Where it goes down

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Part 1 - the family

The sound of the bell ringing woke me up from a much needed nap.

“Make sure you all have that paper due by Monday” the teacher yelled out as everyone began to leave. I wiped the drool off my face and got my things together. I was in my second semester in college and I was so tired. Tired of life, and the bullshit that came with it. Living in Baltimore was very rough, but having a crack addicted mother was even worse. I took on the roll of “mother” for the twins, jamee and jamal.

I do everything I can to make sure they’re okay, and well tooken care of. On my way home from school, I stopped by the market to make sure they had something to eat while I went to work. I walked into our 2 bedroom apartment, my mother laying on the couch, laid out as usual. I cleaned up her mess and went to put the food away.

The twins wasn’t home from school yet. So I decided to take a nap. When I woke up my mother wasn’t on the couch and jamee was watching music videos.

“Oh hey, sis” jamee said as she danced along to the music. I couldn’t help but laugh. I walked into the kitchen and I noticed my purse was open. I quickly searched through it and cursed myself for leaving it out. I rushed into the living room.

“Where the fuck is Diana” I asked ready to whip her ass. She hated for us to call her “mom”

“When I came in she was leaving out the building.. come to think about it, she looked like she was in a rush, she didn’t say anything” jamee’ said as she turned her attention back to the tv. I put some clothes on and went outside to look for her. this was the last straw, her ass was out ! I walked down the block and saw Jamal hanging with a group of men shooting dice. If it wasn’t one thing it was another with this family.

“J, You seen Diana?” I asked as they were shooting dice on the corner.

“She just copped not too long ago and left” he said and went back to the dice game. Jamal gave up on his mother a long time ago, he didn’t sell her drugs personally but he damn sure didn’t stop it. Last time he did, she cut the right side of his face with a razor blade. That’s how he got the nickname “Face”.

“I won! give me my money” he started laughing mimicking Smokey off of “Friday”. Being only 16, Jamal was very mature for his age. He loved to hang with the older G’s, learning the streets everyday. It’s all he knew.

“what she take?” He stepped to the side to talk, counting his dice game earnings.

“Half the rent money, you know she won’t be back for a while”

He counted out five 100 dollar bills.

“Here, put that to it” she gratefully took the money and thanked her brother, she went back home giving up the quest for her mother. She would deal with her another time. It was 8pm and She had to get ready to dance. During the day she was a student and guardian but at night the strip club was her home.

She showered and got dressed, packed her Louis vouiton duffel bag and left out. When she arrived, of course the club was packed. It was Friday night and the fellas wanted to spend their hard earned money on some ass. As she walked to the back she spoke to the bartender, dutchess.

“Hey Dutch”

“Hey boo, you good?” She asked as I took a shot of patron.

“I will be after this” I winked & went to get dressed. Looking through my bag I decided on a pink fluffy bra and panty set with my 6in. Silver diamond studded heels.

The club was packed. Every baller was in attendance, I seen my regular over at the bar.

“Hey sexy” I walked up to him, and sat on his lap.

“You know you my favorite right?” He said as he rubbed on my ass. He was a rich married man, and always on the prowl for some new pussy. I entertained him for a short while, and went to scope the club out. I saw a new face so I went to introduce myself. Just as I walked over to him “Tank - when we” started playing. I looked him right in his eyes. The man was gorgeous, chocolate, 6’1, with a goatee trimmed to the Gods. I started dancing slow making sure I gave him a good show. I turned around so he could see me from behind as I swayed my hips from side to side. I then sat on his lap and started grinding slowly. I let him caress me as I stood up and let him get a full view of my ass, I bent over and begin to take my bra off. When I turned around and open my eyes, he was gone. he left a stack and a phone. I looked up and we made eye contact as he walked out to exit and just like that he was out the door. I didn’t even want to dance anymore, he definitely was on my mind. I called it a night and went home.

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