Bad Boy Abused

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Are you crying?

We lay next each other as Liam tried to subdue his darkness, I placed my hand on his cheek and moved closer to kiss him. He reciprocated the kiss straight away, it was pain achingly slow and seductive. Filled with an overbearing feeling of love and unfulfilled desire. His hands travelled under the sheets, caressing up my skin and finding a welcome home on the swell of my breast. Liam had no problem touching me, he thrusted his hips into my thigh as the pleasure built up inside of him that he so badly wanted to let escape.

He rolled over now hovering just above my body with his own but not actually touching. I hated that his lack of closeness frustrated me but I tried to push past it and focus on his swollen lips and heavenly taste. His hand glided down my skin, exploring my body in every. single. crease. When his fingers found the sweet spot that I had been hiding away all these years I bit down on his bottom lip and he let out a deep moan as I tugged on the pink flesh between my teeth.

His fingers moved in slow circular motions and my whole area throbbed deliciously under his touch. He broke our kiss and moved his mouth to my neck, kissing the area and breathing into my ear. My head fell back against the pillow and my back arched, bringing my torso up to meet his. He let out a small gasp against my ear, one I wouldn’t of heard if he wasn’t as close but he continued sending pleasurable waves through my body.

I placed a feather light touch on his hips and moved my hands up his torso, feeling his ribcage under my fingers as they moved up towards his abs. Liam froze for a second on initial contact but regained himself quite quickly, feeling brave enough now to lower his body down on on me.

Oud wood and fresh vanilla intoxicated my senses as the wanted pressure of his naked body lay against mine. Liam placed his hand under my thigh and pulled my knee up to separate my legs, giving him full access to everything I own. He looked down at me, terrified and breathless. Through a clenched jaw he asked “Are you ready?” I nodded, I was more ready for this than I have been ready anything.

He lined himself up against me, teasing my entrance with him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again, filled with seduction and fear and love and need and want. He has never looked as good as he does right now. Very slowly he started easing his way inside of me, filling my walls with something I didn’t even know was missing.

I felt every inch of him push through and waves of pleasure rippled through my chest, I didn’t even care about the sting that followed. Liam soothed the burning sensation in the best way imaginable. Once he had buried his full length inside me he eased back out, just as slowly as I lay consumed by the pleasure he was creating with every loitering thrust.

My hands skimmed over his back, finding the small dimples at the bottom, the sexy curve in the middle and the little ridges of scars on his shoulder blades. He flowed himself into me, throwing me every ounce of emotion that he had been hiding behind his barriers. Letting me in, letting me feel it all.

Liam started picking up the pace, moving quickly in and out of me as an unfamiliar feeling built up inside of me, tensing every muscle in urgent need of release. Liams chest moved up and down against my own, feeling his warm abs against my breasts as the heat of our two bodies grinded on one another. My body wound tighter and tighter as the heat flooded through me in sensual waves and involuntary moans escaped my lips.

“Liam” I called out as I crashed into my climax, his name on my lips was his undoing he moaned into my neck, pouring himself into me while I took it all.

“I love you.” he struggled to say through a series of sexual moans.

I lay quietly, trapped under him as he nuzzled my neck. Feeling sated and happy. He slowly pulled out of me, breaking contact and lay by my side panting. It was a comfortable silence but when I turned to face him I could see tears streaming down his face.

“Oh my God Liam... are you crying?” The alarm was clear to hear in my voice and Liam turned to face me.

“Shh.” he said placing his finger over my lips, throwing a smile across his own that didn’t reach his eyes. “it is just because ... I’m happy.”

I searched his face still unsure, his eyes were bright blue enclosed with sapphire rings that shined through the darkness. No silver in sight.

“God, how embarrassing is it to cry after sex. I’ve needed that my entire life, that closeness that intimacy and I’ve never had it, until now. I’ve never felt love like that. I’ve never felt happiness like that. It overwhelmed me and I couldn’t stop the tears from falling.”

“It was intense.” I said as Liam pulled me closer to lay on his bare chest.

“I still have a long way to go, I’m not going to be cured from one intimate encounter but for the first time in forever I feel like I’m going to be okay and that’s because of you Liv. I want to be with you for the rest of my life, I want you to be my girlfriend.”

I lifted my head to meet his cloudless blue eyes that burnt with hope and I offered him a mischievous smile. “I already was.” I said with a serious expression.

We both broke out in carefree laughter feeling safe, loved and happy in each others arms.

The End.

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