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Money Love Deception 2

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De’Andre and Imani break up after De’Andre goes missing to elude a Drug Kingpin he owes after a drug war breaks out in the city by De’Andre’s rival Diamond a leader of a major crime syndicate known as The Diamond Cartel. De’Andre goes thru depression while having a 6 figure hit on his head, trust issues with his fiancé, war with his rival, brother and cousin.

Drama / Action
Tyrone Miles
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 “Diamond Cartel”

Jeffery is wiping tears from his face as he sits in the police interrogation room. His younger brother Lil Drake was shot and killed earlier that day in a ongoing drug war for territory. “Do you know who killed Drake?” Detective Williams asks again. Jeffery snaps out of the memories from earlier that day. “Um no, no sir” Jeffery replies. “Okay thank you for your time and we will notify the family if there is any new information that we receive.” Says Detective Williams. He knew Jeffery was hiding something, but he also knew the code almost everyone lived by in the city, No Snitching!

Unfortunately Lil Drake was caught up in a war that was started by Diamond. Diamond established a partnership with De’Andre’a former supplier Pedro, leader of The Marcelo Crime Family. Diamond had created a criminal organization unlike any other and vowed to take over the entire city and state. Diamond formed the Diamond Cartel and set up multiple teams to control and dismantle the drug trade in the city. Everything from Meth, Weed, Cocaine, Crack,Ecstasy, & Heroin.

Tha Boss Boyz were the head bosses and leaders, it consist of Diamond, Smoke, Fetti, Big Vinny, Bugsy and Tico. Fetti was in charge of NSHB’s (Nawf Side Hot Boyz) which consists of Fetti, Teddy, Wolf and Mac which were the Hustlas and NSG (Nawf Side Gangstas) consist of Cal,Johnny Gunz, Popeye, Rat, Creole Mannie, Tony Jack, Spider, Shark, Rip, Sammy G and they were the shooters. Ebony was in charge of the Northside Beauty Bar one of the four establishments Diamond put together to run the money thru. The leader of each crew we’re responsible for bringing the money to the beauty bars and the owner of the beauty bar brought the money to Diamond. They were also Diamond’s four wives. He called them “Tha Hot Girlz”.

ESGM (East Side Gangsta Mafia) was ran by Big Vinny and the Hustlas were Big Vinny, Snip, Ty, & Money. Hitmob Shooters consist of Mucky, Mooney, Lilo, Hot Boy, Fat Tony, & Duke. Trina ran Eastside Beauty. West Side Coalition was ran by Bugsy and the hustlers were, Bugsy, Ralph, Iceman & Nolan & West Guerillas Shooters consist of Franco, Tre, Draco, Fury, Baby Trigga, 2 Gunz, Queen Bee, Kilo Murda, Kayta, Willie Will, Bezeltine, Big Jesse, Keithe, Benzie, Lucky Louie & Primo. Nina ran Westside Beauty. Triple S (South Side Syndicate) was ran by Tico and the Hustlas consist of Tico, Geezy,Jay, & Red Eyes. SSK (South Side Killas) Shooters consist of Baby James, Tucci,Luciano, Heman, Pluck, Bat, Rudy, Joe Joe, Bullet Boy, Trigga Man, Xtendo & One Shot. Monica ran Southside Fashions.


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