Cold Hearted

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6. New Perspective


After my first class, Chris had helped me find my locker, I placed my English textbook inside, the bright blue cover contrasting against the dull grey metal of the locker.

I felt a tap on my shoulder and turned my head, two girls stood in front of me, “Hi, my name is Madison,you can call me Madi if you want and this is my friend Bethany.” the girl with pastel pink hair introduced herself, then pointed to the brunette behind her.

“My friends call me Tony.” Bethany said with a wave, I smiled, internally screaming ‘Friends!’

“My name is Adelyn.” I introduced myself after snapping back into reality.

“Oh we know, when there are new students it doesn’t go unnoticed, everyone has been talking about you and your hottie of a brother.” Tony said, I scrunched my nose at her use of ’hottie’and ‘brother’ in the same sentence.

“Well good to know there’s eyes are on me, I’ll try to not embarrass myself too much.” they laughed at my comment.

“Can I look at your schedule?” Tony asked I nodded handing her the paper.

“You have lunch with us!” Madi’s voice filled with excitement.

“You should sit with us.” Tony suggested.

“Oh okay.” I smiled, the sound of the bell ringing reminding my lunch was still two blocks away.

“Meet us at the girl’s bathroom by the cafeteria,” Tony said over her shoulder as she and Madi walked away, Madi waving as she skipped ahead of her Yin; Madi and Tony both wore friendship necklaces, Madi had Yang, white and Tony had Yin, black.

They were both completely gorgeous and seemed a lot nicer than most of the other girls I’ve encountered already, I smiled as I turned back to my locker and shut it, looking down at my schedule for my next class.
“Agriculture-Science with Mr. Buchanan.” I whispered to myself, Chris had told me the science wing was by the main gym. I followed his instructions and found the room with only seconds to spare.
“There she is! Did you find your way alright Adriana-Lynn?” A man in his early 40s greeted me, I was awestruck by his shoulder-length blue hair and matching beard.
“Yes sir, you can call me Adelyn if you want, is there a certain place I should sit?”
“My students call me Mr. B kid, and any empty seat will do.” I mentally sighed, hoping he’d save me the embarrassment of scanning a class of watchful eyes.
I looked around and immediately headed towards a seat in the corner by a window.
“Alright guys, since we have someone new joining us, well be playing a game for those of us who need to catch up to practice and for our new peer to learn.”
I sunk down I’m my seat, though the other students exchanged looks of relief.
“Alright!” Mr. B set a desk down at the front of the classroom, right at the middle of the wall, a squishy ball sitting on its surface.
“Room is split in half like always, winners get extra credit points on their finals.” A few people exchanged challenging glances and cocky smirks.
“Ray and Camden, you’re up first. Who ever knows the answer picks up the ball, if you get it wrong the other team can steal the points.” The boys faced off, and the game got ridiculously fun as it went on.
“Okay, Adelyn, you and Keegan are next.” I made my way up to the desk and stood facing Keegan, he was attractive but in a simple way, he had chestnut brown hair that seemed lighter at the ends and bright blue eyes, a light scruff on his face making him seem older, he wore a tie-dye blue and white hoodie with ripped blue jeans and tattered, old, blue converse.

He sent me a wink but it seemed more reassuring and friendly than flirtatious.
“What is the family name of cattle?” Mr. B asked, my hand instantly reached out and grabbed the ball.
“Bovine?” I answered, sounding more like a question even though I was positive about my answer.
“That’s correct! Blue team wins!” Mr. B announced, followed by comments of victory as well as groans of defeat, Mr. B sat at his desk, putting down all the names of the winning students, and as I sat down I was approached by Keegan.
“So you’re the new girl I’ve heard so much about.” He said as he pulled out the chair from the desk in front of me, sitting on it backwards so that he faced me.
“Anything bad?” I asked, genuinely curious.
“Not yet, it takes about a week before pregnancy rumors start.” He joked, I laughed, appreciating the relaxation that came along with it.
’Where did you move from?” He asked the question of the day, one I had been asked all day, though in this case I didn’t mind answering.
“Illinois, small suburb of Chicago.” I responded.
“Well, welcome to Portland, it was nice talking to you, catch you around.” He smiled as he stood up, only then did I realize that class was over.

I found my way back to my locker to recollect and find my way to my next class.
I entered my history class, luckily being one of the first to arrive.
“Hello, you must be miss Adriana- Lynn, I’m Mr. Prescott, welcome to North Hill.” A man in his late 30s greeted me as I enter the class, he had warm brown eyes that matched his ebony skin, his black curls held silver wisps of hair, indicating he was older than he appeared, his dimples on full display as he held a smile on his clean-shaven face.
“Nice to meet you, Mr. Prescott, you can call me Adelyn if it’d be easier for you.”
“Very well, Adelyn you can take a seat in the fourth desk of the second row.” I nodded as I headed to my seat, a green textbook already sat atop my desk.
“You’ll need a notebook for this class, I will be more than happy to print off the ones you have missed for the next class.” I thanked him as students began to pour into the classroom, my eyes downcast.
A few whispers met my ears as I fiddled with the things I had received from my classes so far.
‘She’s hot,’
‘Have you seen her brother? He’s a total babe.’
‘I’d smash’
I sighed as I heard the comments but was luckily brought our of my session of overthinking by a gruff voice telling people to shut up, I finally decided to look around me.
I smiled as I saw Reid sitting 2 seats up from my left, he shot me a wink and smiled.
And 2 seats to my right, Kayden sat with his arms crossed, facing the board, his shoulders slumped.
“Alright, we have a new students joining us, Miss.Adelyn Carerra.” Mr. Prescott announced, a few people glanced my way and I smiled shyly.
“Today we are starting a group project, 8 groups of 2 and then Miss. Adelyn will join 1 group since she has yet to catch up.”
Mrs. Prescott called out pairs, I let out a small laugh when he paired Reid and Kayden together, luckily nobody noticed.
“Alright, push your desks together and Adelyn you can sit with whatever group you please.” I stood up and walked over to a desk next to Reid and Kayden, I cleared my throat interrupting their staring contest.
“Can I join your guys’ group?”
I asked, their faces softened as they looked up at me.
“Of course.”
I savored the moment, this would be the only instance that the would ever agree through out this project.
“Alright, you have to create a presentation on a topic related to World War II, these packets give you choices, or you can pick your own. Let me know what you chose before you start. You have until the end of this quarter to create either a speech and poster with your partner or a speech and slideshow presentation.” Mr. Prescott explained the assignment as he set a packet on each person’s desk.
“You may start.”
“So Adelyn, you gonna sit with me and the guys during lunch?” Reid asked as we left the classroom.
“Or you can sit with your better looking partner.” Kayden suggested resting his arm over my shoulder.

“Actually, I was gonna sit with some girls I met earlier,” as we neared the cafeteria I saw Madi and Tony.

“I’ll see you guys later,” I smiled as I waved bye to them and met up with the girls.
“No way, you’re friends with Mr. Jawline?” Madi asked,
“Reid?” She nodded, “Yeah, he used to live in my hometown.”
“Damn, and I see you’ve met Kayden.” We sat at an empty table with our trays,
“He’s a fuck boy and a complete tool, and so are his friends.” Tony commented.
“Who’s a fuck boy?” I looked up and saw Keegan, I smiled at him.
“Your sister’s boyfriend,” Madi grumbled, he chuckled as he sat down next to her, kissing her cheek.
“Klarissa may be my twin but she doesn’t have my great taste.” He commented.
“Wait, Klarissa is your sister?” I asked in disbelief.
“Weird right?” Tony asked,
“She’s so,” Tony made a gagging sound pointing her index finger in her mouth.
“And Keegan is so,” she put her hands together like a saint, her eyes looking up at the ceiling, everyone laughed at her demonstration.
“Yeah, what Tony said.” I agreed, not before long we were joined by 2 more boys, one of them came over to me, holding out his hand as he introduced himself.
“You must be Adelyn, you can call me the man of your dreams.” He held my hand up to his lips and kissed it, I dropped my hand a small blush on my cheeks.
“Ow!” He groaned as Madi hit him in the ribs,
“This is my older brother Marcus, excuse his idiocy.” He sent me a small smile as he sat down.

“And this is my baby brother Brent.” Tony pointed at the boy next to her, “Pleased don’t call me your baby brother.” He groaned.
“But you’re a freshman, you’re a baby,” Madi added, pinching his cheeks.

“So you’re bringing her up to speed on the inner workings of North Hill High I see.” Keegan mumbled,
“She’s one of us now and we can’t have her walking into a lion’s den like a wounded lamb.” Tony made her case, a very convincing one.
“Basically, stay away from the ‘infamous trio’ as they’re referred to.”
Madi began.
“Kayden, Chris, and Tristan, inseparable and sadly unavoidable,” Marcus grumbled.
“They basically have this whole town wired, in the eyes of the law they can do no wrong,” he continued.
“Wow, I didn’t know it ran that deep.”
I realized it was much more than a case of cliché misunderstood bad boys.
“They’re bad news, everywhere they go, destruction follows.”
“Alright, you guys are starting to sound like a bad trailer for a teenage vampire movie.”
They boys chuckled, “It’s worse than that, my sister is Kayden’s on again off again girlfriend. They break up at least once a week and then they’re making out against anything solid the next.” he sighed, obviously upset at the fact his sister was with him.
“He doesn’t usually claim his conquests as girlfriends but my sister thinks that because he did her that he won’t hurt her like the rest.” I looked down at my tray, feeling bad for her, sure she came off strong but she was probably just insecure.
“Trust us Addy, just be careful around them.” Tony said, giving my wrist a light squeeze. I smiled and nodded, my first day wasn’t so bad, I made some great friends.
“Hey, that’s your brother right?” Marcus asked, pulling me out of my thoughts. I looked behind me and saw Alex making his way over.
“Hey, just wanted to see how you were doing.” He smiled, messing up my hair.
I groaned as I attempted to tame it once again.
“Hey, Keegan,” Alex and Keegan’s bro-hugged,
“Alex this is my girlfriend Madi, her brother Marcus, her best friend Tony and Tony’s little brother Brent.”
Alex greeted all the guys with one of those ‘dude’ handshakes and simply smiled at the girls.
“And this is obviously Adelyn’s brother Alex, he’s going to be joining the soccer team.” Keegan said proudly.
“You are? That’s great Alex!” I couldn’t help but hug him, Alex hadn’t been interested in sports since our dad left, he loved it but it was never the same afterwards.
“I still have to try out.” He chuckled as he released me.
“You were crazy during homeroom practice dude, coach was asking me about you; trust me, you show up and you’re in.” Keegan reassured him, Alex smiled in return and I could see the excitement in his eyes.
We spent the rest of lunch in our own little world.

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Chapter Song: New Perspective by Panic! at the Disco

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