Raizada family

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Hello readers this is my first story. I thought to write it on Ipkknd. So please kindly tell me if any mistakes are there. What happens when the past hunts raizada family? What happens when Malik's want to take revenge on raizadas? Will the family fight against the past ? Will they be unite till the end? Will the happiness in the family lives or not? So let us see in the story "RAIZADA FAMILY ".

Drama / Mystery
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So here is the story. Enjoy it.

In gupta mansion:

Suddenly a lady in thirties wake up from her sleep. She looks at her right side and sees her husband who is sleeping peacefully. She looks at the clock which strikes 8.00 a.m in the morning. She then remembers something and calls the other person on phone. By getting no response from other side she understood that he forget the importance of the day.

She then looks at her husband and tries to wake him up " shyam get up I think he had forgotten about her arrival"said anjali by waking her husband.

"What???? Then it will be the worst day in his life. Let us go and bring her anju." Said shyam by getting up from the bed with the thought of him being beaten by her.

Yes guys you are right the couple are shyam and anjali only.

Soon they got ready and went to the airport to bring her.

In raizada mansion:

One man in his twenties trying to wake the another man in his early twenties. "Oh man come on get up yaar. How much time will you sleep. It's already 8.00 a.m in the morning".said akash irritated by his brother who is not in a mood to get up after making several attempts by him.

"Let me sleep for some more time akki. Please I am sleepy".said NK

"I think he is gone to office by forgetting the importance of the day yaar. Let's freshen up fast and bring her to the home" said akash.

" Oh God!! not again. He will definitely will face hard time to pacify her now . Ok let's go and bring her"said NK getting up from the bed still yawning.

They freshened fast and are going to bring her just then the mobile has been ringed and akash has attended the call with a smile on his face by seeing the caller name and kept the phone on speaker on insistence of his brother.

" Don't say that he forgotten again" said payal to akash in the phone.

"Guess what. You are right. He had forgotten"said akash.

"Are u guys going to airport to bring her."asked lavanya.

"Yeah lav" replied NK.

" OK come here and pick us . We also will come to airport." Said both sisters to both brothers.

" Yes be ready we are coming now . Will be there in 5 minutes" said the brothers.

The raizada brothers went to gupta mansion to pick their lady loves from there.

Soon four of them headed towards the airport to bring her.

Unknown to them shyam and anjali also went to airport to bring her.

All are trying their best to save the poor man from her wrath who forget the day on which she is coming to india after completing her studies.

Don't know what will be the situation of the person when he come across her .

Who is she everyone are going to bring?

Who is the person who forget and went to office?

Let's wait for the next part.

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