Cold Hearted

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9. B*tches Broken Hearts


We stepped into the diner, Kayden lead me straight to a booth by a jukebox and sat down.
“You’ll love it here,” he smiled as a woman made her way over, she wore a pink dress and a white apron, her name tag read ‘Georgia’
I admired her youthful look, Grey wisps sprinkled along her red hair were the only sign of her age, it held a perfect pinup curl and a white hat adorned her head, her kohl-lined blue eyes and ruby red pout only added to her retro look.

“Hello darlin’, will you be getting the regular?” She asked Kayden softly, her head down as she scribbled on her notepad.
“Yes, ma’am,”
“And you brought a girl,” She stated, looking a bit surprised as she had finally looked up.
“What can I get for your honey?”
“I’ll have a strawberry shake please,” she nodded as she scribbled it down, “I’ll have your order out in just a second.” She looked between me and Kayden and smiled.
“You don’t bring girls here?” I asked once she was gone.
“Never, this is my safe haven, but once I saw your appreciation for Lady Killer I was hoping you’d feel the same about this place.”
I smiled, feeling a blush on my cheeks before he could say anything else, Georgia returned with our order.
“Dark chocolate shake, two extra cherries no whipped cream and an order of large fries.” She set his food in front of him, “And a strawberry shake,” I thanked her as she set down the straws and excused herself.
“So new girl, what’s your story?” He got straight into it, “You don’t hold back do you?” I chuckled.
“Alright, how about you ask me something and I’ll ask you something?” I agreed, thinking of something to ask.
“How long have you and the guys been friends?”
“We’ve been friends since elementary school, those idiots have been in my life for years.” He chuckled, I smiled as he talked about them, he seemed to really care about them.
“That’s adorable, first homecoming, first date, first kiss, first heartbreak, you’ve been there for all of it.”
He rolled his eyes but held his smile, “Yeah, yeah, whatever.”
“Aw come on, I knew you had to have a soft spot.”
He smirked, “What’s your hometown like?” He asked I sighed, taking a sip of my shake before I answered.
“Well, it’s a small town, the kind where everyone knows everyone and their kids; one high school, everyone’s gossip and issues in one building.”
“Sounds like my kind of school,”
“You would definitely cause some chaos, it’s not every day a new bad boy comes into town.”
“Causing chaos is a hobby of mine.” His tone was almost challenging, his eyes held amusement as he watched for my reaction. This time it was my turn to smirk, I bit my lip to hide it as I leaned forward, “Why don’t you show me?” I asked, my tone just as challenging as his.
He smiled as he stood up and threw some money on the table, he grabbed my hand and we ran outside.
“Hold on tight,” I wrapped my arms around his denim jacket clad torso before snapped his face shield down and Lady Killer roared to life.

We were driving around cars, the streets eventually becoming less crowded. I slowly let go of Kayden, taking off my helmet, I held it out towards the sky as I closed my eyes, letting the wind blow through my hair, I slumped back down, laughing as I once again held onto Kayden.
We eventually came to a stop, we were under an overpass, after climbing over the ‘dead end’ sign.

“And what might this place be?” I asked the light coming from Lady Killer lit up the dark walls.
“This is what we townies call, Utopia, it has 3 simple rules.” He leads me over the far end of the overpass wall, shining his phone flashlight at it.
“Rule one, no fighting,” I nodded, “Okay, you’ve probably broken that rule.”
“No, not here, this place is sacred.” He laughed, I smiled, rolling my eyes.
“Rule two, yes drugs and alcohol... Say less,” I nodded, “Understandable.”
“And rule 3, yes PDA,” his eyes traveled down to my lips as he leaned forward slightly, I snapped myself out of it.
“I know how to read, rule 3, Vegas... What exactly does that mean?” He was still close, close enough to smell his intoxicating cologne.
“What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, what happens in Utopia stays in Utopia. That means no pictures, no gossip, Utopia stays off social media and stays secret.” The mischief in his eyes held me captive, just as I began to think I’d never come up for air he pulled away.
“Don’t worry, our first kiss won’t be under an overpass.” He smirked, holding the same arrogance as Dylan but with him, it felt different, it was annoying none the less.
“So what exactly was the reason you brought me here? Thought the new girl would be an easy target for your next victim?” Obviously displeased with my accusation, he frowned, either because it was true or because he was truly offended.
“Might I remind you, you’re the one who wanted chaos darling.” An eyebrow raised as he studied me.
“I don’t just mean here, you offered a ride and took me to a diner, would you have given anyone else that same kindness?”
“No, because you’re not ‘anyone’ Adelyn,” he made hand quotes around anyone, sighing I realized just how good he is, or maybe I’m just paranoid.
“Okay, I guess I believe you.”
He hummed, “Trust issues much?”
Smiling I gave a light shrug, “I guess you could say that.”
“Alright, well why don’t we continue our little get to know you session?” Sitting down on a couch, he patted the spot next to him. I sat down, looking at him expectantly.
“Alright, so what’s your deal? Did some asshole break your heart? Or did you fall for some married guy...a teacher perhaps?”
“Wow you’ve been watching too much Riverdale,” he chuckled, “Come on, answer the question, rules are rules.”
“Yes, I got my heart broken by some asshole, I’m sure everyone has at least one of those stories.”
“You’re right, so what did he do? Cheat? Lie? Sleep with your best friend?”

“He lied, about a lot of things. I feel like I never truly knew him, it was like he was two different people.”

“Well, he’s obviously an idiot if he let you go.” I sighed if only he knew.

“Trust me, he hasn’t...he’s been trying to get me back, but my new life is here now and I’m leaving him in the past.”

“It’s easier said than done.” that I could agree with, maybe he knew what it was like to be hurt.

“So what’s your deal? Did some bitch break your heart?”

“You’d have to have one to have it be broken.” he chuckled, I rolled my eyes at his uncreative remark.

“Alright, I’ll give you a pass but I want to know what’s behind this dark and brooding facade.”

“Maybe someday Adelyn.”


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Chapter Song: Bitches Broken Hearts by Billie Eilish

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