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Money Love Deception

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De'Andre a seasoned robber turned drug kingpin, fiends for not only control in the city but everyone around him as well. His girlfriend Imani on the other hand just wants to succeed in life.

Drama / Action
Tyrone Miles
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Chapter 1 “Hidden Emotions”

De’Andre pulls up to his 2 story brick house in his new 2016 Fully Loaded Range Rover. He opens the door smoking a blunt the size of a Cuban cigar with diamond rings on every finger and 6 gold chains hanging from his neck. His driveway is loaded with cars and SUV’s, and security cameras surround his mini mansion to keep a close watch on adversaries and common thieves. Imani is inside the house taking a much needed bubble bath. As steam rises from her bath she lays her head back onto a towel resting on the rim of the tub. She takes a sip of Cristal Champagne out of a crystal clear wine glass and she exhales and eases her mind. De’Andre walks into the house and goes straight to the bedroom and opens a safe, the safe is filled with money and the finest herbs that can be grown. He smiles and puts $25,000 into the huge safe and locks it on his way out. Imani comes into the bedroom wearing only a towel. Her Brazilian hair is wet and wavy and her body is shaped like a goddess. She sits down and proceeds to lotion her body. “So baby how was your day?” she asks, De’Andre smiles and walks over to her and starts massaging her shoulders, “Well everything is everything, I ordered our tickets off ticket master for the Future concert, hotel and everything already booked I just can’t wait till next month.” He says. “We flying right? You book the planes tickets too or do I need to do that?” she asks, De’Andre hits his self across the head in disappointment “Shit baby I forgot and that’s one of the main things,” he laughs “Can you please do it baby girl I’ll pay for them.” Says De’Andre, “Baby don’t worry about it you paid for everything else I got us.” Says Imani. “See that’s why I love you so much you too 100 with me.” Says De’Andre. He kisses on her neck and starts licking her neck and shoulders, Imani clenches up as her heart starts pounding and her blood starts rushing, she lays on her back and De’Andre takes off his shirt and opens up Imani’s legs and starts kissing and licking on her inner thighs, Imani moans and pulls the cover on the bed closer to her as De’Andre starts to perform oral sex on her. Imani now very wet and aroused starts shaking as De’Andre licks and suck on her clitoris in different motions first going fast and then slowing it down. Imani gets up quickly and pushes De’Andre on the bed and takes his remaining clothes off, pants first and then boxers, she then passionately puts his hard dick into her mouth and starts sucking it like a freshly opened bomb pop ice cream. As her mouth gets wetter and wetter she deep throats De’Andre’s dick and gags as tears fall down both of her eyes, she proceeds in sucking and slobbering on De’Andre’s dick until he his sloppy wet and very hard. Imani climbs on top of De’Andre and starts to ride him as she leans down and kisses him with pure undeniable passion.

The love that De’Andre and Imani share is quite apparent and evident. They have no kids and have been together for 2 years now. De’Andre, a 35 year old drug dealer specializing in the distribution of Cocaine, Ecstasy, and Methamphetamine, has been in the drug game for 15 years now. When he was only 20 years old he was just only a street thug robbing dealers at out of town trap houses but one day De’Andre and his road dog/cousin Thomas also known as Dugz, just so happened to come across the lick that would put De’Andre on for a long time and land Dugz behind bars for 80 years. The lick would make them $250,000 richer with 20 keys of the finest and pure Cocaine. The only problem with the robbery is someone had to get killed because the dealers would not give up the merchandise that easy. So as De’Andre loaded the Chevy Suburban with all the merchandise Dugz had to keep 3 dealers quiet while holding them at gun point, one of the dealers jumped towards Dugz and he shot him clean in the head causing more confusion as the remaining dealers plead for their lives. Dugz tells De’Andre to head back to the city and Dugz shoots another dealer in the chest as his continues to fire his gun jams and he tussles with the remaining drug dealer and is stabbed in the process and they fight very hard and long until they both are completely weak and the police arrive. De’Andre now alone and paranoid, sits back at his mother’s home and waits to be arrested but 2 years go by and no warrants no detectives no nothing. De’Andre then proceeded to jump fully into the drug game with his 20 keys of Cocaine but at the time it was very hard to easily maneuver around because each side of town was already ran by big name suppliers who had soldiers ready to kill at will for them. De’Andre jumped into the dirty game and lowered the price of an ounce of Cocaine from $700 to $500 a ounce, when the other dealers heard about this everyone would soon start spending with De’Andre. Word would soon spread like a plague once the big time suppliers got word that not only was De’Andre selling ounces of coke for $500 he was also selling keys at $18,500 which at that time the big timers were selling theirs for $22,000, De’Andre quickly put everyone in a 50 mile radius out of business and was able to establish an alliance and relationship with a Colombian named Pedro. Pedro admired how De’Andre handled business with no worry or no paranoia so he made a deal with De’Andre to get him keys at $10,000 each as long as he bought 10 or better. 5 years later De’Andre was the man clear across the city and state. He purchased a two story house in a gated community for $455,000 cash and plenty of cars, clothes and jewelry to further accommodate his appearance as well as his life style.

Imani on the other hand came from a good home with both her mother and father. Her mother was a full time stay at home mom and her father worked full time at the oil rig. He would bring home $2500 a week but he would be stationed away from home for almost a month without spending time with his family. Imani, 27 was a book worm and homebody that wanted a career in nursing and would obtain her CNA license while still attending college to become a RN.

The day Imani met De’Andre was on thanksgiving eve at the store. Imani was buying ingredients to bake her famous sweet potato pie and De’Andre was buying sandwich bags to bag up his famous cocaine. While they were in the checkout line De’Andre now single for 3 years after a long, lousy and frustrating relationship felt it was only right to approach Imani and ask her for her number and Imani who had been with the wrong type of men her entire life now lonely and striving for success but still needing that special someone, happily gave De’Andre a chance. Who would have thought that 4 dates later they would be this happy and beautiful couple. The day Imani moved into the house with De’Andre was the happiest and saddest day of her life reasons being, one she was happy to finally have a good man in her life and secondly she didn’t respect the fact that De’Andre’s ex girlfriend Asia lived at the residence prior to her moving in for 6 years. Imani was sad for a entire month but she never showed any emotion towards De’Andre because she didn’t want to come off as insecure. To keep the peace and to keep both parties happy and quarrel free, Imani would never bring her differences to the light with De’Andre. Plus in her mind she figured “Why would I quarrel with this man over a past bitch when I have this big house, access to multiple cars, all the money I desire, clothes, diamonds and pearls, the best champagne and every other fancy thing.” Imani was content with knowing another woman lived at her current residence for many years prior to her even being thought of, having sex on the same bed she sleeps on with the same man she loves, hard pill to swallow but it is what it is.

The following morning the alarm clock next to the king size bed with royal blue silk sheets and a thick royal blue and black colored comforter covering the lovely couple loudly sounds off at 5:30 A.M. , giving Imani 30 minutes to get ready and head to work and clock in at 6:00 A.M. Imani gets up and goes into the bathroom and brushes her teeth, she then uses the toilet and takes a quick 10 minute shower, gets dressed, kisses the sleep, snoring mouth of De’Andre, grabs a pop tart to snack on the way, goes out the front door and gets into her purple 2016 BMW 750 and drives off. On the way to work Imani thinks about De’Andre and how much she loves him and how happy he makes her feel. She smiles and lights up a Newport cigarette and takes smooth puffs and she lets the window feeling the sweet morning breeze. The wind blows through her soft silky hair and her entire car smells vigorously sweet from the $52 bottle of Bombshell by Victoria’s Secret. She is in a purple flower patterned scrub top with light purple scrub pants on down to her purple and white Nike socks and her purple and white Air Jordans. As her fingers tap the steering wheel to Beyonce’s Lemonade, her $5,620 1.01 carat diamond ring is sparkling on her middle finger and on her engagement finger a $8,436 Blue Nile Studio Petite French Pave Crown Diamond Engagement ring with 1.09 carats glistens and shimmers. She finally pulls up to the Lakewood Village Home for the Elderly and gets out of her beautiful car as she struts towards the entrance like a top model. She clocks in at 5:58 and goes to her floor which is on the north wing to start her day. Ebony, Imani’s best friend is sitting inside the workers break room drinking a cup of coffee gossiping about other co workers. Imani walks into the break room smiling “Look at you already starting at the crack of dawn, sun ain’t even came out yet.” Imani laughs, Ebony turns around and sees Imani and quickly jumps up and hugs her, “Girl I missed you that was the longest vacation ever how long you take 2 weeks?” Ebony asks, “Two weeks exactly and girl did I enjoy every second away from the bitch.” Says Imani. “We got to go wake up these crazy people and then I need you to tell me every detail Money.” Says Ebony as they both walk out the break room and onto the floor to start their morning rounds.

It is 9:30 A.M. and De’Andre finally manages to wake up. He lays in the bed for 10 minutes before getting up to brush his teeth and take a 45 minute shower. He then lays in the bed and picks up his phone off the dresser next to him and starts checking missed calls and text messages. He then gets up and puts on a starched down pair of dark blue Levi 501 jeans, a baby blue solid color Ralph Lauren Polo shirt with the brown horse emblem, a pair of baby blue and white Air Jordans, all his chains and rings and diamond watch and a pair of dark colored Ray Ban shades. He then leaves the house after setting the security alarm and gets into his $70,600 2016 Maserati Ghibli and fires up a blunt as he leaves his home. He cruises up the street smoking a cigar filled with purple kush as he turns up his radio listening to 2pac Me Against the World. He then jumps on the interstate for a 15 minute drive across town to the part of the city that never sleeps and is very corrupt. De’Andre pulls up to his main stash house and parks his car in the garage. As the garage door closes down De’Andre gets out of the car and walks thru the back door of the stash house connected to the garage. As he walks thru the stash house he meets K One in the kitchen cooking crack at the stove. K One was a real friend to have in your corner. He made sure everything ran smooth and he was very reasonable but at the same time very aggressive and he would kill anyone that crossed him. K One had been working with De’Andre going on 5 years now, but had known De’Andre his entire life since elementary on up. K One wanted to play basketball when De’Andre wanted to rob dealers. K One only completed a year in college and dropped out because he couldn’t manage to stay focused. He then began working at a fast food restaurant making $250 every two weeks until he ran back into his long time friend De’Andre who quickly put K One into the game making $5000 a week, if that ain’t a promotion I don’t know what to call it. K One ran the entire operation for De’Andre. De’Andre would only purchase the drugs from Pedro and have Smoke drive the drugs ti the stash house. After that K One would re-weight the drugs, cook what needed to be cooked, cut what needed to be cut, and distribute the drugs to each boss of the many teams in their organization and from there the bosses would hand out the dope to their dealers. When it was time for the money to come back in, K One would personally go to each boss and collect, anyone comes short with their end of the money or if there’s a raid and the cops take everything it didn’t matter the bosses knew they had to find a way to quickly make that payment when K One came to collect because he would kill with no questions asked and zero bargaining. Smoke on the other hand was far from a stand up gangster like K One. Smoke’s one and only job was a trafficker that’s it. He never handled the money or the drugs he only drove from one spot to another and was happy to be compensated $1500 a week for his services.

After handling business with K One, De’Andre headed back to his side of town, the side of town with lesser crime and nice houses. The white side of town we might as well say. De’Andre really lived safe and was proud of his accomplishments but deep inside he felt guilty and paranoid. His past seemed to be chasing him and starting to gain up on him. He hadn’t wrote or even visited his cousin Dugz since the robbery. Dugz always would try to reach out to De’Andre thru De’Andre’s mother and brother but was always unsuccessful at every attempt. Over the years Dugz became more and more frustrated at his cousin and once the reality of being locked up for the rest of his entire finally settled in and after suffering major depression for feeling betrayed by his favorite cousin Dugz began to terrorize the penitentiary inmate by inmate brutally beating up inmates and taking commissary from them, raping them and even killing them. He went in and out of seg throughout the years and each time he would be released back into general population only a week would go by before he found another victim. Dugz would build up so much anger and hatred for De’Andre that he vowed to kill him or have him killed even if it meant losing his own life in the process, he vowed for revenge. Dugz sent De’Andre’s younger brother Malik a letter to give to De’Andre and the letter read :

“Dear Fuck Boy De’Andrea, that’s right bitch De’Andrea cause you a bitch till the day you die. I hate you with everything in me and I pray everyday that you die before I can get to you. You betrayed me and left me to rot with no honor at all. I made you who you are today and you can’t even send me $20 or come visit me and explain yourself like a man or even apologize and try to make shit right but instead you hide like a bitch, Your own mama and brother don’t even know where you live at you a bitch for that bro. They say water your best friend and blood your enemy, Now I finally under stand what that shit meant, just never thought it would be you. May death be with you blood. Dugz.”

De’Andre always kept a gun with him since he read that letter and he always looks over his shoulder multiple times while out in public not knowing when death may actually arrive. The fear of his cousin made De’Andre put up 30 cameras inside and around his house. The fear of his cousin made him tighten up on more soldiers in his organization. Every other minute De’Andre went into a trance thinking about Dugz and what he’s capable of inside or outside of jail. De’Andre personally never killed a man and really never wanted to, he would have his soldiers and K One commit any dirty work that involved homicide. De’Andre was terrified of doing time that’s the main reason he put K One in charge of the entire operation. He was simply Mr. Untouchable and he lived by that name by not touching anything illegal but the drug money he collected at the end of the day.

De’Andre pulls up to his house and walks in to kick back and relax. He lived like a king. He sat in front of his 50 inch plasma television and watched Maury while eating Orange Chicken and rice from Panda Express. De’Andre loved Chinese food and he would choose it over any other meal if he had to choose. After eating De’Andre goes to his safe and takes out all of the money and puts it on a table next to a money counter. He then swallows two Ecstasy pills and starts running money through his machine. 20 minutes later stacks of money neatly stacked on the table everywhere De’Andre finally writes down his total in his black book: New Balance $3,678,000. He then takes the odd dollars which ends up being $870 and puts it in his pocket then he puts the rest of the money into his huge safe. De’Andre didn’t want a normal bank account like anyone else would obtain, he bought huge safes to stash his personal money in and once the safe would fill up he’d purchase another one. He looks inside his black book and adds the $3,768,000 to his already $5,280,000 giving him a grand total of $8,958,000 in cash. Question is, why not give up while you have so much money already? Well De’Andre’s answer to that was that this was his career and he had nothing better to do but to supply the city with the best quality of drugs. He took the dope game very serious and was proud of his self and also adored the fame the most. When he walked into a club everyone knew him. The women loved him and wanted to be a part of his life and the men hated him and wanted his power and position. Best part of De’Andre’s life was that the police had no clue of who he even was. K One had always and to this day been watched and harassed by the police but De’Andre managed to remain hidden and off the entire radar.

Ebony and Imani sit down at the break room table to eat lunch for the day. They both have a small box of fried chicken, French fries, coleslaw and a biscuit. “So what is up with all these trips girl next month y’all going to the Future concert and you just got off vacation.” Ebony laughs. Imani smiles and takes a sip of her tea “Girl I can’t help it my man love to spoil me like that.” She says. “Okay but you got so comfortable that you dropped out of college meaning your degree to become RN out the window and now you content with just being a CNA and depending on De’Andre? No ma’am you’re way too smart.” Ebony says. “I honestly don’t need a job I just work to be around you” Imani says and laughs, “Well if that’s the case we both need to quit this shit and start our business if you got it like that but wanna be around me cause we so cool bestie.” Says Ebony. “You know I never thought of that neither and you’re right, so what you wanna open up a restaurant or beauty salon?” Imani asks. “How about a Beauty Bar, where we do everything from hair, nails, toes, sell accessories and whatever else come with it, something real nice and fancy.” Says Ebony. “Girl that’s a good ass idea, I’ll talk to my fiancé after work about it all and watch we quit this for good and flourish from our own company just me and you.” Says Imani. “So your fiancé De’Andre, have you’ll decided on a wedding day yet?” Ebony asks. “Well we talk about it from time to time but as far as I know we’re aiming towards December towards our anniversary day.” Says Imani. “That’s four months away girl y’all better start planning quicker than y’all are already, what y’all gonna do have a bug wedding or just simply go to the courthouse?” Ebony asks, “I don’t want anything to big, and honestly if he wants to have a quiet courthouse wedding girl I’m down for that too hell.” Says Imani. “What girl yo boujee ass willing to have a courthouse wedding for real? Girl you something for the people, at least you aint no gold digger, at least you don’t come off as one.” Says Ebony. “And never will girl, I love my man with all my heart and soul and I will never use him or hurt him in any way. That man gives me so much life I swear and he keep it real at all times, he say the sweetest shit sometime and when we fuck, oh my God! It’s awesome.” Says Imani. “Girl aint nobody trying to hear about your love life you crazy but I feel you Money if you’re happy then I’m happy for you but if De’Andre ever get out of line, hit you or hold you down, girl you better leave him before you get him for all he got or at least half.” Says Ebony. “Well I faithfully believe we won’t ever have any of those problems Ebony and I deeply believe that with all my heart, anyways we gotta get back to work I gotta bathe Ms. Jackson today and she be tripping slanging them big saggy titties around girl I be rolling.” Says Imani as the both get up laughing and walking out of the break room. Jay the housekeeper and Ebony’s cousin runs into them as they’re walking out, “Excuse me, dam Miss Imani you looking awesome today as always.” Says Jay. “Thanks Jay crazy self” says Imani, “You finna go clean up them chicken boxes we left on the table cuzo? I left you some bones.” Says Ebony as her and Imani laugh. “Ha Ha Ha whatever y’all be easy bye Imani.” Says Jay.

Across town Smoke is driving K One around to collect from the bosses, they pull up at the last stop which is ran by Diamond, a smooth talker/playboy/hotboy that likes to be flashy and have sex with multiple women at once. Diamond is sitting inside the house doing cocaine and drinking Hennessy straight out the bottle. He is surrounded by 15 drugged out goons all high on cocaine and wet sticks. K One walks into the house and is quickly ashamed to see Diamond and his clique acting so hyper and high and talking loud and stupid flashing guns, doing coke and getting oral sex from females in the open. K One walks over to Diamond, “What’s good homey I came to pick up that little paper.” Says K One. “If it’s little like you say it is then why the fuck you coming for it?” Says Diamond. “Excuse me, what?” Asks K One. The goons start to walk over to K One and they start pulling out their guns. “I got y’all little money bro but my niggas hungry and grimy over here so it’s best to watch how you talk to a boss you understand.” Says Diamond. K One now fully aggravated and frustrated but knowing in his right mind he can’t possibly go to war solo against 16 muthafuckas inside a house without a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out, he remains calm and gently takes the money out of Diamond’s hand and puts it into his pocket. “Cool we straight Diamond God bless.” Says K One. Diamond hits a line of cocaine and looks up at K One, “I’m Diamond I’m cool just being me my nigga fuck yo God and whatever you and yo niggas stand for, fuck yo mama too and tell De’Andre I said fuck him too, silly ass niggas get the fuck out my face and tell yo bossman I’m done with his services we taking over our own turf from this day forward.” Says Diamond. K One still keeping his composure nods his head and walks out of the house and calmly but quickly to the car, he gets into the car “Go Go Go!!!” He tells Smoke. Smoke drives off and heads back to the stash house.

Imani is outside taking a smoke break alone. Jay walks outside and lights up a black and mild cigar and sits next to Imani. “So you’re following me.” Says Jay. Imani laughs and gets up putting out her cigarette, “I’m in a happy relationship I have no reason or desire to follow after any other man than mines.” Says Imani as she walks inside the building, Jay quickly gets up and tosses the cigar on the ground and follows behind Imani. “Dam that ass sitting fat.” Says Jay as he looks at Imani’s butt from behind. Imani turns around and gives Jay a serious look as she sighs and walk off fast. “Look at that donkey” says Jay as he stares at Imani until she turns the corner down the hall. Mr. Brinks an elderly ex marine that is a patient at the home walks over to Jay, “She a bad manma jamma aint she boy!” Says Mr. Brinks. Jay laughs and starts sweeping the cafeteria floor, “What you know about that old school? She’ll give you a heart attack.” Says Jay. “She soft as a baby’s ass man, see you young cats can’t even read these women these days, she sweet as cherry pie man, if you make her happy and she feel safe around you then you’ll have her, until then keep on dreaming.” Says Mr.Brinks as he walks off. Jay keeps on sweeping as he daydreams about Imani. He thinks about him and her having sex, going out to eat and getting married and having many children. He gets so aroused that he goes into the break room and into the bathroom. He locks the door behind him and takes off all his clothes. He picks up his phone and goes to Facebook and searches Imani name, when he gets to her profile he clicks on her pictures and starts masturbating while he goes thru her photo album. Jay was completely obsessed with Imani and truly and dangerously adored everything about her. He even had a picture of her on his phone screen saver even though he didn’t even have her number he still was able to download pictures off her Facebook page. Jay had his eyes sat on Imani and only Imani and vowed to one day have her as his woman. Imani on the other hand was a very faithful and trustworthy woman. She hated when other men would stare at her or try to talk to her. She would always quickly shut them down and give them a nasty mean look as she left them looking foolish and embarrassed. Imani hated Jay but she still respected him not only as Ebony’s cousin, but also as a co worker and human being. No matter the circumstances Imani would never cheat on De’Andre or talk to any other man behind his back her loyalty was that deep. Imani walks to the time clock and the time is 6:00 P.M., she swipes her time card clocking out for the day as she sighs after having a long tiring day. Her mind is only focused on getting home, taking a hot bath, and going right to bed.

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