Cold Hearted

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8. Lady Killer


It’s been two weeks since my little encounter with Klarissa and I’ve been doing my best to stay away from her and Kayden, which was surprisingly easy. I now stood at my locker, replacing the notebooks in my bag with whichever ones I needed for my next classes when suddenly I’m rushed by Madi and Tony. “Did you hear?” They both ask in a rush, I give them a ‘what the hell?’ look and Madi and Tony look at each other with a look I can’t decipher. “Kayden broke up with Klarissa!” Madi said, her tone a mix of excitement and nervousness. “Okay? And? There’s something you’re not telling me.” I said with a pointed look as she bounced on her toes, Madi loved gossip and couldn’t stay quiet for more than a minute. “Klarissa is saying that it’s your fault.” Tony finished, “Hey I wanted to tell her,” Madi huffed, her hands on her hips. As they bickered I felt myself dissociating, everything around me began to fade.

“Adelyn, are you alright?”

“Adelyn?” I blinked rapidly as I looked between Madi and Tony, worried expressions etched on both of their faces, Marcus and Keegan both seemed to be making their way over to my locker.

“Yeah, I um...I gotta go but I’ll see you guys at lunch.” I quickly slammed my locker and made my way to my not so secret hiding spot, a staircase that lead to some sort of rooftop room, its walls were made up mostly of glass and inside it looked like an abandoned greenhouse, though there was a mini fridge and a bean bag chair along with lawn chairs and any other things you could find in a garage sale, showing that I wasn’t the only one who needed a place to run to.
I slumped into the beanbag chair, dropping my bad besides me.
I let myself slump into an anxiety-ridden heap, as I overanalyzed and came up with the worst scenarios possible.

In the midst of my overthinking, I must have fallen asleep because I jumped into a sitting position at the sound of shouting. I threw my bag on and looked out one of the windows.
“Oh you’ve got to be kidding me...” I quickly scanned around looking for somewhere to hide, deciding to go behind the web of volleyball nets and old game banners. I crouched down in a squatting position and prayed I wouldn’t be seen.
I jumped as the door was slammed shut, each one of the three voices distinct and I could recognize each right away. I could hear the familiar rustle of the bean bag chair being sat in and the sound of a soda opening.
“Toss me one bro.” Tristan’s voice, the response being the sound of the mini fridge opening and closing again.
“So what the hell are you gonna do about Klarissa?” I heard Chris ask whom I assumed was Kayden.
“I mean she’s hot but all that crazy isn’t worth it.” Kayden groaned, I could see a football being tossed up, being caught then being tossed again. The tattooed hand that caught it letting me know it was Kayden.
“But dude, the way you did it...even I thought that was harsh and I’m a fucking dick.” Chris chuckled, I heard a scoff in response, “Please, a girl like her is used to getting slapped in the face by karma, I was sick of her shit and she caught me on a bad day.”
" Yeah but maybe calling her an easy and pathetic slut in front of half the student body was a bit too far.” Tristan finally added I had to hold myself back, sure I didn’t like Klarissa but that was something she didn’t deserve.
“Well damn when you say it like that it makes me sound heartless.”
“You are heartless,” Tristan’s remark held a bit of agitation though he probably meant for it to sound like a joke.
“I’ve got my eyes set on someone better, the new girl.” Kayden’s voice held an arrogant tone that showed me he was used to getting what and who he wanted.

“Oh really?” Chris asked with faux surprise, I’m sure he had a facial expression to match, him and Tristan both chuckled, eventually their chuckles turned into full-blown laughter.

“Is something funny?” Kayden’s irritated voice cutting their laughing short, “Yeah, you even thinking that Adelyn would go for you...You’re not her type.” Chris definitely didn’t hold back to spare his feelings, Kayden scoffed, as if Chris had just told him a ridiculous conspiracy theory. “Please, I’m every girl’s type, she’s a good girl and I’m a bad guy, has Ronnie Radke not taught you boys anything?”

“Listen man, she’s obviously off bounds, she’s Hale’s,” Chris fired back, Hale? As in Reid? I frowned as they talked about me like I was some sort of property.
“Wait a minute, that’s exactly why you’re after her...because you want to hurt Reid,” Tristan spoke up.
“That’s just a happy coincidence, she’s hot and she’s obviously smart, she’s-”
“She’s new so she’s not aware of what a douchebag you are.” Chris cut in.
“Precisely.” Kayden chuckled, I heard as they stood up and the sound of shuffling as eventually the door was shut, I waited a few minutes before standing up and stretching my sore muscles. I begrudgingly made my way back into the school, only a few minutes into lunch as I made my way to the usual table without a tray.

“Wow almost thought you were going to skip lunch if anything I thought you’d skip P.E,” Marcus joked as I sat down, I smiled softly and shook my head, zoning out as everyone continued with their conversations.

As the bell rings and everyone gets up to leave, a hand wraps around my wrist, making me stay seated.
“So you want to talk about anything? Maybe the whole Kayden, Klarissa thing.” Marcus asked, giving me a pointed look.

“It has nothing to do with me, if that’s what you’re implying.” I lied straight through my teeth, knowing it had everything to do with me, but the last thing I needed was to be the new girl who started break up drama.

“Alright, I’m just saying, ever since you and your brother walked in through that door, this school has gotten very interesting.”


I pulled the grey and green “North Hill Hawks” P.E shirt over my head before shutting my locker.
“I’m just saying, Keegan beating up Kayden doesn’t sound like a bad idea.” Madi’s distaste was obvious, but who could blame her.
“For Keegan’s sake, it’s best he stay away from him until he calms down a bit.”
“I guess...but I’d like nothing more than to see that smirk get punched right off his face.”
“I know, come on, we’re gonna be late.”


“Alright, we’re gonna split into teams.“. Coach Blaine blew his whistle, everyone hiding around as we waited for him to pick team captains.
“Montero green team, Carrera Grey team.” I looked around and realized my brother was in my P.E class. Both my brother and Kayden called out names, “Adelyn.” They both said my name, I looked between my brother and Kayden, making my way to Alex’s side.
“Alright green team put on these green flag belts, we’re gonna be playing a friendly game of flag football.”
We now stood on either side of the field, the teams facing each other
I scanned over the other team, only seeing a handful of familiar faces.
My eyes landed on Kayden, he sent me a wink as coach blew the whistle for the game to start.
I ran to the other end of the field as the ball was being passed up the field. Until a girl from my team dropped the ball.
“First down!” Coach yelled, blowing his whistle again.
We got back into position behind the ball, Alex looked back at us all then looked forward.
I ran forward, catching the ball before I continued to run, I was a few feet away from the touchdown area when I was pulled back by my belt, a grunt escaped me as I landed on top of someone.
“2nd down!” I rolled my eyes as Coach’s whistle was heard again.
I looked down at Kayden as he laid under me, a smirk on his face, “Good hustle new girl.” I scoffed and shook my head as I got off of him, but extended a hand to him. He looked surprised but accepted it as he got up and dusted off.



I waited by my locker until Alex showed up, “Hey dork,” Alex smiled, he seemed to be in a good mood. I smiled back as moved over so he could open his locker.
“Carerra!” Someone called out, me and Alex both looked over, it was a guy, he looked like a senior, most likely one of Alex’s new friends.
“Hey what’s up EJ?” they did that bro hug thing as he stopped in front of us.
“This is my sister Adelyn, Adelyn this is the captain of the soccer team, Elijah Jordan,”
“Nice to meet you,” I offered him a smile as I shook his extended hand. “You can call me EJ,” he smiled, showing off his dimples, he was cute.

“Some of the guys and I were gonna hang out for a while, thought you and Reid might want to join.”
“I was actually gonna spend the day with my sister. Maybe some other time?”
“Shit, actually I made plans with Madi and Tony today, I totally forgot it was Friday.” We had a tradition, every 2nd Friday of the month was a day we would hang out. I didn’t have any plans with Madi and Tony but I also didn’t want Alex to pass up an opportunity to be a normal teenage guy.
“Just go, I’ll get a ride with them.” I smiled.
“Okay, sounds good.” Alex shut his locker and him and EJ left, I looked around, hoping that Madi and Tony were still around.
I made my way towards the front door, catching a glimpse of Kayden, I groaned as I considered turning back.
I opened the school doors, he glanced back at me, he’d been talking on the phone. I heard him say something along the lines of “I’ll call you back,” before hanging up and dropping the cigarette he’d been smoking on the step under him.
“Need a ride?” He asked, looking up at me.
“I’m okay, thanks.”
I walked past him, looking around at the almost empty parking lot. Madi’s car wasn’t in its usual spot.
“You sure?” I could hear the smirk in his voice.
“A ride would be nice.” I sighed, looking back at him, he smiled as he joined me, I followed him as he walked towards the parking lot, making his way towards a bright blue Volkswagen.
“This is your ride?” I couldn’t help but laugh, biting my lip as he shot me a glare.
“No, this is.” I frowned as I looked around the car, it was a motorcycle, it was much more suiting and absolutely beautiful.
“Oh my God,”
“I know I know, but it’s safe and I have an extra helmet-”
“Forget that, what year is it?” I asked, admiring the paint job.
“Uh, it’s from 1985,”

“It’s beautiful.” I smiled, the words “Lady-killer” were embroidered on the seat.
He started it up as he got on, I pulled on the helmet, giving him my address before we pulled out of the school. I wrapped my arms around his waist, looking at the sights around me as we drove, I soon realized we weren’t heading to my house.
“Where are we going Kayden?”
“You’ll see when we get there.”
After a few more minutes we stopped in front of a diner, a neon sign that read ‘Mama Jo’s’ shined over me and Kayden as we parked, the bright pink and blue reflecting on the sleek black of the motorcycle.

“Come on, my treat.” Kayden offered me his hand, a genuine smile on his face instead of a smirk. The pink and blue light shined on the side of his face, he looked perfectly imperfect. In that moment I remembered what he said in the rooftop room, but I didn’t care. I took his hand knowing I was only destroying myself further.

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