Cold Hearted

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11. Stray Heart


I now sat on the floor of my living room with two boys who completely hate each other. I glanced between them before I looked through the info about the project.

“Maybe it’s for the best that we split up the project in parts, one person can work on the slideshow and two can work on the speech, since we need to do some research for it.

“I can help you with the speech, I’m great at talking.” Kayden offered, sending Reid a smirk to which Reid rolled his eyes.

“No, I’ll help her, I’m good at doing research.” Reid leaned on the couch behind him with his arms crossed.

“Actually why don’t you two work on the speech and I’ll work on the slideshow.” their eyes narrowed at me as I voiced the suggestion.

“Or not?”

“Alright, all three of us will work on everything together. Reid you and Kayden can do the research while I type the speech up and then we can work on the slideshow together.”

“Fine,” Reid agreed, we all sat in comfortable silence for about two hours, each of us with our earbuds in. I looked up as I felt a nudge on my leg. Kayden had nudged me with his foot and motioned for me to move by him.

“What’s up?”

“Can you show me how to do the format you wanted for each of the slides?” I nodded as I sat next to him and began to explain the formating of the presentation to him.

I was cut off mid-explanation by an ‘ow’ coming from Kayden,

“Idiot,” he growled rubbing his eye as he threw the pack of notecards back at Reid.

“Really Reid?”

“It slipped,” he shrugged with a smirk.

“Come on, I’ll get you an ice pack,” I lead Kayden into the kitchen and he sat on the kitchen counter.

“This is so cliché,” he groaned as I took an ice pack out it the freezer and set it down next to him.
“It is, now stop rubbing your eye and let me see the damage.”
I pried his hand away from his face and looked at his bloodshot eye,

“Definitely gonna leave a bruise,” I mumbled as I placed the ice pack over it.

“That’s alright, I don’t mind it.” he smirked, I shook my head and rolled my eyes.

“Why do you guys hate each other so much?” I whispered.

His smirk remained, “Maybe because I’m trying to steal his girl.”

I swallowed hard, realizing just how close we were, he had stood up, his chest inches away from my face as I tried to avoid his gaze.

“We should get back,”

“Yeah wouldn’t want you guard dog too worry.” I slapped his chest as we made our way back to the living room, Reid was on the phone.

“Fine,” he didn’t sound happy,

“Alright Sanders, I’ll be there in ten,” he hung up and looked over at me.

“Hey I really have to go Addy, mind if we pick up some other time?” I shook my head.

“Not at all, I think we’ve had enough of each other for today.” I gave him a knowing look, he smirked at Kayden as he made his way over, his attention turning to me.

“I’ll text you later, ok?” I nodded, he gave me a quick kiss on the cheek before he grabbed his backpack and jacket from the couch.

“You coming?” he asked Kayden.


“I’m not leaving you here with her,alone,” Reid said emphasizing the word alone.

“Fine,” he placed a soft kiss on my cheek, much like Reid but after he pulled away his burning gaze held mine for a second, then he smiled and pulled away.

“I’ll see you soon,”




I sat on my bed, typing away at my computer as I attempted to get some of the research done, my mind would drift every so often to Reid then to Kayden but eventually, always coming back to Dylan.

“Aren’t you excited to see me? I’m gonna make you love me again, I promise.”

I was brought back into reality by a video chat box popping up on my laptop, it was Jade, I quickly answered.

“Hey Addy! What’s up? How’ve you been?” Jade was sitting in what looked like Nate’s room, I smiled at my best friend.

“I’ve been good, and you look beautiful!” Jades hair was now jet black and cut right below her collar bones.

“Nate’s mom took me to get my hair cut and dyed, she thought I would look more...” her voice faded.

Nate’s mom wasn’t exactly the happiest that her son was dating Jade, she didn’t think that Jade was worthy of her son. She loved her before they were dating, but things changed.

“You look beautiful no matter what Jade, and you know that Nate loves you, it doesn’t matter what she thinks or what color your hair is.” she nodded, smiling sadly.

“How’s everything going though?” She changed the subject, a sad smile etched on her face.”
I decided it was probably for the best that I didn’t say anything to her about Dylan’s phone call.
“Everything is going good, I’ve made a lot of new friends.”
“Any cute guys?” Jades smile turned into a smirk.
“Yes, lots and lots of them,” I laughed.
“Well what are you waiting for? You’re hot! And single,”
“Its not that easy Jade.”
“I know Addy, but you can’t waste all your time on that asshole, he doesn’t deserve even a passing thought. The best way to get over someone is to get under someone else.” I shook my head but smiled.
“You are ridiculous Jade Kwan,” she rolled her eyes.
“But you love me.”

“That I do,” I smiled.




I had decided to eat lunch by myself today, I sat outside at one of the picnic-like lunch tables. My earbuds in as I doodled in my notebook, my peaceful state interrupted by my earbuds being ripped out of my ears.
I looked up, my eyes meeting dark blue ones, which rolled as I looked into them.
“You got what you wanted you little slut, Kayden broke up with me and it’s all your fault.” Klarissa pointed at me with an accusatory finger that matched her tone.
I looked at her with narrowed eyes, a sudden anger washing over me.
I stood up, though she still towered me by a few inches she shrunk back at my sudden move.
"I didn’t do anything. He broke up with you because of your horrible personality and your lack of self-worth. You drove him away.” I stalked towards her as she stepped back,
“It’s not my fault that he realized how uninteresting and generic you are. You’re the picture-perfect copy of every mean girl in ever movie and maybe he wanted something a little different. I didn’t make him if I had it wouldn’t have taken so long for him to dump you.” I sneered as she fell onto the picnic table seat behind her, her pink lips in a pout as a black tear ran down her cheek, she roughly wiped it away. I was satisfied, smirking at her reaction, though it quickly turned to guilt as I realized I had just ripped into a self-conscious and hurt girl, a girl like me.
I realized I was acting like the old Adelyn, I turned away from her to leave, and saw Kayden only a few feet away, he looked at me with a mix of emotions, one of them was unmistakably lust.
I strutted away past him and back towards the school, deciding to let him deal with Malibu Barbie.
“You didn’t!” Madi looked shocked, as did Tony, Keegan looked like he had just gotten punched in the face and Marcus seemed to be silently praising me.
“I did, and I feel terrible.” I groaned as I slumped back against the bed of Marcus’s truck. After school, Marcus drove us to the beach and we all sat in the bed of his truck, passing around a joint as we talked about our day. I didn’t participate in the smoking, deciding I’d be the DD.
“Klary is my sister and I love her, but maybe she did need to hear some tough love that I’m too scared to give her.”
“I’m really sorry Keegan, I don’t know what came over me.”
“She really knows how to push people’s buttons, I don’t blame you for going off on her like that.”
I still couldn’t help but feel guilty, because I felt good tearing into her insecurities, It was like I was Dylan’s Adelyn again, the Adelyn that pushed her friends away and snapped at anyone who would question her.

Some time ago

“I’m just worried about you Adelyn, it’s not like you to act this way. I knew your break up with Dylan was hitting you hard but not this hard.” Alex spoke to me as I sat on the bathroom floor in a complete daze, trying not to die of alcohol poisoning. I jumped again as I vomited nothing but alcohol into the toilet, Alex held my hair back as he rubbed my back.
I was in the house of someone I didn’t know, had no idea how I got there or what time it was.
This was one of the lowest points of my life.
“You can’t keep doing this, you’re not okay.”

“I know...I’m sorry,” I whimpered as he pulled me into his arms and he sat with me on that bathroom floor and let me cry.

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