Bad Boy Abused

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Wow guys, it’s been a journey!

Thank you so much for reading my story, I wanted to include a ‘not a chapter’ with some important information, but don’t worry you’ll still get the last chapter tomorrow like normal.

I have a Liams POV to this story (She Saved Me), I’ll post one chapter every day. It comes with a pre warning though because there’s more detail about his abuse and what he goes through daily so if you feel like that would be a trigger for you then maybe it’s best to skip out on that one. Although She Saved Me is telling the same story as Bad Boy Abused I feel like it’s very different seeing it from Liams eyes. I am also debating writing a follow on from this story because I think Liams character still has a long way to go and people are eager to find out about Jordans love interest.

Please, please, please review this story. It helps my story get recognised by others and gives me an idea on what you think. I’ve loved reading all your comments and feedback so far and welcome it to continue.

Lastly, if you feel like you’re getting abused at home, at school, at work or by anyone please reach out and tell someone. If you don’t feel like you can openly talk about it then write it down and slip the note to someone. It could be stranger, someone you trust or an authority figure. Nobody deserves to be physically, emotionally or sexually hurt in anyway and just know, things may seem dark now but with a little help you’ll find your way back to the light.

Once again thank you for reading, enjoy the last chapter. 🍆

-Author E.

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