Memories Don't Last Forever

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Do memories matter? What happens when you loose them? Do you stay the same or you become a new person? Follow the story of this girl who lives her life in confusion of who she is. All because he lost her memories.

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1. Flashbacks & Silence

Life is just a collection of memories. Some sparkly, some faded, some lost and some engraved in our soul.

A small gasp escapes my lips as feel myself being pushed into oblivion by the pain and the screams. My senses, still working inform me of a fire close to me. I don’t try to move myself. My body feels heavy and exhausted. Memories are flashing before my eyes. Too quick for me to see.

Pink! Pink colours the walls around me..... A beach- sand and waves and surfboards and volleyball matches..... A voice, stern and kind calls me but not my name and I can’t answer. Everything changes too fast. A see myself being playfully chased in a playground. I can hear sirens. I can hear myself cry crouched beside a pale body. I smell lavender. And I taste blood.

A soft, deadly silence fills my head. It mutes my thoughts and hurts me more than the pain I feel through my body. I hear nothing, I feel nothing and I remember nothing. I can see a faint white light ahead. I feel restless.

The light comes closer to me. And now it is blinding. I can’t keep my eyes open for long. I let myself drown in the growing darkness of exhaustion.

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