked closer I could see small flickers of light coming from candles that had been placed around the area, red roses lay scattered amongst the candles and the whole cave twinkled in a romantic ambience that made my breath quicken and my heart race. The aromatic smell of roses and vanilla flooded my senses and smelt divine. Liam hit play on his phone and very low music poured out of his speakers, just enough to sit in the background taking the echo out of our voices.

“Liam, this is beautiful.” I said in awe.

“I told you.” He smiled a great big boyish smile that sent messages to the area of my body that wanted him the most.

He led us through the candle, flower pathway until we approached a red blanket set out on the floor with different food platters on, he made me a picnic. I was speechless.

“Jordans chef made the food so it’s gonna taste good.” Liam announced, pulling things out of a retro picnic basket and placing them onto the plates in front of us.

“This is amazing, I can’t believe you did all of this.” I said looking around with a stupid smile on my face.

We talked and ate and talked some more. Liam seemed nervous about something, he kept rubbing the back of his neck and he spoke quite quickly. I had let it go for about an hour now but he seemed to getting worse and he almost dropped one of the glasses, when he caught it he wiped his palms on his jeans.

“You seem nervous?” I asked, determine to get to the bottom of it.

“Am I that obvious?” He said looking up to meet my gaze.

I nodded “only to me” I confirmed.

Liam brought out a silver plate cloche that was so shiny it reflected everything. He placed it down diligently in front of me and then tapped the handle lightly with his index finger, not breaking eye contact.

“You ready?” He said.

I looked at the food platter with a bewildered expression, ready for what? To see what other food he’s brought. I didn’t say anything but I nodded my head, waiting for the big reveal. Liam took a deep breath and slowly lifted the lid. My eyes blinked a few times getting accustomed to what was in front of me. Written in rose petals sat the word ‘Prom?’ in the center of the plate. I looked up at Liam, smiling from ear to ear.

“This is why you’re so nervous? Of course I’ll go to prom with you!” I say, leaning forward to grab him into a hugging embrace. Liam stuck his lips to my neck sending the sweetest of shivers down my spine but we pulled apart just as quickly and continued our picnic but Liam didn’t seem to relax anymore.

“The guys have ordered a limo so we can go with them. There’s room for Tia and Harris as well, if they want.” Liam chewed the inside of his cheek and I couldn’t take the smile off my face.

“You’ll travel with Tia and Harris?” I ask and Liam rolled his eyes.

“I still don’t trust him, but I accept that he’s your friend.” Liam answered with a displeasing tone.

I didn’t question Liams nerves again but I knew something was sitting well with him. Once our picnic was over he took us back over the river.

“Thank you for this date, it was perfect.” I said as I exited the boat.

“It’s not over yet, there’s one more surprise.” Liam said through a shaky voice.

Maybe this next surprise is the one he’s been nervous about, maybe it’s another question. The question I’ve been waiting for since Jordans chat. I felt my heart race as hope filled excitement started building inside of me. Liam brought me home and as I stepped inside my front door I was greeted with more rose petals at my feet.

“Follow them.” Liam said.

They led down my hallway, clumped together in floral line. I followed them up the stairs, taking great care not to stand on any petal on the way up. The soft line gathered to my bedroom and when I opened the door a huge heart display lay in the center of the bed. I blinked at the beautiful scene and then turned my attention back to Liam.

“What’s this?” I ask for clarification.

“I think ... ugh ... I think ... I’m ready.” Liam hesitated to say as he rubbed the back of his neck.

My eyes softened on him and my head automatically titled to one side, the way people do when they’re giving out sympathy. Oh Liam. Even as he said those words to me they didn’t sound sure and it was in that moment I realized what he truly had been nervous about all night. It wasn’t the prom proposal, it was this. I walked over to him, standing directly in front of him and gripped his two hands in mine.

“Liam, we don’t have to do this. I’m fine with waiting. There’s no pressure, no rush.” I spoke my words really carefully, I wanted him to know I was being honest.

“I want to do this Liv.” Liam said trying to pull back some confidence. “There is no one I’m going to trust myself with more than you. I’m always going to be scared whether we do it today, tomorrow or in ten years. I’m ready.” Liam spoke with silver eyes as he desperately tried to coil back his fear.

“Are you sure?” I whispered one last time.

Liam hesitated to answer but eventually nodded his head.

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