Toxic Love

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Samantha's dad gets a job in New York. She knows she has a lot of pain but how much pain can she take before turning into her worst nightmare or will this Utah princess stay the same?

Drama / Romance
Lydia L Martin
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All this pain, all the suffering in life, who knew life would be so terrible. I am Samantha Brooks, I am 16 and I was raised in Salt Lake City, Utah until now. My dad, Joseph, got a job in Los, Angeles, California after losing his job. So today, me, my father, and step mother are officially moving to California, which means it is time to say goodbye to my best friend Alisha before I leave Utah, I am going to miss her.

I called Alisha to tell her goodbye before I go but she wouldn't answer. I decided just to say goodbye in person. I walked to Alisha's house wondering why she didn't answer because she usually answers her phone. When I got to her house her mom answered the door. "Hello, Samantha, what a great surprise!". I couldn't tell if she was being polite or what because Alisha's mom isn't in a great place, she drinks, and other terrible stuff, that's why I never came over to Alisha's house. To make sure I didn't stay in my thoughts for to long I said, "Hey Ms. Hall! It has been a while, I know but, can I see Alisha?". "Honey, I don't think that is possible, Alisha isn't here, she went out with friends.", Ms. Hall said.

Suddenly, after Ms. Hall said that I hear giggling upstairs, it sounded like Alisha. I dart past Ms. Hall and stomped my way up the steps but as I am going up Ms. Hall said, "I don't think that is the best idea." But I ignored her shaky drunk voice and walked up the steps to Alisha's room and swung the door open to find my ex, Nathaniel underneath Alisha, they were making out. "What the hell is going on here?" I said. Alisha quickly jumps up, "Oh. Hey Samantha, I was just trying to find Nate a coat, he was walking and this was the first place he went past." "Finding him a coat with your tongue down his throat? And why does he need one, its ninety eight degrees out."

I feel my heart sink down to my stomach. Is my best friend really going to make out with my ex after he cheated on me? Are they together? I dart out of the room and down the stairs as fast as I can, I think Alisha was chasing after me to explain but I didn't want to hear it. As I walked out her mother said, "I told you so." After that I will not forgive her, I am now ready to leave this city and go to California away from my cheating ex and my lying best friend.

I slowly walked home to gather my thoughts. My best friend with my ex, I didn't see that coming. That's probably why I feel so upset right now, I can't believe she would do that after what he did. Suddenly, my phone rings, it is Alisha. I roll my eyes in disbelieve. I answer the call and say, "I came to tell you that I'm moving to California but then I saw that. I was going to convince my father to let me stay to finish high school with you but don't worry you gave me a reason to want to go. Goodbye Alisha." Then I hung up.

About 10 minutes after the phone call, I am home. I trundled my way inside to continue packing my belongings. When I walk in, my father hears my furious footsteps from the kitchen and comes to see if I am okay but I tell him everything is fine and I can't wait to get out of here. He smiles and I continue up the stairs to my room. I can tell my father is happy that I am ready to go. Since my mother cheated on him and left to go to Oklahoma, he has been trying the best he can for me and Mary, my step mother.

Its 5:15pm and I am ready to go. Everything is packed and ready, hopefully Los Angeles will be better than Salt Lake. At least there I can find a new best friend that isn't a back stabber, we will see.

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