Seducing My Husband

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Nora is being forced into marrying an arrogant billionaire who is also a womanizer for her father's company interest, leaving her no choice of backing out...if she's going to stay with him for the rest of her life, Nora decided to win her husband's heart even if it means seducing him

Drama / Romance
Nüellã Tiku
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Chapter 1 (Birthday Surprise)

I woke up to the bright sunlight coming from my window, covering my face with a pillow I heard my alarm ringing...

Seems I have to wake up, struggling to get myself off the bed...a sound came crashing in.."Happy Birthday Nora!!!!!"" I stood up immediately to see my mum and kid brother standing at my door...What in God's name just happen, I stood there shocked as I Watched my mum and my brother at my door....

(Don't blame me birthdays aren't something we celebrate in my family)

Seeing the shocked expression on my face mum walked closer to me, playing with my hair..Nora today is a big day for you darling, What's so special about today mum I asked still confused rubbing my eyes... it's you birthday Nora my brother scream pushing me back to the bed..I know Stephan but Dad doesn't allow us celebrate stuffs like this remember??? I replied to him raising my brow...yeah but not this time Nora because your dad will be home soon to join the celebration my mum said grinning....

Dad is coming I jump up happily watching my mum and brother nodding without end..

What's really happening I asked again, this time my mum shrugged showing she has no idea brother was already busy on his mobile notifying his friends of the party when mum dragged me out to the store room...On getting there her mood changes which i noticed immediately, giving her time to speak I stood there looking at her..

Nora I don't know what your dad is up to,but I know it's definitely not going to be good so baby please don't expect too much from this party my mum warned...mum you don't have to get worried, maybe dad wants to change, everybody deserve a chance to change right I asked holding her hands as she nodded slowly... letting go of my hands she brought out a paper which has a list of my birthday preparations, I must confess I was shocked but pretended to be fine so as not to get my mum more worried...I nodded as I folded the paper into my hand forcing a fake smile..Go get ready for breakfast so you won't be late for the shopping mum concluded as I walked out still smiling..

Getting to my room I fell on my bed what my dad might be up to, my father was anything except a a loving father, he values his company and money more than his family... always on a business trip, whenever he comes home hell will definitely be let lose cause nobody has the right to speak or move not even mum, we literally have to take permission for Everything and now he wants to celebrate my 22nd birthday in a grand way he is definitely up to something....

Enough of the talks

My name is Nora David

From a family of four

My mum, Mrs Lisa David

My Dad, Mr David

My Little brother, Stephen David

My dad own a small company, while my mum is a complete house wife cause she has to look after us.. Stephen is in high school, while am done with college as a first class graduate from law school and for an unknown reason my dad refused me accepting all the jobs offers I received, guess I was unlucky because he was at home at week and trust me I've been planning on escaping from this hell of a house but I can't because the last time I tried escaping mum was beaten brutally by dad and I still have a scar on my back to remind me of my deed...

Back to where I stopped,, I searched for my mobile with my hands still on the bed, but it wasn't there so I stood to search for it at my reading table...when I saw lots of notifications popping on the screen of my laptop...

Ohhh No he didn't I screamed as I ran close to see the work of my brother....Yes he just invited everybody on my friend list for my birthday,, covering my face with my hands regretting leaving him in my room, just then my phone starts ringing I picked it reading the name on the screen it's no other than my dad, slowly I placed it on my ear waiting for him to speak first....hello little princess came his voice I took a second look on the phone to see if I misread it but no I didn't.....Heyyy Daaad I replied stuttering, how's my girl preparing for her grand party he asked,, very well dad will be going shopping after breakfast I spoke after taking a long breath...Good that's my girl, daddy will be home before 7pm he concluded before ending the call I nodded as if he was infront of me...

I immediately dialed my best friend's number and she answered after the first beep as if she has been waiting for my call...Nora how could you keep this from me, am your best friend I am the first person who is supposed to be told she yelled..I'm sorry Rachel I apologized and explained to her that I wasn't the one who posted about it, after much apologizing and explaining she agreed to go shopping with me before I ended the call, replied all the notifications on my laptop and hurried down for breakfast...

Soon Rachel came and we went shopping together, after much consideration we finally selected the perfect dress and got some other stuffs needed for the party... that was when we noticed we have spent more than 5hours shopping we quickly paid and went hope, getting home it was about 5:26pm I hurried upstairs to get ready dropping some stuffs with mum as Rachel followed me up.....

After two hours of dressing up I came down looking stunning on the red dress I bought with Rachel on my side smiling charmingly on her purple short dress she got too.. looking down that's when I noticed the crown and decorations downstairs I couldn't believe my eyes....this is getting creepy I said to myself as my Dad held me down smiling....

After much greetings and wishes I walked with my family close to the giant cake standing infront of me....I cut the cake with everybody clapping I smiled as my mum came with a piece putting it in my mouth I close my eyes as I welcome the tasty flavors in, but stopped when I chewed something hard...I open my eyes immediately I took a hanky and pulled it out....

O M G it's a ring my friend shouted bringing the attention of everybody to me I stood there confusedly looking at my family, my mum brought down her head avoiding my eyes....when my dad walked close to rubbing my shoulder still smiling... Can someone explain why there's a ring in my cake a finally asked frowning when a young handsome man who seems to be three or four years older than me answered from my back.. "That's because it's our engagement party" pardon I turned asking, who's engagement party...he let out a wicked smirk before looking at my father who immediately smiled saying Dear your engagement party wouldn't throw a grand party like this for just your birthday he concluded grabbing my wrist tight and giving me the don't you dare disgrace me look before turning to the strange man.... sorry Mr Phillip you know girls and their dramas he said before letting me off, I took one last glance at my mum expecting something but she just stood there hugging Stephen...I know what will happen if dare complicate things so I just walked closer to the stranger giving him a kiss on the cheek turning back to face my family and the crowd smiling as he wore the ring on finger.... everybody started clapping happily again except Rachel, mum and Stephen who knew what was happening......

Minutes later everybody started presenting their gift as Rachel accepted them so called husband to be brought out a little box which gave to be directly asking me to open it which I did and to my greatest surprised it was a wedding card I opened it slowly wishing for it not to be what am suspecting but it seems God wasn't on my side because it was our wedding invitation hands started shaking instantly as the card slipped off the ground with tear rolling down my cheeks

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